Red Wolf here and today will go over the best weapons and cards to use In Battlefront 2. Remember If you like this video to hit that like, subscribe and notification buttons so you know when new videos come out. Intro So there is a lot of people out there looking for the best weapons and cards available for each class. In the next few minutes, we will go over the best and second best weapons options for each class.

When looking at weapons, I looked at time to kill, accuracy, versatility, and cooling into consideration. Some of these may surprise you, others are pretty obvious. When taking cards into effect, I looked at how it increased your lethality and survivability. Since none of the cards increase damage or max health, cards play far less of a role for troopers than heroes and star fighters. These are going to be more opinion based and what I’ve found the most effective. If you want more information on each class, the review videos are in the Trooper Review playlist and there is a link coming up on your screen now if you want to check it out. Let’s get started Assault For the assault the best overall weapon is the CR-2. This is unlocked at 200 kills, and the only modification you need is the recoil reduction at 50 kills with it.

DO NOT put on the ion shot attachment on this weapon, you already have low damage per shot, don’t make it worse vs troopers and heroes. The CR2 has the fastest rate of fire in the game and 2nd worst damage. Looking at the damage, you may have shyed away from this one, but the rate of fire offsets the damage, and is probably the fastest time to kill in close range, and decent at medium range. At long range, you can engage and land some shots, but it wont be very effective. It also does like 0 damage to vehicles, so unless your shooting at an objective, it’s best not to try and take on a ATST or ATRT. If you are running assault, this should be your go to. The second option is the EL-16HFE. This is for those players who are going to stay at medium to long range.

This weapon has amazing damage and range but a pathetic rate of fire. The time to kill can be fast if you’re landing headshots, but it is unforgiving if you miss since the rate of fire is so slow compared to other weapons. With this weapon you should run the recoil reduction for sure. I’ve been running this a lot more on starkiller base and Yavin and it’s been a lot of fun. Card wise, The improved thermal detonator is a must. It makes your grenade even stronger than it already is. If you want to anger someone, keep killing them with this. Also toughen up over the scan dart is the way to go. The scan dart is short, and small.

It’s also obvious where it is so the enemy team can avoid it or wait for it to go away. Toughen up will keep you alive. The third card is a toss up to your play style, I run the Assault Training card, which gives health back with each kill allowing more survivability in a multiple enemy engagement. Officer For the officer it’s between the SE-44c and the Blurrg. I give the edge to the SE-44c with the rapid fire and cooling attachment.

This weapon can sustain a long fire fight with out over heating, and takes down enemies with ease. It’s very forgiving if you miss a few shots since it fires quickly, unlike the blurrg, making it better for the average player. The down side to the SE-44c is that it does lack the range when you start pushing medium to long that the s5 offers. I do rely a lot on headshots with this weapon, so do your best to land those. If your aim is on point then the blurrg is your weapon. This thing will drop enemies with 1-2 bursts with the extra burst modification, and has equally deadly range to the SE-44c. It is unforgiving though and will over heat much quicker than the SE-44c, if you miss a burst, you may lose that gun fight.

It may be better for those players who are extremely accurate. For officer cards, there are 2 that I deem mandatory. They are improve battle command fortitude, that way you gain the health on command and improved flash grenade. The flash grenade is huge for the officer class. You can detonate on command, using this and your battle command correctly will give you the upper hand in a fight you should of lost. The third card is more up for debate and I gave the disrupter a bad shake in my officer review. I have been using the ability more instead of the turret and it’s pretty strong if you time it right. Another solid option for each class is the bodyguard, which will decrease damage from explosives and toxins. Specialist For the specialist, the best weapon is between the nt242 and the iqa. I give the edge in this one to the nt242 as the best weapon available. The only reason for this is a it can 1 shot kill all the trooper classes over the iqa, which can only 1 shot kill other specialists. Granted the recoil on this one is a beast, so if you miss the headshot, the follow up shot is going to probably to slow to get you a kill.If your looking more for reliability though, the IQA is probably the way to go.Even though it isn’t always going to be a 1 shot head shot depending on the health of the trooper, it has far less recoil and a faster rate of fire, making it more deadly more often since those head shots are not always going to be available.

It also has better cooling then the nt242, making it easier to finish off enemies who are already low. For this class I recommend the marksman card, this will reset your heat when you land a killing head shot, allowing you to continue to engage large clumps of troops. Also run the Stealth card, which keeps your shots off enemy radar. Since your not as effect close range with the primary weapon, its best to not give your position away with each shot. For the third card, I tend to lean toward survivability, so I recommend the personal shield, the thermal binoculars aren’t 100% reliable, and if equipment isn’t reliable, it might as well be useless. Heavy Ok Heavies out there, I owe you an apologize. So I went back and tried the DC15LE as Ghj Ghj had recommended and that weapon, after getting some of the attachments, is actually effective.

It still does land a lot of assists but with the recoil reduction you can engage people at a little farther ranges. So Use the DC15LE, get the modifications and it will get better. The mandatory cards here are Overcharge sentry and resourcefulness. Sentry is basically your primary weapon, you want to use it all the time, and resourcefulness lets you use it more. For the third card, there is no good survivability option for the heavy class, so I would use Ion Torpedo if there’s air shooting at ground troopers or improved impact if not. In the comment section below, let me know if you agree or disagree me? If you disagree, which weapon do you think is best and why? Outro If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel, I love having you here. Also if you’re on playstation, come join my community where we can talk and party up for a few matches. You can also find me on twitter @RedWolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and as always, I’ll see you in game.

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