Last week we did the 5 worst attacking phases in Star Wars Battlefront 2, so it’s only fair that we show some love to the best phases to attack this week. The 5 best phases to attack is coming up, next! Welcome back, star wars battlefront 2 has a ton of phases to choose from, and picking my top 5 favorites was really hard. Over all I like the maps in this game, which is why I still play it a lot, and over all, I enjoy almost every phase.

Like the worst attacking phases list, I only allowed myself to pick one from each map, so this isn’t going to be how much I love Yavin and Tatooine, actually I don’t think a tatooine made my top 5 now that i think about it, spoilers! And this is my personal list, so I’m sure someone will disagree, and if you’re that someone, put your list in the comments down below. Stay tuned till the ned because i’ll add some recording bloopers, i’m sure there will be a few. For everyone watching this video, it’s time we connect, regardless on your system. So last night I decided we’re going to take over Star Wars Gaming .Net’s forums. There’s a link in the description down below to the forums directly, and sign up to make an account, it’s simple, it does ask you to do some math, which made my head hurt, but once you have an account post your gamer tag and system in the Greenie Weenies thread. On Tuesday and Thursday after the streams, i’ll update the first post and add everyone’s gamertags, that way you can find get a list of friends to play with, regardless of your system.

You’ll also know they’re super cool, because they watch this channel, and we’ll all super chill here. The thread will be under the General Tab, because thats the first one and thats what I clicked. On to the list! At number 5, we have my favorite map, Yavin, and specifically phase 3. I really enjoy this map alot. It offers a wide variety of play styles, objectives and goes from medium range, to close range, to long range and back to close range. For my favorite phase, it was between phase 2, which is close range and secure the area, or phase 3, which is more medium to long range.

I choose phase 3 since exiting the forest to attack the temple is a lot of fun and really cool. When you first approach and see the ships parked there, it just brings back memories of the end of New Hope, and for you young bucks, parts of Rogue One. This phase is good for all classes, including specialist, since you can snipe from the tree line if you want, or if you want to be a CR-2 assault or TL50 heavy, you can use the tunnels to move in close. Want to use vehicles? This phase has them too, and who doesn’t love the AT-ST. Granted its usually easy to take, which is why it’s not higher, but it’s a ton of fun, even for defense.

Coming in 4th we have Hoth Phase 2. I hear your grons! Hear me out! So this is the way a choke point phase should feel. If you look at design of hoth phase 2 and naboo phase 2, they are identical in layout, only hoth is done right. The doors leading into the objectives on hoth lead directly into the objective, unlike naboo where you have to fight down a narrow hall.

The doors are also large, on the outer entrances and more narrow in the middle. Once inside, it’s basically just 3 large rooms which various boxes and ships, which provide excellent cover. Again this phase can fit any play style. Snipers can snipe from outside the 2 objective doors, close range aggressors can get in and reek havoc. Officers can do officer things, basically massacre everyone, and the heavy is able to actually lay down sustainment fire, which is what the class should be known for. Once inside the map also feels good, and is fun to play. Attacking teams have quite a few flanking options when pushing from one objective to the other. There’s a reason this is the blast map, its very well designed.

Third we have Star Killer phase 1, again with the groans! This is the only attacking phase that isn’t the dark side attacking on this list, and one thing you’ll notice as we go through this list, the phase i love are open enough for specialist to be effective but diverse enough for the other classes to also do extremely well. Star Killer phase 1 is no different. There are plenty of vantage points for the specialist to snipe from. There is also enough ships and debris laying around that the other classes can move in cover and get in the enemies face.

The 2 objective points are sabotage, which is always a favorite game mode and usually leads to the most exciting play and more importantly no never ending overtimes. The objective points are also catty corner from each other and have completely different layouts. One is easily sniped, and the other requires players to play very aggressive to take. There are also tunnels you can use to get around the map, which adds some interesting flanking routes if your not afraid to go out of bounds. For my second favorite phase, and the only walker escort phase to make this list, we have Phase 1 of Naboo. Naboo phase 1 is one of the coolest maps. I love fighting in the city and would love to have map that took place in a grand city like this for the whole map. This map has a standard shooter layout, 3 lanes of attack, one left, one right and one middle. The middle lane however is where the walker is moving and really wide open, so staying soley in this lane is a death trap, however if you’re moving up or trying to get a flank, it’s great to get you in position to rack up the kills in either of the other two lanes.

Speaking of flanks, naboo has the most flanking route options of any map. There are multiple buildings you can go around either way, and there are even some protected paths along the outsides if you’re tryin to get a really sneak flank as well. While graphics don’t make a game or phase fun, this map, especially at dusk, is one of the best looking maps in the game. Before we get into the number 1 phase, let’s take a look at the runner ups that didn’t make the cut. Phase 2 death star, i love that the laser fires from time to time. I jumped infront of it just to see if it would kill you, and you’d be suprised at the result, try it some time! Phase 1 Tatooine, again another city map, with access to the roofs, there’s flanking routes for days on this map, and Endor phase 2, this maps similar to naboo phase 1, and it’s a ton of fun to play.

You can also ride the walker if you time the jump right. And finally for number 1, the attacking phase I love the most, is crait phase 3. This is the only phase of it’s kind, with shooting at an objective to destroy it. It doesn’t require the team to take and hold the base, or secure an area around it, but you just have to shoot at the three pillars. This is a great idea, and one i’d like to see more widely used as new maps come out. It’s causal friendly since you don’t need to interact, but can be hard to do if your team is to passive. Also the doors at the rear of the map close as your tickets decrease. This makes the map even harder the longer it goes on, which is a great challenge and feels pretty epic when you get it near the end of the ticket count. The map layout is also a lot of fun, again with the 3 routes which is pretty standard for shooters and balconies you can reign death from on the defending team.

I really like this phase alot, and being unique is what makes it my favorite attacking phase in star wars battlefront 2. If you enjoy this video, you can give that like and subscribe a click if you haven’t already. Also share this video with your friends on any social media platform, and if on twitter, give me a tag! You can also find me on patreon.

I hope you have an amazing day and i’ll see you in game!.

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