Hey everyone Red Wolf here and today we give the case for the Officer being the best class in Battlefront 2. Intro Remember if you like this video, hit that like, subscribe and notifications button to get updated when new videos are available. So I’ve been working on unlocking all the weapons for the classes, which requires 500 kills with each class. I started with assault and specialist, and those videos will be coming in the next few weeks and then moved onto the Officer. At first, it took some getting use to but then, something clicked and I started to notice high Kill to Death ratios and more battlepoints over all. It’s extremely rare I don’t get a hero at least once in the match, but with Officer I was getting 2-3 heroes in matches that get into farther stages.

The officer is a great option if you find yourself as an aggressive, always near the objective player. So lets take a look on why the office may be the best class in the game. Weapons The officer uses blaster pistols for it’s primary weapon which are semi automatic, burst fire, and the final is fully automatic. The benefit of the pistols is their supreme accuracy and easy follow up shots with reduced recoil, making it easy to take down an enemy at Medium range.

The damage on the pistols is surprisingly high, and when using weapons like the Bluurg with burst fire, you can take down enemies at close range in one or two shots. While you’ll still be out gunned by the CR2 and vangaurd on the assault class, you should be able to outgun most oppents in close range. Being able to engage confidently at medium and close range, makes the officer extremely versatile and effect in every map and something not to take lightly when you start an engagement with them. The weapons available are the; RK-3 – This is the starter pistol and doesn’t have any attachments available. Like all the starter weapons, it’s a good all around option, it doesn’t necessary excel at anything in particular, but also doesn’t completely lack either.

Stat wise, it’s similar to the Bluurg, with the only difference being higher range, lower cooling power and single fire S-5 This is the second weapon, at 50 kills with the officer class. It’s strengths are more in long range engagements, with a lower rate of fire, but offers a night vision attachment which will make spotting enemies at a distance easier, and the highest damage and range in class. Bluurg – 1120 is the 3rd weapon available at 200 kills and excels at short range and medium range engagements. It is burst fire, with a modification to allow for 4 shots instead of 3 to be fired with each trigger pull and another that allows to change your rounds into explosive shots. The final weapon available is the SE-44c available at 500 kills. It is fully automatic, with a decent fire rate and damage. It does overheat easier then the other pistols but there is a modification to help resolve that. It also has a rapid fire modification to increase the rate of fire, this will take 250 kills with it though, so prepare to grind a lot to unlock this.

It’s worth it though Abilities. Along with surprisingly strong primary weapons, the officer comes with some of the most interesting and useful abilities of the troopers. The default abilities are stun grenade, health boost for teammates and yourself, and an auto turret. You change all of these abilities to better suite your play style, but generally you’ll get the most use of the default abilities. The Stun grenade can be manually detonated before the timer runs out by pressing the ability button a second time. This can allow you to get the drop on your opponents when they think they may have you on the ropes. Being able to toss it over obstacles and immediately detonate it blinding them and then going in for the kill. You are able to change your stun grenade to; The Defuser absorbs grenades, preventing them from going off. This is a good secondary option Homing shot, which works like a torpedo in star fighter, you have to lock it to a player and then it auto tracks them, most of the time it hits an object before the player.

Battle Command Fortitude is your heath boost ability. You can use to increase the health of all your allies within a certain distance in front of you. This ability will also increase your health, this can give you a fighting chance if you catch yourself being surrounded with no way out, of if you’re getting hit and just need a little bit more health to make it to cover. The number on the ability is the number of troopers that are in range to receive the benefit You are able to change Battle Command (health boost) to: Battle Command Recharge- which speeds up the recharge time of abilities to other troopers, this would be a good 2nd option if you have a ton of officers already in the game doing fortitude Battle Command Cooling – reduces heat build up in weapons, this would be a last resort, since heat management should be something everyone starts to understand quickly.

The final ability is the Auto Turret. The turrent can be dropped and forgot and will continue to do work for you until it is killed. It’s best used to help hold objectives or popular running paths, but can also be used to guard your flank if needed. You can change this ability to a squad shield, which is the same as leias ability, which will prevent anything from entering it besides other troopers. You also can’t thow anything out of it though, so be careful not to kill yourself with explosives. It’s best used to protect you when interating with objectives, make a safe path to get trhough a bottleneck or give you and teammates a safe place to regen health. The other, and less useful option would be the disruption ability.

This will cause enemy weapons to over heat, defuse explosives and disable turrets. It is a fired shot, so line of sight is a factor here. My Load out I am loving the Bluurg with the recoil reduction and burst fire mod. It’s allowing me to slay easily at short and medium ranges. It’s not uncommon for me to go on double digit kills streaks as an officer as well. When it comes to cards, I use Improved Flash Grenade, rare, that I got form the Veteran Officer Crate that’s reward after playing the class for 150 minutes, the improved turret, uncommon, which I crafted and upgraded, and the Improved Battle Command Fortitude, epic, which came with the preorder. Summary In Summary, the officer is an amazing class which you should really give a try if you haven’t already. It will take some time to get use to.

The abilities are probably the most useful of all the troopers and also help others on your team if you’re stuck at a bottleneck. While the officer is now probably my favorite class and I believe the best class available, it is the player, not the class that plays the largest roll. Give all the classes a chance; find what matches your play style. The officer is probably best for those aggressive players who focus on the objective. Outro If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel, I love having you here.

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