Welcome to Battlefield V. The medic class has received a few major changes compared to Battlefield 1. Some gameplay mechanics were improved and certain features were added to this class, I will show you 10 tips and tricks that you need to be aware of the first time that you decide to play as a medic in Battlefield 5. The first tip is not an obvious one, and most player are not aware of this because the game doesn’t explain this to you. As a medic, you can supply your injured teammates with bandage pouches so that they can heal up to full health, because in BFV you will not always automatically heal up to full health on your own after taking damage. A new feature in Battlefield is the fact that you can now press and hold the button that you assigned to throw a bandage pouch, and then you will use this pouch on your own soldier to heal back up to full health.

So instead of throwing the bandage pouch to others, you can now use it on yourself so that you can heal back up to full health almost instantly. In other words press that button once to throw it in the direction of your buddies, press and hold to use it on yourself to self heal. There’s a reason why medics come equipped with guns and other equipment, and it is because medics can attack AND heal. Many players make the mistake of having tunnel vision. They focus on running towards their buddies who are bleeding out and they do not check their surroundings. If you play like this then you will end up getting killed as well. If you get killed during a revive then your buddy cannot be revived anymore by another medic, so you are not doing your teammate a favor by blindly running over to him and then to revive him without taking out the enemies first. It will also make you an easy target since you can’t defend yourself. A dead medic is a useless medic, so part of your goal is staying alive. Pay attention to your surroundings and take out all the immediate threats before running to someone you want to revive.

Make full use of the available movement mechanics that allow you to drag a downed player to a safe location and revive from safely. With that said, you are still a medic so don’t attack blindly and on your own. You can maximise your effectivity by following your squad. You are their backup and they will thank you for it, even the game thanks you for it by giving you 200 points for a squad revive instead of 75 point when you revive another player. The best thing to do is to let the rest of you squad lead the attack with you running right behind them. Shoot from a distance, that is why you have a higher magnification scope on the Gewehr 43, then heal and revive from there. Your priority is to heal and revive so that your buddies can keep pushing forward, you are the one who keeps the momentum going.

A new feature in Battlefield V are the resupply points for ammo and for health. These points are crucial for your survival, not only will they give you health but they will instantly top off your ammo and believe me you will need it as you are about to see over here where our team is capturing Alpha. The key to making a lot of kills is to stay close to these resupply stations, as you know battlefield v is also a battle of attrition, meaning that you only spawn in with 2 magazines and that’s it. You will have to find a way to get your hands on more ammo, and that is why you should focus your attack or defence around these points. I know for a fact that you guys are amazing players and I don’t have to tell you how to kill, but I will recommend changing your normal strategy and to fight closely around these resupply points so that you can keep your killstreak going. Once it’s save and you have cleared the point from most enemies then you can revive the guys who didn’t survive, you can even tell them that you are on your way to help them by pressing the spotting key on a downed teammate and it will notify him that a medic is on the way, you will see me doing that in a second.

This is a great thing to do so that they can delay the bleeding out timer so that you have a chance to make it to your next patient. I will show the rest of this attack without speaking because it’s self explanatory and then you can enjoy the in game call outs. I will show certain tips like this as well because most guys seem to like it that I explain a certain thing and then show the gameplay. When you are fighting, Use the auto-lean feature and limit your exposure when firing from cover so that you will take less damage during each firefight. Move from cover to cover with your buddies. Make sure you throw medkits to them from behind cover instead of exposing yourself just to pass heals around. Move through the battlefield by flanking instead of running towards enemies head on.This will allow you to get behind enemies and kill them without giving them a chance to fight back, and it will also allow you to move towards your buddies while remaining relatively safe.

On the bridge in NARVIK, you can use the side of the bride to attack, this will give you cover and it allows you to get close to your enemies. The range of the syringe is quite good, and you don’t have to get on top of your patient before you initiate the revive, you can easily do this when you are standing right next to him and you character will automatically carry out the revive.

Use smoke grenades to conceal your movement and help your buddies advance at the same time. If you must expose yourself out in the open to revive somebody, then at least notify your buddies so they can provide you with support fire while you make your heroic save. On top of that throw your smoke grenade so that you can block off the line of sight of the sniper who just shot your squad member, most likely this sniper is waiting for you to run over to your friend and then he will take you out as well.

So throw the smoke in between your friend and the sniper, this will keep you save and then you can easily pick up your teammate. An even more advanced tip is to use your smoke to blind and confuse an enemy tank driver. The effective range for your smoke is big enough to do that. At the right moment, throw your smoke right on top of the enemy tank, keep in mind that the tank driver is able to use his first person but also his third person point of view. And by throwing the smoke on top of the tank, you can even block his line of sight when he is using his third person point of view.

