Cold Intro Hey everyone Red Wolf here and today we give the case for you to try the Assault class in battlefront 2 Intro Remember if you like this video, hit that like, subscribe and notifications button to get updated when new videos are available. Assault was the first class I hit 500 kills with, which started the journey to unlock the rest of the classes. All around, the assault class is a strong option for all players. While the ability are kind of meh, they make up in strength. I would recommend the assault class for those gun-ho players who tend to be caught out ahead of the pack. So lets take a closer look at what the assault class has to offer. Weapons The assault class uses blaster rifles as the primary weapon.

These weapons range in strengths, giving the class a good option for all players who don’t know what role they want to fill. The majority excel at medium to long range, with one weapon excelling at close to medium range. Assault has an ability that will off set close range engagements if you get caught with a slower rate of fire rifle, but we’ll cover vanguard later in the video. Assault rifles are medium damage weapons that do more than pistols and most heavies, but less than all but one of the specialist weapons. The assault, like the officer, is versatile and effective on every map available, whats an Army with out Grunts am I right?! The weapons available are the; The starter weapon is the DC-15a for the light and E-5 for the dark side. Like all starter weapons it is a good all around choice if you don’t know which weapon you want to use or don’t have any other available.

It doesn’t really stand out as extremely good, but again, not bad either. At 50 kills, you will unlock the A280. This is a 3 round burst rifle, and is a good medium to long range weapon that will still hold its own in most close range engagements. It has the second highest range of the rifles, only to the EL-16HFE and can get a modification to add a scope and increase it’s range. Specialist will find it similar to their own variant of the A280. The CR-2 is the third weapon you’ll unlock at 200 kills. This is your close to medium range weapon, with the lowest in class damage, but the highest rate of fire available to off set it. The Cooling power on this is weapon is really good, so you will be able to PEW PEW to your hearts content. I found this to be my favorite of the rifles available, since I tend to play the assault class super aggressively. The only attachment I use on this one is the recoil reduction, since Ion shot will decrease your damage to troopers, but will increase damage to vehicles. Since it already does so little damage per shot, I wouldn’t recommend ION shot on this weapon ever.

Finally we have the EL-16HFE. This is unlocked at 500 kills and is best in class for damage and range, tied for best in cool, but worst in class on rate of fire. This weapon, while strong, is mainly for those who tend to hang back a bit and not push all the way to the very front of the lines. The attachements do include a reduction in recoil, which I always recommend, increase range and a dual zoom scope. Once this is unlocked, I would recommend it over the A280 if that is more your play style. Abilities. The abilities on the assault class are only above the heavy in excitement level, but fall behind the other two classes. The default abilities are a thermal grenade, which is the strongest explosive in the game for normal troopers, vanguard, which equips a shotgun for a short time allowing you one shot most classes, and a scan dart, which will detect and show enemies in a small area for a short period of time.

Like all the office you can change these to better fit your play style, but unlike the officer, changing them can benefit your playstyle more. The Thermal grenade, as I’ve said, is the strongest explosive in the game. It can be thrown a pretty good difference, and if it lands in someones lap, they are going to have a hard time getting away. I would recommend the Thermal Gernade over the other options but the Acid launcher is a close second. The acid Launcher fires an acid grenade which deals damage in an area over time. This can be used to cut off entry points to a room, making it hard for the enemy team to get through.

Also its kind of hard to see and I personally tend to run into it a lot. The third option is not really all that useful unless the other team is all heavies. It’s the Smart Ion Grenade. This Grenade will automatically detonate near enemy vehicles and shields, and Ion items do more damage to those items. While it might get some use on larger maps that use vehicles, the blasters do really decent damage to them anyway, so I would recommend the other 2 over this every time. The second Ability is the Vangaurd. This ability equips a shotgun for a short period of time and increases your movement speed. It’s only effect at short range, and can one shot, some of the time.

I found the ability to be rather inconsistent on the damage it delt, and if it would kill in one shot or not. Also it seems to have a short delay from pulling the trigger to the shot actually going out. This ability cannot be change, but only modified. There are 3 different modifications for it. The first is Slug Vangaurd, which will fire a single slug for increased accuracy and range, it’s ok, I guess, but the original vanguard is already good enough, and if you find yourself firing this at range, you’re already doing it wrong. The second is Recharge Vangaurd, in this one it will auto refresh your abilities when you defeat an enemy. This can allow more grenade spam or use of the third ability, it will not auto refresh vangarud, and the card upgrades just reduce your vanguard refresh times. The final upgrade is Killstreak vanguard.

Each kill when using vanguard will prolong the vanguards active time by a percentage, up to 55%. Vangaurd is already active a decent amount of time, so I don’t recommend using any of these upgrades to the ability. The third ability is the scan dart. This ability will detect enemies for a short amount of time in an area and show their location. This is really useful when holding a point or camping a corner and not being able to see all the way around it. There is an upgraded verson you can get as well to increase the time. Personally I use the Toughen Up ability in it’s place. This card will replace scan dart with a heal ability, allowing you to automatically start regening health. I found this more useful since I would get in fire fights with multiple enemies and start getting low on health quickly. The final option is the Flash pistol which will fire a blinding shot at enemies.

I haven’t used this one mainly because the CR-2 just melts people fast enough I don’t feel the need to blind them first. My Load out For my load out I run the CR-2 or EL-16HFE with recoil reduction. If it’s a close quarters map, it’s the CR-2, like death star or Tatooine. If it’s open like Hoth or Kashyyyk, which I tend to get all the time, it’s the EL-16HFE. For cards I use the bodyguard,uncommon, that I crafted, which reduces damage from explosives and toxins, improved thermal detonator, epic, which came with the preorder, and Toughen Up, rare, which I got from the Assault Veteran Crate after playing the class for 150 minutes. Summary In Summary, the assault class is the 2nd best class in my opinion. It’s a good all around class that has options for everyone and can take a little bit of a beating. While they don’t dominate in any role in particular, they are always useful and can clear corners and bottlenecks easily with the thermal detonator and vanguard abilities.

I would recommend them for the in your face aggressive players, as well as those who want to be specialist, but having issues with the DMR style weapons. Outro If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel, I love having you here. Also if you’re on playstation, come join my community where we can talk and party up for a few matches. You can also find me on twitter @RedWolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and as always, I’ll see you in game..

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