This is a guide on how and when to use the shock grenade. More coming up after this. [electronic music] The shock grenade is a Star Card you can unlock from Jabba the Hutt, if you own the Bespin DLC. The Shock Grenade delivers a non-lethal electrical discharge, leaving anyone caught in the field incapable of moving. It has a 40 second cooldown, and a 35 second cooldown with the upgraded Shock Grenade. To be able to buy the contract, you need to spend 8,000 credits and give it to this cuddly alien. ISN’T HE SO CUDDLY?! *fart sound effect* After you buy the contract, you need to arm & disarm five Tibanna Gas Generators in the gamemode Sabotage. To upgrade the card from there, you need to earn 50 stun bonuses and 30 kills as Dengar. Here are a few facts you should know about the shock grenade: You can shock yourself. You can also tap your ‘cooling flush’ button to break free of the shock. NOPE You can shock through shields and all stationary vehicles, excluding the DF-9 tower..

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