Hook The Heavy class In Star Wars Battlefront 2, while not my favorite, alot of people seem to love them, and they’ve grown on me a little bit since the release. Granted, they seem alot more fun in first person. Bumper Intro The heavy class is probably my least favorite in Star Wars battlefront 2. That’s not to say they’re bad, they’re just not my play style. I find their weapons a little bland, their abilities a little lacking, but they’re battlepoints gain is pretty amazing.

I do find the heavy class a lot more fun to play in first person, since if I can see it I can shoot it, and don’t need to worry about a box blocking my rounds when I thought I was clear of it, and they also seem to be a little bit easier to land shots at range. Maybe it’s just a mental thing, but I tend to do better with them in first person. In this video we’ll take a look at a brief summary of the weapons, their abilities, the best cards to run and those to stay away from. Stay tuned till the end and I’ll go into detail why I don’t really like the heavy class, yep i got a graph for that. Community is the most important part of any game, so head over to Star Wars Gaming .Net, sign up on their forums and post your user name and system under the Greenie Weenie Master List on the general forums. That way you can find some cool people to play with that just want to have fun.

Then check out the news and the weekly newsletter Front Lines, so you don’t miss anything throughout the week. Let’s start with weapons. If you’re looking for more information for each individual weapon there’s a link in the corner of your screen now for the blaster break down playlist, so be sure to check that out, here we’re just going to compare the damages so you know what you’re going up against and running. The chart that will be coming up just has the base weapons, I didn’t add on the attachments that effect damage sine that’s alot of information to put on a slide and if you want that information it’s in each weapons individual video.

If your looking for the highest damage per round weapon, we have the DC-15LE with explosive shot at 25 damage per round, but that attachment drops the rounds per minute to 450 and the number of rounds available down to 25. Since the negatives out weight the positives for the explosive shot, the highest damage per round and having the weapon be viable (oh i’ma hear about that in the comments), we have the FWMB-10K which at close range deals 24 damage per round and drops to 15 damage at long.

Even with the Ion Shot attachment, it still beats the other weapons at 22 damage at close range an 13 at long. This weapon also has 450 round per minute fire rate, similar to the DC-15LE Explosive round, but it has 64 rouds available with the cooling modification, which is far more than 25 the explosive shot gives. The second highest damage per round goes to the TL-50. The TL-50 does 20 damage at close range and drops down to a painful 10 damage per round at long. This weapon is probably the best close range weapon in class. It will drops troopers quick had has a the fastest cooling time in class, matching the assault class instead of the heavies.

This weapon also has a very fast rate of fire, at 700 rounds per minute, which is second fastest in class, and an attachment for a secondary fire, which will replace your ability to aim down sites. If you land it right on top of the enemy it does around 100 damage and then drops off quick since the blast radius is rather small. With this weapon, I tend to run the improved spread and cooling since cooling is always a go to, and the reduced spread makes hitting targets that are at medium range a little easier. Third in damage we have a tie between the default weapon and the DC-15LE. Both weapons have identical damage profiles. Both the inital weapon and the DC-15LE do 16 damage at close range and drop down to 10 at long. The big difference between them is the rate of fire. The DC-15LE has a rate of fire of 720 rounds per minute, making it the fastest round per minute in the class and the inital weapon is at the 450 rounds per minute.

This makes the DC-15LE better than the starte weapon, not to mention that the DC-15LE is the most accurate at range out of all the weapons in the heavy class as well. Going into the best close range weapon, it obviously is the TL-50. With it’s fast rate of fire, higher damage than the DC-15LE and large magazine size with improved cooling, this weapon is a beast up close. Anything further than close range though and it goes over to the best all around weapon, the FWMB-10K. With it’s high damage per round, it can drop enemies faster than any other weapon in class if you land your shots at any distance. You might as well run the ion shot as well since it doesn’t really effect the time to kill until you start pushing long range as well and can make quick work of other heavies shields. However, the slower rate of fire makes this weapon a little tedious at times.

Base Ability Description For the abilities of the heavy class, they’re alright, i guess, they are each useful when used properly, however they’re just not anyhting to write home about. The left default ability, which is always the gernade is an impact gernade. The impact gernade has neted probably the highest number of kills for me than any other since if a target is low and dips behind cover you can pretty easily finish them off with this one. As for the right ability, its a personal shield. It’s simialar to a riot shield in other shooters, and will block incoming fire for a short period of time, well long if you don’t take to many hits since it’s health based not time based.

