Galactic Assault and trooper modes got you down? Hop in that cockpit and take to the skies in Starfighter Assault. It’s almost like a completely different game, just don’t get cocky kid! Bumper Intro Today in beginner’s guide, we’re going to give a brief overview of what Starfighter assault offers in Star Wars Battlefront 2. We’ll be covering just a brief overview of the game mode, what all the little symbols on your hud me, as well as how to use them to your advantage, and we’ll briefly touch on target acquisition and where to aim to hit your target. We’ll be going a little more in depth with the ship classes in different videos, giving you different cards to use and how the abilities work, but right now, just want to give you enough so you can go shoot down some rebels.

Please keep in mind, I am way better at galactic assault and blast than I am at star fighter, so if you like this kind of content and are an ace in the cockpit, feel free to send me some footage, and i’ll be happy to use it with your permission, and of course a shout out and link if you have a channel of your own. If you enjoy this video or star fight assault content, give that like button a click so I know, then hit the subscribe and notification button so you don’t miss out on new videos every M/W/F and streams on T/Th at 8pm central.

Tomorrows stream, march 6th, is not going to be Star Wars Battlefront 2 but my other favorite game, Rainbow Six Siege. A new season starts and theres a new outbreak mode, so we’re going to give that a go for the streams this week. We’ll be back to star wars though, i do play other games, and just have limited play time. If you want to stay upto day on all things star wars related, be sure to check out our partners at Star Wars Gaming .Net. I check them out regularly while at work so I know whats going on in the Battlefront II, and theres a great article up on the development of the stats page, which I really want added in. Overview Like Galactic assault, star fight assault is an objective based game mode, with one team attacking and one team defending.

Also like Galactic assault, most of the time only ½ of the team is actually playing the objective. You will play both sides, light and dark, before the map switches, unless you joined in late, and the maps cover all three eras of the movies. You also have the option of first and 3rd person view, and personally I really enjoy first person view for starfighter, it makes it feel like you’re going extremely fast and you can hear little sounds that you hear in the movies that you don’t get in third person. First person is a lot harder though since you can’t really judge if you cleared debris or objects and may crash a little bit more, but it’s just a game, so do what you have the most fun playing in. A major thing to remember in this mode is you can crash into debris and objects however, they removed fighter to fighter collision. So you can not ram the falcon or any other hero ship to kill them. You can however run into the star destroyer’s so don’t try and fly through them.

Hud Now lets move on to the first topic to go over for starfighter that isn’t always as clear as it is in the other game modes, the HUD. HUD stands for heads up display and is all the information you see on your screen. We’ll start on the outer rims of your screen and work in, since there can be, depending on your positioning a ton of information coming at ya. Now I have my kills logs and battle point gains turned off, since i know who i killed and don’t care whos getting kills around me, this makes the screen a little cleaner, and the battle point gain per kills, where it says how much points you got for something isn’t really all that useful and just extra text, I don’t need that flooding my screen.

We’re going to go over everything as if you are in 3rd person view, since first person changes the order it has the information. On the bottom right, like on the normal modes is your ability icons and cool down timers. This works the same as in the other game modes and just shows your abilities in white if ready and red if not. So we’re not going to spend a lot of time there, or on the next thing and thats at the top of your screen, you’ll see the objective score. This is either a percent if trying to destroy a target, or a ticket counter, death counter, if you’re just having to kill players. Just a little hint, if you’re on a team that doesn’t have a ticket counter, it doesn’t matter how many times you die, since your death wont decrease your chance of winning at all, so don’t be afraid to suicide run if you can stop the enemy team who is on the ticket counter.

The next thing is unique to star fights, and that’s two bars on either side of your screen. The bar on the left, is your speed. This is controlled by pushing forward or backward on the throttle stick if on consoles. If it’s all white, you are going full speed, if it’s blue, that means your not going full speed and can speed up, and the orange is going to be where you’ve accelerated or decelerated to. The faster you go, the slower and wider your turns are going to be, and the slower you’re going the faster they are going to be. Now i know a lot of players tend to keep the same speed, either slow or fast when they first get started, however it’s very important to alternate your speed depending on the situation.

