Are you ready for the most historically accurate Battlefield game ever? Seriously people, stop with this bs. Battlefield 5 is an excellent game that brings the much-needed refreshment into the franchise. It’s so good that it even has a battle-royale mode. Just like the other a hundred and something games that came out this year. Alrighty, I won’t be purchasing Battlefield 5 same as for the Black Ops 4, hence the reason you’ll see a beta gameplay in this video as well. But don’t worry this will work on the full version of the game. I actually did this video months prior to the full game’s release.

So by now, there won’t be any more betas, and this will only work on the full version of the game. The title of the video says that we are here today to get more fps and better performance in Battlefield 5. Let’s get into it! So, before you do anything else, simply head over to my website and download this little software which is called the Low Specs Experience. Download link is posted in the description of this video. Low Specs Experience is a free tool that I developed that will allow you to go above and beyond anything possible in-game video options. After you download it, simply install it and you will get these shortcuts on your Desktop.

Start it and then go to the optimization catalog section. Once you find yourself on this page, simply select Battlefield 5 from this drop-down menu and then press load the optimization package. Now select the destination folder where your game has been installed. Simply select the destination folder of your game and then press OK and this window will pop-up. Here select the method of optimization and resolution you would like to run your game on. After you did that simply press the optimize button and then start your game. Feel free to experiment with resolutions and optimization methods to find what suits your system the best. That’s all I had to share with you fine folks for this video. I’m leaving you now with the rest of this gameplay to enjoy. Please do like and subscribe if you found this video useful. Dislike it if you feel the complete opposite. I’ll see you guys next time with a whole new video. Till next time, take care and fly safely.


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