Tired of getting shot in the back in Blast in Star Wars Battlefront 2? Today we’re going to cover 5 tips to help improve your performance and decrease the amount of times you get shot from behind. This gameplay is from the PS4, (playstation 4). Blast is quickly becoming my favorite game mode, since I love the trooper play in this game, and blast is far less frustrating then galactic assault. Today, we’re going to go over a few things to help improve your performance in blast, and if you learn anything or want more like this, hit that like and subscribe button, I love would love your support! If there’s something I miss, post your tips down in the comments below, lets help each other out! First Tip! Keep your eyes open for where your teammates are spawning in. If you are heading in a direction, and your team spawns in front of you, the enemy team isn’t going to spawn there, so guess what? They’re most likely behind you, so turn around, and go back where you just came from, and you’re likely to run into the enemy spawn wave.

This will net you more kills and a chance to try out your multi enemy engagement skills. You of course could continue on your same path if you want, running to your teammates, since you know the area is generally going to be safe, but this will increase the amount of time it takes for you to find enemies, and increase the likelihood of being shot from behind, since the enemy spawn may have spawned right behind you. ______ Second tip I have is to stay to the outside perimeter of the map. Now you may be saying, ‘hey now red, wait a second, thought you wanted to get in more fights, everyone runs to the middle!’.

And you would be correct, everyone tends to run towards the middle of the map. If your in the middle, you will get in more fights, but also a lot more deaths not necessarily more kills. If you stick to the outer perimeter, you can only get shot at from 3 directions, giving you an advantage of not having to worry about one flank, and you also get ot shoot everyone else in the back since they’re looking towards the center of the map. This will help increase your kill to death ratio drastically, especially if you struggle to maintain a 1:1, and in blast, the only thing that matters is KD. There will be times you want to head more towards the middle, and I don’t mean you have to hug the out of bound lines, you just want to be more on the outside then in. I’ll be going over more detail on this when we do a whole movement guide for beginners next week.

_______ The third tip I have is for settings. If you are using your tv speakers, go find yourself some headphones, they don’t have to be expensive, and if you don’t have a pair of gaming headphones you can get some pretty cheap ones that will work. In your Audio settings, change the music to off, music will make things harder to hear, and turn the Dynamic Range to Headphone, if you have a nice pair of gaming headphones, you can change it to Wide. As you can see, I have mine set to wide and I use Astro A40TR.

Now that you’ve done that, next time you play, just listen and you’ll hear footsteps, the sound you hear them from, is the sound someone is coming from. If your situation awareness is on point, you’ll be able to hear them running through walls, above you, below you, and behind you. This makes finding enemies easy, and will probably get you called a hacker. You can then correct them and tell’em your a sound whore. ____ Number 4. Do not let you special abilities run themselves out. For this I mean vanguard, sentry and infiltration. If you are getting near the end of your abilities timer, instead of letting it run itself out, hit triangle, is on ps4 and pull back up your primary weapon manually. If you let it run all the way down, the animation is longer than if you do it manually, so you’ll be defenseless for longer.

This may not matter if your in a safe place, but if your in a fight and vanguard or infiltration is about to expire, your going to die if you dont land that last shot. Or if your like me and you use it for a movement speed boost, when you start getting close to enemies and its already low, can drop it then too. ____ The final tip I have is to keep moving. Now I don’t mean you always have to be on the hunt, you can stop and hold a corner or choke point, what I mean is don’t just stand there.

If you look at my game play, anytime I’m holding a spot, I’m constantly jut moving even in small circles. The reason I do this is so that if I take fire, it’s easy to roll and in the direction I want to go to, it also makes it harder for someone to try and line up a head shot since you’re constantly moving they constantly have to move the cross hairs around as well. If your on a stair case and trying to look down a hall at the top of it, move up and down as well as side to side, it doesn’t have to be large movements, just any movement. It will help with reaction time if someone does sneak up behind you, and allow you to control the engagement a little bit more.

I hope these tips help you all and remember if there’s something I missed, share it in the comments down below, let’s help each other out, it’s what we’re here for. New videos on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and streams on tuesdays and thursdays at 8pm central. If you want to talk or party up, join my playstation community RedWolf72ps4 and you can also find me on Twitter @redwolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching, remember to like and subscribe and i’ll see you in game..

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