One shot, one kill, everyone sniping loves that feeling and only one sniper blaster in Star Wars Battlefront 2 can do it. It will take 500 kills to unlock, but the NT-242 is worth the grind if sniping is your game. Stick with me and we’ll cover infiltration cards and which one to use at the end of the video. Bumper Intro Welcome back to blaster break down, were we look at the stats of blasters in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Today’s target is the Nt-242, its the last blaster you unlock for the specialist class but is well worth that grind. It is able to one shot kill any trooper class, if you land a headshot that is, unless they have the buff from the officer’s battle command, but we’ll get more into that when we cover damage.

We’ll take a look at the Nt-242’s modifications, cooling, rounds per minute, damage, accuracy, how it compares, and cards to run with it. All numbers were gathered through extensive in game testing in arcade and a ton of patience. But to make sure everything is accurate, we compared stats with BF Fulcrums numbers as well. There’s a link to his channel below and in the card coming up on your screen. Since the only numbers that differed were Rounds Per Minute, we’ll be using his numbers for that.

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There’s a link in the description below. Let’s get into the NT-242. modifications Like all weapons that are unlocked in Star Wars Battlefront 2, the Nt-242 has 3 attachments available. The attachments, in the order they are unlocked are; dual zoom, improved cooling and disruptor shot. Also like all other weapons you are able to have 2 attached at a time, and on the Nt-242, I use the dual zoom, since, you know, its a sniper rifle, and the improved cooling, since if that modification is available you should be using it. The dual zoom gives you 2 magnifications for your weapon, its available to all specialist weapons and few others not in the specialist category.

This is great for long range engagements, since you can zoom in just a little bit more. The downside of the dual zoom is when you are at full magnification, you do have a scope glint, which stands out to anyone paying attention. It is worth noting that if you are on the first magnification, there is no glint to the scope, even when dual zoom is attached. This applies to any weapon with the dual zoom option and was changed in a recent patch, I want to say but not 100% on that. The other two modifications we will cover in their respective categories, disruption shot will be in the damage section and improved cooling in the cooling section, which is next. Cooling The NT-242 has 3 rounds available without the improved cooling modification before it is forced to cool. This is the lowest in class and it isn’t much better with the cooling modification, since it just goes up to 4 rounds available. The next lowest number of rounds available goes to the IQA-11 at 5 rounds without the cooling modification and goes to 7 with it.

Throughout this we’ll be comparing the nt-242 with the IQA since it’s the closest in comparison on in category. The cooling times for the nt-242 are the same for all weapons in the specialist class. A partial cool, or manual cool, will take about 1 second, it was a little less but used animation times since there’s no datamined numbers i could find. If you are forced to cool the blue section comes up in about 1 second, and the gold comes at about seconds.

The full cool takes about 2 seconds, so even if you overheat, you won’t really lose much time. Since this weapon is a 1 shot head shot kill, I recommend using the marksman card with this one. That way every headshot will automatically refresh the cooling on your weapon and will decrease the amount of heat built up per round until you overheat the weapon. This card is great for the specialist class in general but amazing with the NT-242. Rounds per minute When it comes to rounds per minute, again it is the worst in class at 75 rounds per minute. The next closest is the IQA, which is at 150 rounds per minute.

While normally I shy away from the slow rate of fire weapons, this weapon is well worth the slow rate of fire. There’s no way to speed this up, since the only weapon that has a modification to increase rate of fire is the a280-cfe, but that weapon compares more with the assault class than the rest of the specialist weapons. The biggest downside of the slow rate of fire is that if you do not get a headshot, or are not shooting another specialist, it will take 2 rounds to down a trooper with body shots. With the slow rate of fire, sometimes it can be hard to land that follow up shot before they get behind cover.

