Are you having a hard time getting the right sensitivity and settings? Today i’ll go over the best settings and how to find your perfect starting sensitivity in Star Wars Batltefront 2. There’s more to it than you may think. Bumper Intro Welcome to episode 4 of beginners guide, where my goal is to help new and struggling players improve thier gaming experiance. We’re going to touch on how to set your sensitivity for Star Wars Battlefront 2, this is on the PS4, although this will work for all platforms. I did my best to not make this super boring, so bear with me, it will definitely help if your struggling, and if your falling asleep, wake up at the end at least for CAN I GET UP THERE! Promo If theres any settings you may use that are different, let me know in the comments below since it may help others as well.

If you learn anything in this video, give it a like to let me know and then hit the subscribe and notification buttons so you don’t miss any new videos, and if you’re looking to stay uptodate on all things StarWars, check out our partners at, theres a link in the description down below. How to select sensitivity Lets get into what you clicked on this video for, how to set your sensitivity and where you should have it at. The short answer, is to select the sensitivity you feel comfortable with and are able to control your camera. Boom video over! Kidding of course, so lets get a little more detailed to get you dialed in. First, if you are currently at a sensitivity that you struggle to control, you need to turn it down a bit, for the rest of you it’s fine.

Next, we’re going to go to arcade and load into a custom duel, which will be split screen, on Tatooine. The reason for dual is there are no NPC’s running around so your free to do as much testing and running around as you want. After you’re loaded in, select your weapon of choice, doesn’t matter what it is, and then find a random droid or humonoid stationary target that is leaning against the wall. Theres one over by the cantina towards the empires spawn point. Now that we have found our target dummy, place your cross hairs a little to the left, not to far since we’re trying to get the sensitivity set for small movements and quick reactions.

Place the cross hairs at chest level. The goal here is to just move your cross hairs horizontally, with out moving them vertically. Count down from 3, and then snap as fast as you can to the target dummies chest in 1 movement. Once you release pressure on the sticks, release it completely and see where you ended up. You’ll want to do this around 5-10 times for each sensitivity, since its not always going to be perfect, sometimes will be to far, others to short regardless of the sensitivity, but the goal is to land somewhere on the target. If you over shot more than ½ the time, and had to move the sticks back to the left to get on target, your sensitivity is to high.

Decrease it by 5 percent, and try again and continue to decrease by 5% until you are not over shooting the target. If you tried to snap to the target, and you under shot more than ½ the time, as in didn’t move far enough to the right and had to make a second adjustment, your sensitivity is too low, you need to increase by 5% until you’re no longer under shooting the target. Once you’ve flipped from over shooting over ½ the time, to under shooting ½ the time, you’ll want to make 1 – 2% adjustments until your on target over ½ the time.

Again, no one is going to be able to do this perfectly, unless they’re a pro player and even then, this isn’t a science, its more of a drill. Once you can get on target quickly, without having to readjust, that is where you should start your sensitivity. From here, come up with a schedule to slowly increase it over time if your on the lower end of the spectrum, i’d say below 60%. You don’t want to increase at the start or end of any play session though, since after the adjustment you want to play a little before just to get familiar with your current sensitivity. Then make the adjustment nad play a little more in order to adjust to the new one. Eventually, you’ll get up there in the speed and you’ll notice some higher kill games since your reaction time will have increased. For these increases I do 5% moves, usually after 1 hour of consistent gameplay, if that feels to much, its ok to even just do 1% move.

The goal is to gradually build yourself up to the faster speeds here and still enjoying the game while you do it. You can go the complete opposite way if you really want to hate life for awhile and just put it really high, but you probably wont do well for awhile and will get really frustrated. You will need to do this for zoom sensitivity as well, since the zoom sensitivity is on a seperate slider. Most of the time, zoom sensitivity is going to be lower than your normal sensitivity, since when you zoom in, smaller movements become much more important, and even small movements will have a big effect on crosshair positioning. Generally I leave this around 50% of so, since I try and get my crosshairs on target or close to before I zoom in. If your into sniping, this probably going to be a little higher since you will be ADS a lot more. This is probably one reason I’m not a huge fan of sniping. When it comes to dead zone, you can use this to dial in as well. Dead zone is the amount of area you can move the sticks before the action is taken, the high it is, the more you have to move your stick before the action occurs, on the other side, the lower it is, the less you need to move the stick before the action occurs.

This is a setting since your hand is never perfectly still, so if you shake a little, or in the “gaming position” and your knee shakes a little, it wont effect your game. I prefer less movement required before the action, so I lowered mine to 10%, making it so smaller movements produce action. If you feel that you are having to move the sticks to much, make sure to lower this a little bit and it may help. On the reverse side and your just a twitchy person and drink to much caffeine, you may need to increase the dead zone to stop it from moving your cross hairs. The next setting you should take a look at is in Gameplay, and thats CrossHair Color. You want to make sure you can see the crosshairs at all times.

The default is white, but that can be hard for people to see. Battlefront 2 offers sveral differenet colors you can choose from. I would stay away from green and red, since those are generally the colors used to mark teammates. In this game, blue is also used. Personally I use yellow so that it is easy for me to see and doens’t blend into snow maps. Again there are a ton of colors, so just choose what ever suites you best. For this episode of CAN I GET UP THERE! We’re going to give you a flanking route on Kamino.

This is for the droids and allows you to get behind the clones on the left hand side, towards phase 2, on phase 1 with out having to worry to much about a fire fight. The only time you’ll get shot at is if someone is sniping and looks up, which is extremely rare on this phase, or a spawn wave comes in. So you’ll want to leave the spawn and go outside to the left, from there, instead of going down the stairs, you can jump on the ledge and walk around the wall. This puts you on a level with no doors or paths to bring you back to objective and theres a far wall blocking clones from looking at you.

Run to the far wall, jump over the ledge, and your back behind the clones for a sweet flank. You can also use this on phase 2 for sniping. Outro I hope you all learned something here and if you did like and subscribe! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in game!.

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