There are over a dozen new weapons in Battlefield 1’s Russian expansion – “In the Name of the Tsar,” and each class gets access to two class-specific weapons. The Assault class has access to the Model 1900 double barrel shotgun and the SMG 08/18. The Model 1900 factory variant is perfect for close-quarters, while the slug version deals more damage at range, but sacrificing up-close effectiveness. Hit the alt-fire button to give enemies both barrels at once or equip the bayonet for even more lethal potential.

Although devastating, the Model 1900’s limited ammo capacity leaves players vulnerable when reloading. The SMG 08/18 boasts an 80 round magazine and a fire rate of 450 rounds per minute. Although slower than most submachine guns, the SMG 08/18 is more accurate and effective at range, making it a solid choice for mid-range engagements. For the Medics, the Fedorov Avtomat is the fastest firing weapon for the class in Battlefield 1. It can empty its 26-round magazine at the rate of 450 rounds per minute. Not surprisingly, the Avtomat’s accuracy suffers at range and during rapid fire. It can be set to single-fire for squeezing off shots. The Liu Rifle for the medic class is a great choice for accurate mid to long range fire. It only holds six rounds, which can be emptied rapidly when required, but becomes a liability when engaging groups of enemies.

Support players can choose from the Parabellum MG 14/17 or the Perino Model 1908. The MG 14/17 is the fastest firing light machine gun in the game, clocking in at 700 rounds per minute. The weapon is fed from 100-round belts, and is most effective and accurate when utilizing the attached bipod. The Perino offers a different feel, similar to the Benet-Mercie – due in large part to its fire rate of 450 rounds per minute. However, it boasts a 120-round magazine and my favorite reload in Battlefield 1. Both of these machine guns work best when prone or in-cover and utilizing the bipod for stability. The new DLC also adds the Mosin-Nagant M91 and Vetterli-Vitali 1870/80 bolt-action rifles for scouts.

The Mosin-Nagant offers five-round infantry and marksman variants, while the Vetterli has a four-round internal magazine, and is available as an infantry variant and a carbine with optical sights. In the Name of the Tsar also adds a new weapon for the tanker and pilot class with the C93 Carbine. This weapon features a nine-round magazine and a suppressor. The DLC also adds new items for all classes, including two secondary weapons: the Nagant Revolver, which holds seven rounds, and the Obrez – a cut-down bolt-action rifle which is lethal up close. Although powerful, if you miss your first shot with the Obrez, you might not get a second chance. Also available to all classes is Russian Standard 1912 grenade, and a new melee weapon – the Russian Cossack Dagger.

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