This can be a little frustrating but it also feels soooo good when you drop someone in one shot. You feel like an officer with a blurrg. It was a joke, calm down. There’s really not much more to cover on this, it just fires really, really slow. Damage Moving onto the damage the Nt-242 will deal, normally this is where I would put up a graph to give you the visual of the drop off of the weapon over range. However the specialist DMR’s, besides the A280-CFE, do not suffer any drop off damage regardless of range.

Giving the enemy a hug or shooting across the map, the Nt242 will do 106 damage per round without a head shot. This will 1 shot another specialist and 2 shot the remainder of the classes with body shots unless they have the improved battle command buff on them, then it’ll take 3. If you use the disruption shot attachment, which is just a cooler name for ion shot basically, it will do 99 damage per round. With this attachment, it’ll take 2 shots for another specialist, officer, or assault and 3 for a heavy with body shots only at any range. When we get to headshots, this is where the Nt-242 will steal your heart, it’s a 1 shot kill weapon on any trooper not affected by improved battle command buff. The Nt-242 like all other weapons has a multiplyer for headshots. This brings the damage to 201 damage per round and is the reason specialist love this weapon.

If you are running the disruption attachment, the headshot multiplyer drops to a multiplyer. So instead of 99 damage, you do 128 damage per round with a head shot. This can only 1 shot specialist, which is why no one runs this attachment, and if you are running it, you might wanna rethink your choice. The next closest damage per round that has dual zoom S-5 at close range, with 67 damage per round, but it suffers from drop off, so the next closest at all ranges is of course the IQA at 66 damage per round, again with a headshot multiplyer of 1.9, so a head shot with the IQA does 125 damage per round. The reason I bring this up in the NT-242 video, is if you are running the disruption shot, you might as well run the IQA for the more rounds available, faster rate of fire, and less recoil for follow up shots and the same amount of rounds to kill with a headshots.

If you’re not using the disruption shot, stick with the Nt-242. Accuracy When it comes to accuracy, the nt-242 recoil has a bit of a punch to it. Those big green lasers take some power, and you definitely feel it. Now last time I said that people got mad because if you kneel down it reduces the recoil, but that’s the same for every weapon, but there ya go, its in there. Again, while the recoil is heavy for this one, it doesn’t matter if their already dead. BOOM HEADSHOT. And that’s basically the summary of this weapon, just get headshots and the weapon is amazing. How does it compare If your a decent sniper, have patience and are good at landing headshots, this weapon is amazing and the best DMR available in the specialist class.

You can also run this close range if you want to 360 no scope and make someone mad. Although if your a close range player, the a280-cfe is probably the way to go. If you really struggle with headshots, you can run the IQA and be able to land follow up shots more quickly, which may lead to a higher kill count if your sniping, but you will lose that amazing feeling of a 1 shot head shot kill. Cards to run with it With this weapon I run the marksman card, as we stated before, which will refresh the heat with every head shot. I run this card a lot on specialist since their rounds available are pretty low in comparison to the other classes. I also tend to run the stealth card, which keeps your shots off the radar and increases melee damage. The melee damage doesn’t really matter with this weapon but staying off the radar is always a good thing if your trying to snipe.

The final card I recommend is the personal shield. You will lose the binoculars, but they only work ½ the time anyway, and the shield will allow you to more safely reposition. Now if you are thinking of using an infiltration to try and offset the lack of close range survivability, don’t. Or only run the hardened infiltration version. I’m not sure if its a bug, but the normal version and hardened is active for 25 seconds without firing a shot, the scrambler infiltration is active for 17, and the kill streak is 13. So for kill streak, you get ½ the time of the normal infiltration ability, and each kill only refreshes 55%. So if you want to have the same amount of time the normal version will net you, you need to get 2 kills very quickly after activating it, and in order to get a benefit form the card, you need to get a 3rd kill in the same amount of time normal infiltration is active. Don’t believe me? Here are all 4 running at the same time without firing a shot. When the time is up, the box will go black.

I’m going to turn the sound up so you know they’re all activated at the same time and no shots are fired. Outro Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in game..

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