This makes it harder for players to target you or match your speed and stay behind you to line up a shot. Also, if you have someone shooting at you, try to skim an object and weave around it, once you get on the other side, cut your speed back and they may just fly right by you (top gun clip) i know it’s dumb, but you’d be surprised how many people put full throttle to not lose you after you cut under neath a star destroyer if you were going full speed when you made the turn. The bar on the right hand side is your health. Each class of starfighter has a different health pool and shield pool. The light blue bar is your shields and the white bar is your health. The light blue bar will go down first, and then once it’s been depleted, your health will start to go Some also have the ability to use the astromech to heal up some of the health or shields they have lost, like xwings and ywings.

You’ll know when the astromech is healing you, since the bar will turn yellow, or oragnish, but remember you do have to activate the astro mech, its not automatic. You will hear a siren start to go off if your health is starting to be depleted, so if you hear that, make sure you try and shake the enemy thats shooting at you. The other time you’ll hear an alarm go off is when someone is obtaining a missile lock on you. You’ll know its a missile lock since a bright orange circle will show up on your screen and it’ll say missile lock. There is a second circle which is bigger than the orange one, this is how soon your going to get hit by a missile. If you make quick and rapid turns, you’ll almost never be hit by a missile, or you can use boost to break it as well.

You’ll also see an arrow on the inner circle, this is hte side the missile is currently on. So try turning to the side the missile is on to lose it faster. Now inside the health and speed bars, if you are in thrid person, outside if you are in first, is arrows. Arrows come in three 3 different variations. The normal red arrow is the direction and enemy ship is and is close to you. This is so you don’t just fly around in circles and never see anyone. It’s like a GPS system for finding targets. The next kind of arrow that is really important is the orange arrow. The orange arrow is the last player to track you as a target or is the player currently trying to shoot you down. When you see this orange arrow, its best to either try and lose them or turn on them to engage.

If you manage to turn on them and engage successfully, when they are not on your screen, you will see a red arrow outlined by a white arrow. This arrow is pointing you to the last target you where, or the system thinks you were, trying to track down. This is so you don’t lose the target you almost had killed when they flew past you. Finally at the center of your screen is 2 items, your crosshairs, which is where your going to be shooting and just below that is your heat build up. Each fighter builds heat differently and even each ship in that fight category builds heat differently. For instance, an A Wing has much better cooling than a Tie Interceptor.

When the heat bar highlights red it will automatically start cooling and you will be unable to shoot. Unlike the trooper versions, there is no manual cool or mini game. The only ways for the weapons to cool are by overheating and forced cooling or just stop firing and wait for it to go down. Targets When your engaging the targets, you’ll see the enemy team outlined in white diamond shape. This is where the enemy ship currently is in space. Since in this game mode, players are constantly moving, and I have yet to find a way to hover, you don’t want to shoot where they currently are but where they are going to be.

The game helps out a lot in this aspect and will give you a little circle ahead of where the ship currently is and in the direction they are heading. You want to aim at the circle in order to hit the other ship. If the circle is closer to the current location of the enemy ship, they are going at a slower rate of speed, and if you are planning on getting behind them, you may want to start slowing down. If the circle is way in front, they are most likely going full speed. This again is where changing your speed will help you. If you speed up and slow down, anyone coming from above, below, or from your flanks will have a harder time staying on the circle than if you keep the same speed. Depending on the reception of this video, I plan on going over each ship class and some of the hero ship styles in future videos. If that is something your interested in, or not, let me know in the comments down below.

Since I want to provide you with content you want to see, if there’s not any interest in star fighter, I won’t do it, but if there is interest I’m more than happy to. I really enjoy the star fighter game mode, especially when I just want to play something different than galactic assault or blast. Outro Thank you all for watching, and I’ll see you in game..

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