This will drop your speed down to a snails pace, and it doesn’t rotate up if you are looking upwards, so its only good for a head on engagement. If you crouch it will cover your feet, however since most people don’t you can easily just get shot in the shins and die if you’re playing someone who’s thinking. The Utltimate or middle ability is sentry. Now sentry is a saving grace for the heavy class, it use to be better before supercharge was nerfed, but we’ll get into that, but it’s still really good. THis will basiclly replace you weapon with a mini gun for a short period of time and is super accurate. It has a very high rate of fire and can make qucik work of anyone in your path. Again, like the shield it will bring your movement to a grinding halt, so don’t move to far into the open with this or you will get metled pretty quickly. This abilitiy is especially strong on heroes, not as strong as it use to be, but still will do a nubmer on them.

Cards If you want to change out the default abilities, the heavy gives you a wide varitey of options. Like the officer class, there are only a few I wouldn’t recommend using, but thats mainly due to better options for those slots. You can make the worse versions work for you, just not as easily. First we’ll start with the ones you should use, or at least try out if you haven’t already. We’ll start with obviously the best card for the heavy class, the Ion Turret. Now I hate using turrets in this game. I truely dispise anything that doesn’t require an action by the player to get a kill, and the turrets in this game are drop and forget. Unlike trip mines, or traps, turrets in this game lock on, fire, and kill for you no matter where they are placed and don’t die themselves unless you choose to detonate it, the enemy focus fires it, which takes them out of the fight for a bit, or you die and it despawns. Mines and traps are 1 kill and they’re gone, but not turrets they last forever, and the Ion turret has an unlimited range on it and will target enemy troopers first it seems.

THe ion turret is a must in any map that isn’t a choke point map and even then, its a hard toss up between it and the personal shield. If you decide not to run the ion turret, the improved shield is great since it will buff the health of your personal shield. This will make it last longer and usualy help you win a gun fight. It’s a great option, but you could also use Barrage. It’s not as good, and is very situational, but if its a choke point map, you can usauly net a kill or 2 with each use of it.

For the left ability, I would recommend the detonite charge. Its great for setting traps or lobbing into a large group of troopers. It blows up on commend so even if it doesn’t go where you want it to, you can just wait till someone is on top of it to blow it. Its a great tool for choke poitns since you can preset it right inside the door and take out the first wave with out firing a single shot.

When we look at the utltimate abilitiy, the only one worth using now is the Explosive Senrty. You can’t move while you fire it, unlike the other versions, but it can do a ton of damage and pretty much 1 shot most troopers if you land it right on top of them. It’s also great at taking out heroes or doing damage to objectives like AT-AT’s or the reactors on crait. While i personally don’t run it, I know alot of people do. For non-ability cards, I run the defender card, which grants points on damage taken. The reason i run this is i run the personal shield for the most part. Since the shield can take a ton of damage, i get points each time it’s hit. It’s just a way to maxamize my battle point gain, with that I also generally run bounty hunter with it, since again, I’ma get that hero quick. The only card I would say not to use anymore is the supercharge sentry.

This card was nerfed into oblivion awhile ago and just doesn’t last long enoguh to do any major damage. It basicly requires you to be 100% on target if you are planning on getting a kill, and thats rarely going to happen. Thoughts on class Again for the heavy class, they’re just not my cup of tea. THe main problem I have with them is thier low damage and slow rate of fire weapons compared to the other classes in the game. The slower rate of fire wouldn’t be to bad if they actually did more damage per round, but as of recording, every class has higher damaage weapons with faster rate of fire and far better accuracy. The cart on your screen now is the highest damage heavy, FWMB-10K, blue line, compared to the lowest damage in every other class.

Yes, it beats out the CR-2, which is red, but the CR-2 has such a fast rate of fire, that the FWMB-10k still falls behind in time to kill. And the next closes would be the A280 for the assault class which runs the same damage profile as the CFE, which is purple on the chart. The biggest problem with the heavies is the weapons. They’re just so much weaker in comparision to the other classes and thier cooling time is rediculously long for needing more rounds in order to get kills.

The only great thing about the heavy is the sentry in my opinion. That ability is amazing. The TL-50 is pretty good and what i’m mostly using in the game play for this video, but it runs like the CR-2 from the assault class, but the assualt class has a better card and abiltiy kit. Outro If you enjoyed this video or found it helpful, give that like button a click and then subscribe if you haven’t already. I really love your guys support, I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you in game!.

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