>>[XBOX SOUND] It’s time, once again, to bring out the toy lightsabers and dive back into the Star Wars Universe. Taking place between episode six and seven, Star Wars Battlefront II offers a chaotic multiplayer and an engaging campaign. The campaign follows the events surrounding Inferno Squad and its commander, Iden Versio, as the Empire begins their next mission, Operation: Cinder. Whether you’re fighting in large scale battles or taking battle on scenarios, you’ll need to be smart with your approach. So, follow these five tips, and you’ll be brighter than a Zabrak spine on Umbarra. Tip number one, Cards and Crafting. Star cards are one quick way to beef up any character. They’re two types of star cards, ability and boost.

Now, ability cards added a new ability to the character’s class it’s attached to, like increasing your cool down rates, or enlarging your grenade blast radius. And boost cards will boost pre-existing skills of your character like health regeneration upon a kill. You can obtain star cards from the campaign, crates, or crafting. But if you’re looking for a specific card, crafting is by far is the easiest way. At level five, you can begin crafting common level star cards. Once you’re level 10, you can upgrade those cards from common to uncommon. At level 15, you can upgrade uncommon to rare, and at level 20, rare to epic.

Upgrading star cards won’t change the attribute of the card but it will increase it’s effectiveness. Along with player level, each character class has a star card level. This level’s based on how many star cards you have for that specific class. The larger your star card level, the more cards you can attach to a character class. However, once you reach level 10, it caps out of three. You may want to craft a few star cards to unlock a couple slots right away. Tip number two, Dodge. While playing Battlefront II, you’re going to get shot a lot. And a majority time, you want to know which where the shots are coming from. The best way to survive in this situation is to evade quickly, locate the enemy, and return fire.

The moment you start taking fire, your top priority should be the break the enemy’s line of sight, even if there’s no cover. This is why dodging and crouching are crucial to your survival. You can perform a rolling dodge by pressing B as any normal class soldier. By dodging quickly, you become a moving target which is far harder to hit than a stationary one. Tip number three, Third Person Advantage. The stunning beauty of Battlefront II is a great reason to want to stay in first person view.

First person is more immersive, however it does limit your field of view to the area that you’re facing. By holding down on D pad, it will place you into a third person of point of view. Third person is useful for close quarters combat and defensive play style. It allows you to see your character’s surroundings better, and may help you locate the source of incoming fire. Tip number four, Predictive Shots. Space battles can be tough when you’re just getting off the ground. But once you master them, they’re a blast. Just remember you use the HUD’s predictive circle to land your shots. When in your ship, the HUD will display the enemy fighters with a red mark. It may be instinctual to fire your weapons at them directly, but the quick pace and distance between ships means that by the time your bullets get there, the ship is already fled it’s path. This is where the predictive circle comes in. Your ship will project a white circle that follows in front of the enemy fighter. This is typically called leading your target.

And it’s skill that seasoned players have to master in order to land shots on a distant moving target. Luckily, your ship is so advanced, it’s able to do these calculations for you. All you have to do is fire at the white circles and you’ll been taking down those enemy pilots in no time. Red leader standing by. Tip number five, Class Milestones. Battlefront II has plenty of challenges in the form of milestones. These are how you can obtain new weapons for a class as well as the mods for those weapons. Each class has its own sets on of milestones. Getting kills with a specific class completes these milestones which can unlock guns for that class. Then, getting kills with specific guns can unlock their weapon mods. Mods do a variety of things, from increasing damage towards vehicles, to adding a larger scope on to the weapon. Now, it may be a bit of a grind but the more you use your favorite weapons and classes, the sooner you’ll complete the milestones, making them even stronger.

You’ll be a Sith Lord in no time. Battlefront II is an experience any force wielder can enjoy. The multiplayer feels like a full on war and the campaign is a great way to tell an untold story. It even rewards the players with hints to a question we’ve been asking since epsiode seven’s release. So whether you’re excited about the long awaited space battles, or the jaw dropping beauty that the Frostbyte engine has to offer, this game is a satisfying addition to the Star Wars Universe. So good luck and may the force be with you. [XBOX SOUND].

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