When using Palpatine you want to jump around as much as possible to make it harder for enemies to hit you. When trying to attack from a distance you want to use your chain lightning as much as possible. When entering an objective zone or a area with a lot of enemies the best thing to do is activate Dark Aura which will slow enemies down while doing damage. The best way to escape a tricky situation is by spinning or rolling out of they way. When using chain lightning try to be as accurate as possible as if you hit the enemy it will give you back some health. Try to avoid getting into fights with other heroes as Palpatine is not great when trying to take them out.

Remember that he can shoot through walls and cover so when in a hallway just activate dark Aura and try to shoot them through the walls. Thanks for watching! Enjoy the rest of the gameplay and do not forget to subscribe and like for more!.

As found on Youtube