RedWolf here and the CR 2 got nerfed this week, which of course it did, I just did all that work on breaking it down. Today, we’re going to go over what the patch actually changed on the CR2. Remember to hit that Like, Subscribe and Notification buttons to keep update on when new videos come out on Tuesday and Thursdays. So what did the patch change on the CR-2. In the patch notes, it says decreased the damage form 17 to 16 at max and the minimum from 9 to 8. It also says the drop off was increased from 40 to 30 meters. These numbers may seem familiar if you watched my apparently ill timed video on tuesday, since those damage amounts are the ion attachment amounts before the patch.

The Ion shot now does 15 damage per round at close range and 8 at long range, make this no longer worth using unless the other team is all heavies popping shields. Let’s take a look at what that actually means. So here we have the graph of the damage drop off. The blue and the red are prenerf, blue for normal red for ion. The Green is normal with the nerf and the purple is the ion with the nerf. As you can see the damage decreases much faster that it did prior increasing the time to kill for each target. This brings the number of rounds to kill up by 1 for each class. For the damage per second, it drops the CR-2 from 2to 2at close range and 1to 1at long range. This actually brings it down below the TL50 in DPS. where before it was above. The largest difference you’ll notice is going to be the time to kill at medium range. While playing there were several engagements that before the nerf, I really feel like I would of won that now I’m not, or if not flat out losing, i’m not getting the kill that I would of previously.

In close range, it’s not all that big of a change, this is still a strong close range weapon, but its not the powerhouse it once was. You will notice a bit of a difference in close range, since you’re basically forced to use the previous ion attachment. I do feel that the speed the damage drops off was a little bit of an overkill, since now, even at medium range, you’re kind of pushing your luck. So if you are engaging a heavy at long range with the CR-2, you are now having to land 25 rounds to kill them, with the 200 health. Since you have 50 rounds you can fire off without a break before needing to cool, you have to land ½ your shots to kill a heavy at long range. I don’t believe the Cr-2 is the best gun for the assault anymore with this change.

I’m not sure which one is to be honest with you noiw, but the initial weapon is coming pretty close. But you can’t be nearly as aggressive with it. And will be going over each weapon in more detail in the coming weeks There was also a huge nerf to heavies and the supercharged sentry. It now eats up even faster the more you use it. So get ready to see more explosive sentry’s out there, which also got a slight nerf as well, but not as bad. On the plus side, I now feel heavy has a weapon that’s better than the CR-2, so there’s a win there I guess. For those who like star fighter, we also got a new hero for the Empire, Iden Versio, she’s pretty good and default handles better than a normal tie. So thats always that to try out as well. The new patch also brought the Crait map to blast, and it’s stage 3 without the doors open to the last 2 objectives.

It’s alright, I guess, I keep getting hit from behind, but that’s just the way blast goes sometimes. It does get you a little more familiar with that area which is good though, since there a few routes people never use, like going through the crystal caves instead of fighting at the large dumpster, so hopefully start seeing a little more flanking in that area in galactic assault. Anyway, thats really all I have today. I was going to post a video on the blurrg, but they nerfed that too, so got to make some changes there and will come out next week.

In the comments below, let me know how you like the new balance changes. Where some of them to much, just right, not enough? Remember to like and subscribe, I love having you here. If your on the playstation join my playstation community, RedWolf72ps4, and you can find me on twitter at RedWolf72ps4 as well. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in game..

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