You just bought the Star Wars Battlefront 2, or just now getting into Galactic Assault. It can be a little daunting to understand what each objective is and how to play it. Since you get the most amount of battle points by playing these objectives, we’ll cover what the 4 objective types are and how to play them next. Bumper Intro There are 4 game modes or objective styles in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and they very on each map and even between phase a map as well. If you’re new to Battlefront 2, just picking it up on sale, or because the progression was fixed, or even if you’re not new but just coming over from arcade, blast or campaign, it can be hard to know what to do to win. We’ll be going over the 4 main objective modes in Galactic Assault which are, walker escort, secured the area, hack a terminal, or sabotage. Each one is a little different, and if you already know how to play or interact with the objectives, post some tips on how to be the most successful below.

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Walker Escort / Ion Launchers If you are on the defense, your objective is pretty clear, and that’s mostly to kill as many troopers as quickly as possible, however on walker escort you are the team having to play the objective. The attacking team in this case only needs to really focus on one in particular enemy trooper, and thats the one with the ion launcher. In walker assault, the objective is to pick up and fire the ion launcher at a AT-AT or MTT. This will open up the walker to take some damage for a short period of time. You will see 2 icons on the walker objective, one will have a lock on it, this means do not waste time shooting at the walker and you’ll need to fire an ion launcher first.

The second is crosshairs, this means its open for damage and you need to be shooting at it. Once the walker is open for damage, it’s imperative that everyone one your team turns their focus onto shooting at the walker. Once the walker takes enough damage it will be destroyed and if you’re on Hoth, it will change the way phase 2 plays out if you only manage to take down one of the walkers. You will also get a ton of battle points by shooting the walker, so if you want those heroes, make sure to give it all you got. In order to fire the ion launcher, you just need to hold it on target of any part of the MTT or AT-AT and you’ll hear a tone get higher and higher until a lock is acquired. Once it’s been acquired, you just need to fire the launcher. Now your target lock can be blocked by troopers walking in your line of sight, even your own friendlies, so be prepared for teammates to randomly run in front of you and break your lock.

You can acquire the lock regardless of how much of the walker is visible. You just need to see a small portion of the target in order to get the lock and fire the launcher, there is no need to run into the open in order to get a lock, and is normally best to use the debris, buildings and trees in order to reduce the chance of the walker gunner killing you right away and putting the launcher in an unobtainable area, don’t be a blue falcon when you have the ion launcher. If you have an Ion launcher, and the MTT or AT-AT is vulnerable for attack, do not fire a second ion launcher at it until the timer runs out and it can’t take damage again. If you fire a second ion launcher at the walker or MTT while its open for damage, it will not do any additional damage nor will it increase the time the damage can be dealt.

It’s best to let the time run out, and do damage to it with your primary, and then once it locks back up, that’s when you want to fire the second launcher at it. Don’t be that guy for your team by firing a launcher at a walker that’s currently open for damage, nobody likes that guy. Walker Escort is generally the first stage of the map, except on endor, where it’s phase 2. Please keep in mind there is always at least 2 ion launchers available, and once they’re fired, they will respawn for another use at the same location they were before. Secure the area Next we’re going to talk about Secure the Area. This game mode gives you a small area you want to get in and to clear all enemy troops out of. This game mode is pretty easy for the defending team, you just need to make sure you have at least 1 player in the objective area, if not more, in order to stop the enemy team from capturing it, and just need to kill 100 enemy troopers maximum in order to win.

The hardest part for the defending team is once you get pushed out of the objective, it’s very hard to get back in. The number on the shield is the number of enemy troops if your defending or friendlies if your attacking. If you’re attacking, you just need to have at least 1 player on the objective to secure it if there are no enemy troopers on the objective point, if there are enemy troopers on the objective it will be in a contested state until one team is no longer on the objective. You only need 1 player to be on the objective from each team for it to be contested, and if there are 20 players from one team on it, but still only 1 from the opposing team, it’s still considered contested and the capturing progress will not increase of decrease. This is mainly important for when the game goes to over time, which is most common in this game mode over the others. If the game is in overtime, it’s important to make sure that someone from the attacking team gets into the objective. If the timer starts going down for overtime, all the attacking team needs to do is run in and die and the timer will reset.

This mode is rather easy to play for everyone, so we’ll move on to the other objective types. over ride The third game mode type is over ride. This one is probably my least favorite and I wish over ride was just replaced with sabotage game mode, which is my favorite and what we’ll talk about next. Again if your on defense, all you need to do is kill a max of 100 enemy troops and prevent them from sitting next to the terminal in order to win. This is one of the easiest modes for the defending team to win if they are willing to sacrifice themselves to stop the secure, which you should always do. Since if you are defending, the number of deaths you take doesn’t matter, there’s no death counter on your team.

So if the objective is being hacked, run in, regardless of the number of enemies, have vanguard or infiltration active for the speed boost and just kill the player interacting with the objective. This will stop the attackers progress on the hack and force another player to start interacting with it. Primarily we just see everyone sitting back and trying to fight through, which leads to the defending team to lose during this objective when they shouldn’t really have to hard of a time winning it. If you are on the attacking team, your job is to get to the computer terminal and hold your interact objective button next to it until the objective progress is 100%. In this game mode there is normally more than one terminal to hack, unless your on Kamino, then you have 2 phases with only one, phase 1 and phase 4, which is why droids have such a hard time with those 2 phases.

If you are attacking, this is a good mode to use officer and specialist shields on, since it will force the enemy to push into the shields in order to kill the hacker. If you come up on a terminal that’s already being interacted with, don’t be that guy that just stands next to your teammate already taking care of the objective, go defend them so you don’t lose progress, and if you notice they go down, make sure to get on it to finish the capture. The worst is when you have 2-3 teammates either standing right on top of you or after you die, the same 2-3 guys just standing ignoring the objective when it’s not being interacted with. sabotage This brings us to the last game mode available, sabotage. In this game mode, the defenders like the last 2 have to kill 100 enemy players and prevent the placing of a sabotage on an objective. If a sabotage is placed, they have a limited amount of time to go defuse it. This game mode has usually the shortest if ever any over times, and is really a decent back and forth since you need to take an objective and hold it for a limited amount of time.

This is the most fun mode in my opinion, but i’ve always liked the sabotage game modes in other games as well. If you’re on the attack, you need to get to the objective and interact with it briefly to place a sabotage. Unlike some other games, ever trooper has a sabotage they can place, so there’s not something you’ll need to pick up first. Once the sabotage is down, you no longer need to sit directly on the objective, however you probably want to make sure you have a line of sight on it so you can stop anyone trying to defuse it. Like secure it’s very simple, but unlike secure situational awareness is key to this mode. Once the sabotages down, you’ll probably start to see an influx of enemies going for the defuse. From there you need to stay alive, make sure you’re paying attention to the sabotage location, and if needed prevent a ninja defuse. There’s usually a lot going on, and prioritizing your targets gets important. Obviously if you need to die to stop a defuse, that’s the best move, ideally though you’ll be positioned so you don’t have to sacrifice, but there will be times that’s the only option.

Otherwise, you need to be taking out anyone getting close while making sure no one is coming behind you. Good luck out there trooper. Can I get up there. And now for CAN I GET UP THERE, where we see what we can get on top of. Sometimes its useful, most of the times it’s not, but its always fun. This spot is on naboo phase 1 and is on the last part on the phase, although clones may be able to use it sooner i guess if they wanted. Basically you can get up top of the temple by just playing a little leapfrog. Nothing to special but didn’t know if I could do it. Turns out you can.

Outro. Thank you all for watching and i’ll see you in game..

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