So use the smoke to cover an enemy tank that he can’t see your buddies approaching, on the minimap you can clearly see that my teammate was throwing dynamite on top of the tank in order to take it out. The driver never saw it coming. Another great tip that I don’t see other guys doing at all is to to check the top of the ladder before climbing up completely, then you can see what you are up against and then you can start fighting. This will allow you to decide to which side to turn first so that you can take out the immediate threats. Guys who don’t do that end up turning to the wrong side and then they have their backs turned towards the enemy, this might be something that you want to avoid. Make the most out of your available spawn points and join the battlefield exactly where you are needed.

For as long as your buddy is alive, you can spawn on his position. You can easily reward your buddy’s efforts for staying alive by spawning where he is and immediately giving him the heal he desperately needs. This benefit also extends to other players that aren’t in the same squad as you. If you revive a player from a different squad, then his buddies will now have a new spawn point thanks to your revive. It’s a very good way keep the pressure on a specific point on the map without having to drive or run back to the action over and over again.

Speaking about pressure, a medical crate in the right place can allow players to make short temporary retreats to get healed up instead of having to run in between supply points and risk losing a capture point. Keep this in mind when both attacking and defending. If you notice that the point you are defending gets immediately contested even when you’re scoring kill after kill to defend it, then the chances are good that there’s a medical crate nearby. Go around the point to find it and it’s likely that you’ll catch them unaware while they are healing up. This will usually get you a few easy kills. If you’re trying to capture a point, then have your buddies defend the spot where the medical crate is. It is always a good idea to take note of where a nearby medical crate can be found so that you have a convenient place to fall back and retreat.

These medical crates work differently from what we were used to in Battlefield 1. We used to be able to drop one and everybody who runs past gets healed automatically, this is no longer the case, and now these players will have to interact with this crate. They have to run over to your medical crate, press the button they assigned to pick something up and then they will receive one bandage pouch. So think of your medical crate as a box full of bandage pouches. The change to the medical crates is a pretty big one because the effect of the crate has been reduced since players have to interact with it. Personally I find it more useful to stick to the regular bandage pouches in certain game modes, I rarely find myself using the medical crate in my loadout and I rarely use the medical crates from other medics if I play as any of the other classes. The MP40 is a great close range weapon and it is the perfect choice for offensive playstyles.

However, the recoil pattern does make it hard to hit enemies at longer ranges. The MP40 must be tap fired so that it can continue to hit distant targets. At some point, it will be much more effective to close the distance between you and your target instead of tap firing. The MP40 is still a submachine gun after all, and it must be treated that way for maximum effect. The Gewehr 43 is a great defensive option for medics and it excels in long range firefights. Like I showed you before, use it to fight from the rear of the attack, that is why you have the scope. On top of that, your weapon is extremely useful to be a counter against the enemy snipers. You have the same range as them only slightly less zoom and you deal less damage than the kar98k for example. But make no mistake, the kar98k needs 2 body shots to kill, your gewehr 43 only need one extra bullet.

This weapon is very stable and you will be able to kill those snipers a lot faster because of your higher rate of fire. The best thing to do is to aim for the head, but this can be a little bit tricky for longer range kills, so aim for the torso and you will still be fine. The biggest issue with the weapon is the fact that it takes a long time to reload, so make sure that you are behind cover when you do so. In battlefield V you can also cancel your reload animation. Today I had 5 bullets remaining, more than enough to make a kill with this weapon. I saw a few enemies and my initial decision was to reload before opening fire, but then I thought about the longer reload time, and I changed my mind, so I pressed the button that was assigned to select this weapon, which is the number 1 on my keyboard, and then you cancel the reload animation.

The following tip is also applicable to all other classes. Since we don’t have the same spotting mechanism anymore like we had in battlefield 1, we have to rely more on the visual and audio queues that we get when we play battlefield v. An example of this is to listen out for the enemy pulling the pin from his grenade, this is the first hint that you will receive that something bad is about to happen. On top of that you also get an indication that this guy threw his grenade your way, so please make sure you get out of there. There is no need to run out of the house for cover, a walll is more than sufficient, and then do what you do best and take care of your enemy.

Like in Battlefield 1 a melee attack is best carried out from behind, well in most cases that is. If you attack from the front then you will need to stab your enemy a few times with your knife, and if you attack him from behind then you will kill him with only one stab, but this locks you into an animation from which you can’t get out of, even when you know that there are 2 enemies standing there and watching you, you know that you are going to die and there is nothing you can do about that. So try not to make the same mistake as I did. Let me know if the comments what you think about the medic class in Battlefield V. This was FOG of GAMING, remember to leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and hopefully I will see you in the next one..

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