Is there a new best weapon in town after patch 1.2? I don’t know if its a buff that wasn’t in the notes or a bug, but you should try the DC-15LE. Bumper Intro Today’s blaster break down focuses on the second weapon available in the heavy class, the DC-15LE. Since patch there is a bug, pretty sure it’s not a permanent buff, with this one that affects exploding shot. I will give you both the numbers for it as well as what it’s suppose to be so you don’t get blind sided when it gets fixed. This makes the video a little long so stick with me. This weapon like all other has 3 attachments, but unlike most, all three are a viable and reliable option.

The attachments that are available are, reduced recoil, exploding round and improved zoom. As of patch there were some changes made to the DC15-LE that weren’t listed in the notes, its most likely a bug, but its currently in the game. Personally I hope these changes stay since I think the time to kill in this game is to long, but all other weapons would need a buff as well. If you learn anything or enjoy this video, give it a like to let me know and then hit the subscribe and notification button so you don’t miss the next video. New videos are m / w / f and streams at 8 pm on t /th.

Stay tuned till the end and we’ll play another round of Can I Get uP there! Where some spots are useful, most are not, but its always fun. This one will be on Phase 2 and 3 of Jakku for the resistance. Magazine Size Lets get into the DC-15LE. The number of rounds the DC-15LE can fire before being forced to cool is 55 rounds without the exploding round modification. This is the most amount of rounds in class without any modifications, however it falls to 2nd once modifications come into play sine there are none to increase the amount of rounds available. As of patch 1.2, the exploding modification is not decreasing the number of rounds available, leaving it at 55. Prior to patch, it was 25 rounds with the exploding modification. This is most likely a bug and not intended since it appears that all cooling attachments aren’t working as intended but this be one major thing that may make it the best weapon available in the game now if it’s an intended change, but I have a feeling that its not.

Rate of Fire Another change that has come with patch is that the rate of fire also does not change with the exploding round. Keeping it at the 720 rounds per minute that the DC15LE has without the exploding round. Prior to the patch the rate of fire of fire with the exploding round is a painful 450 rounds per minute. This was tied for slowest in class, alongside the FWMB-10K.

The main thing the FWMB-10k had over the exploding round DC-15LE is the number of rounds available, which after cooling mod attached, is 65. However now with the DC-15LE has the highest rate of fire in class at 720 rounds per minute. With or without the exploding modification, making it the faster rate of fire weapon in class Damage When it comes to everything else, there are no discrepancies, including in the damage. The damage of the DC-15le without exploding is 16 damage per round at close range and 10 at long. This is lowest in class, tied with the initial weapon, which shares very similar stats all around to this one besides rate of fire. When you add the explosive round, the damage increases to 25 damage per round at close range and 15 at long.

The damage of the explosive round is very similar to the FWMB10K, which does 24 to 15, however the FWMB10k had more rounds before patch without needing to cool and the same rate of fire, 450 rpm. This made the FWMB10k a better choice if you’re going to run the explosive round on the DC-15LE, but if these changes stick, the DC15LE is amazingly stronger now. If the changes revert back to pre 1.2, I would recommend the fwmb10k over the Dc15le with exploding. Without exploding round, we run a multiplayer for headshots, which is on par with the other weapons in the game.

When you add the exploding round, it drops to 1.6. So headshot at close range is at close range without exploding and 40 with the exploding round. Since this weapon can be very accurate depending on your attachments, this is something to keep in mind. At close range it will take 7 rounds to down a specialist, 10 for assault or officer and 13 for a heavy. At long range, it will take 10 for a specialist, 15 for assault or officer and 20 for a heavy.

If your using exploding rounds, it will take 4 for a specialist, 6 for an officer or assault and 8 for a heavy. At long, it will take 7 rounds for specialist, 10 for assault or officer and 13 for a heavy. Now if the changes revert from patch back to numbers it is faster to down enemy players with the exploding rounds, again it had far less rounds available before being forced to cool down, while 13 is far better than 20, that’s over half your rounds available if they all hit, where as 20 isn’t half your rounds available without the exploding round. It is player preference, and I prefer faster firing weapons with lower damage than slower firing weapons with more damage. This is the reason I still love the CR2, SE-44c and the TL50 over the other options available.

Cooling When it comes to cooling for the heavy class it gets rather painful. A manual cooling for other classes is around 1 second. When you get to the heavies, its around 4 seconds for a manual cool, 4x longer than the other classes for the most part. For the blue, it will take seconds, so it is actually better to let the weapon overheat and hit the blue the second it is available. If you wait for the gold, you’ll be waiting 5 seconds and for a full cool without playing the mini game its a super long 6 seconds. Besides the TL50, you do not want to manual cool after each kill or each group of kills since it takes so long. Accuracy The grouping on this gun with out the recoil reduction is extremely painful. It rises quickly and groups most at the highest point, like all other heavy weapons, however once you add the reduced recoil its not nearly as bad. I would always run reduced recoil on this weapon for obvious reasons. When you have reduced recoil attached, the weapon becomes much more controllable and much more accurate than other heavy weapons in the game.

When you add reduced recoil and explosive shot it is at its most accurate, so that is a very good combination to run. Even without the explosive round, reduced recoil basically cuts the rise in ½ when your ADS with this one, which makes a huge difference for those long range fights. The final attachment available is just an improved zoom, making the aim down sights a little bit stronger, and this is what I tend to run, again since it doesnt change the rate of fire and provides me with the higher round count. Is it worth it Right now, in patch this is the best weapon to run until they either fix the bug that is affecting all cooling in the game, or if they make the changes permanent and it’s not a bug, this is now the best and strongest weapon in the game.

I was running this in blast the other night and was getting 37-39 kills every game i ran it. Granted, it is overpowered right now, but thats just because the blasters in this game are relativly weak and could all use a increased TTK buff like the DC-15le currently got. There are going to be a lot of people who disagree with me on the need to increase Time to kill, but that’s fine, its a personal preference, and I prefer games that are less forgiving. Can i get up there. This is for the resistance on phase 2 and 3 of jakku as most of you know the majority of the fighting tends to take place betweeen the objectives in phase 3 for some reason. And in that area is a structure, you can roll to get up on the structure giving you great sight lines of the area and approaching enemies. Specialists, have fun! Outro. I hope you all learned something here and if you did like and subscribe! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in game!.

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