Mos Eisley, where you’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Let’s break down the attack on Mos Eisley Spaceport for Galactic Assault in Star Wars Battlefront 2, I think i hit all my keywords there… ( SWBF2 ) . Bumper Intro Today we’re going to part 1 of the map break down and flanking routes for Mos Eisley in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Yep, this is going to be a two parter, there is way too much to cover in just one video, so today we’ll be phase 1 and in part 2 we’ll take a look at phase 2 and 3. we’re going to look at each phase and show where the majority of your teammates are going to be, the routes they’re going to take and where you should expect to find the largest groups of enemy player’s.

We’ll also cover some flanking routes and where to post if you’re playing an at-st so you can maximize your points and kills. As we go through this if you have something to add, please post it up in the comments. The most helpful posts will get pinned so we can all gain the most knowledge possible. We’re releasing this on sunday instead of monday to because i’m super excited and can’t wait, but part 2 will be Wednesday for sure. The overlays you’re about to see can be found at Star Wars Gaming .Net, they were kind enough to allow us to use them for this video and if you check out the site, you’ll see a very detailed overlay that shows spawn points, objective points, entry points to the objectives and hints for when you enter each objective point. They did an amazing job and really need to place this video on pause, follow the link in the description below and check out their overlays and come on back and finish this video, or even better, put this on pause, open a new browser and have the overlay up in a separate window while we go over this.

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In this overlay, Green is the location your friends will most likely be sitting, and red is where you will find the largest clumps of enemy troopers. Since we’re attacking, we’ll primarily be looking at the Imperial Experience, if your on the defense, just be aware all you have to do is kill the enemy team, so keep positions and flanks in mind since you can run similar flanks to get behind them as well. There are 2 objectives to start with. Both points are secure the area, and can be contested by just one trooper from either side.

With that, if you are on the rebellion, even if your going to die, if you can get onto the point to just delay to capture for a little bit, it’s worth doing if your going to lose it, and if your for the empire, and your in or about to get into overtime, get on the point and it will prolong the match until one side is wiped out on the objective point. The two objective points for phase 1 are the Junkyard, found on the left side of the map, and the Caninta, found on the right.

Naturally, your team will split to attack the two objectives simultaneously, which is great since you don’t want everyone going for the same point, however it is harder to take one over the other. Since the Cantina is the harder objective point to capture, I recommend focusing on getting that one first. The main reason the Caninta is harder and should be captured first is as the game progresses and the AT-ST come out, the AT-ST’s can completely block the enemy troopers from reaching and reinforcing the junkyard. On this diagram, the location of the stars is where I recommend placing an AT-ST. Since the rebels will have to run across an open road the AT-ST can sit on in order to get from the spawn to the junkyard, placing an AT-ST on the road will kill the majority of reinforcements and if you place them a little farther back from the road, they can get anyone who manages to get through.

Also once the Cantina has been taken, it’s much easier to attack the back side of the junk yard, cutting down on the reinforcements that way as well. If we look at the Cantina side, the cantina is in a building and AT-ST’s aren’t able to advance all the way into the center of the map to block the main entrance to the Cantina, reducing their effectiveness and making it harder for troopers inside to hold. Phase 1 Normal Routes So now that we’ve talked about objectives, how do we get there? You’ll notice the majority of players take only the fastest path possible to get to the objective points. The Teal here is the path most will take to the cantiana and the pink will be the path most take to the junkyard.

As you can see, the green locations where your teammates stop and sit are generally along those routes. The reason they tend to get stuck in those spots is because that’s when they start seeing enemy troopers, mostly where the red is located, and they lose track of pushing the objective and switch to focusing on kills. Or at least thats the way it feels some times. It is perfectly fine to use these routes, but if you find that you are getting stuck and are unable to push the objectives, it’s time to start thinking about using a flank. Phase 1 Flanking Routes Flanks are a great way to clear the enemy troopers out of an area or soften them up for your team to push through. The best part of Mos Eisley is that there are a ton of different flanking options.

You can use the ground, you can use the roofs, you can take a long loop around or you can just simply go to the other side of the building everyone is sitting at. There are two main flanking routes that I use, and they generally are longer loops to get me to the objective. The dark blue is the cantina and the pink is the junk yard. We’ll start with the benefit of the cantina flank first. On this one, we’re taking a longer loop going around the buildings everyone generally fights at and coming in the door by the stairs that lead to the back of the cantina.

Generally there is little resistance along this path, however occasionally you will see 1 or 2 specialist that go over to watch that side. If there is enemies along this path, you will see them where the teal stars are located, so just be on the lookout for them when you turn the corner. Also once you get inside, there’s going to be trooper sitting the in the cantina and most likely 1 or 2 will be coming behind you rather quickly, so be ready for a fight. If you don’t’ want to go straight into the cantina, you can take the stairs to the cantina roof, and clear that out as well to make it easier for your team to push forward and then use the stairs at the top of the cantina to get back inside to contest.

If you are on the rebellion, you can basically take this same route in order to flank the empire as they attack the cantina as well. You will need to go out of bounds a little however and the come back in bounds under the orange awnings, but this will put you behind the majority of the imperial troopers who are fighting your friends standing on top of the cantina or in the doorways. Just be sure to be on the lookout for enemy troops who miss the jump on the awnings because they may fall down on top of you.

When it comes to attacking the junk yard, I use another long loop around. This one’s a bit more difficult though. We found this path on a CAN I GET UP THERE, and in Galactic assault you wont need to go out of bounds to do it like you do in blast. For this one, you’ll need to jump on a green tube thing in the junk pile and then walk along it to the outer ledge, jump up on the outer ledge and just basically run down it till you can run any further and you’ll be equal to the junkyard. This one doesn’t really see any enemy troopers after you get past the junk pile, since no one expects you from there, no one watches this patch.

Again the teal stars are where you’ll see enemies for the most part along this path and you should rack in at least 2-3 kills easy before they notice what’s going on. Once the Cantina is taken, you can also flank the junkyard easily from the rear. This is probably one of the more dangerous flanks since the entire enemy team is going to be coming this same direction from the spawn point, so timing and being on guard is key to this one. I wouldn’t recommend using this one as a primary route, but if you need to get in there to just soften the enemy up and have the tickets left to sacrifice, you can use this flank to do that. Make sure though that you have Vanguard, infiltration or a grenade ready for this though so you can take the most amount of enemies down before your impending death. If your on officer, it would be best to have the disruption card equipped to shut down their weapons when you do this.

That brings us to the end of phase 1 and part 1 for Mos Eisley, and part 2 will be coming on wednesday, I don’t want you guys to wait to long just because I’m long winded, so on wednesday we’ll cover phase 2 and phase 3 , since Phase 3 is rather straightforward on all maps and phase 1 is generally the longest and most varied, this will most likely be the format for these map guides. If you haven;t or even if you have, make sure to go check out the full overlay on Star Wars Gaming .Net, they are amazing and super nice of them to hook us up with these beautiful overviews of the maps. Thank you guys for watching and as always I’ll see you in game..

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