Ever wonder how people stay alive so long and still get a ton of kills? You can learn this power, but not from a jedi. Welcome to episode 3 of Beginner’s Guide, where my goal is to help new and struggling players improve in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Today we’re going to cover how to pick your engagements, and how to prioritize your targets. This video is mainly aimed at new or struggling players, however stick with me till the end and we’ll play a round of “can i get up there”, where we see what we can climb on top of, today’s will give you a nice flanking route for the junk yard on Tatooine.

I’d love to hear from you guys, so in the comments, let me know you were here, i read every single one. If you learn anything in this video, please hit that like button to let me know, Then hit that subscribe and notification button, so you won’t miss when new videos are out on M/W/F and streams at 8pm on Tuesday Thursday, I would love your support Overview While you play, you’ll get into a ton of fire fights, some good, some bad. While not all bad engagements are able to be avoided, there are ways to turn them in your favor. Wait, wrong franchise…….that’s better. When to flee The first option you have, and it’s ok to use, is to flee the engagement.

Alot of players never seem to do this and tend to push a bad fight. When I say flee an engagement, there are 2 ways to do it, there’s baiting, and then there’s completely leaving the fight, we’ll get into both of these and when they are the best option. As soon as you see an enemy, or a group of enemies, your first thought, after some choice words of shock, should be, can I win this fight? There are several things to consider when thinking if you can win, and the first thing is numbers. If you turn a corner, or see the enemy turn a corner, and you’re outnumbered or your in the open and the other party is behind some form of cover, the answer to, can I win is a big no.

At this point, you need to find the closest cover and get there in a hurry, be sure to remember that the closest cover, may be behind you, and the best way to get to any piece of cover and take the least amount of damage is to roll. Once you’re behind cover, if the fight is or more, it’s best just to back off and find another path, or if there’s a friendly near by, wait for them to come to your aid. Since in Battlefront 2, shots don’t travel through objects or players, you’re safe behind even the smallest piece of debris.

If you find yourself behind cover, and no way to safely retreat, or in a smaller engagement there are a couple ways to turn the fight back in your favor. The first is to toss a thermal detonator, impact grenade or flash grenade to take one out or make it easy to take 1 of the out. If that doesn’t work, there’s always baiting. When to Bait Theres 2 major ways to bait in Battlefront 2, the first one we’ll cover is continuing the situation from earlier.

You’re outnumbered, you rolled behind some cover, but there’s no way you can get out from behind it to retreat without getting gunned down. People tend to pick up on and expect patterns. So use this to your advantage. Most players will peak out from their cover to engage by going from one side to the other. Peak out left, then peak out right, then left then right.

While this can be effective sometimes and catch a couple people off guard, a decent player is going to assume this is what your going to do. What I recommend in this situation, is to peak out and fire 1 to 2 shots on the same side 2-3 times in a row depending on the enemy’s movements and distance. The goal of these 2-3 peaks isn’t to necessarily down them, if you can do it in a quick 1 to 2 shots, awesome, but the main purpose is to get them to stay looking to the direction you’ve been popping out, so that you can now go to the opposite side and get you some safe kills.

Let’s take a look at an example. So I’m on the roof and I see 1 come up, quickly followed by a 2nd. In this, I was confident in a fight but then I saw the red health of a third. So roll away, and lead with a flash. The flash didn’t blind them (if it did they would be outlined in white, so I pop out and fire 1 shot on the left hand side twice. Using third person view, i can see how they’re moving and all 3 of them are looking to my left hand side where I had been coming out to fire.

So rotate to the right, and 2 kills right away. A team mate then came up to drop the 3rd. Here it is in full speed so you can see how it should work in a normal engagement. Like everything else, being able to read the player movements will take some time so don’t expect this to work the first few times you try it. You need to be quick to duck in and out and dont forget that roll is a great way to get out of and back to cover to fire off your rounds. You do only get 2 rolls that you can do consecutively (until they patch then who knows what they’ll change). So don’t use them both in one direction. The second way to bait is to show a full retreat and then use a flank to get behind them or wait behind a door. If you are going to wait around a corner or door way and then take them out when they come after you, you want to make sure they saw you run.

That way they are more likely to give chase “oooo i’ma get ya” and they run full speed where you went. Once they turn the corner, you get a good ol’ peek a boo kill. This works best on the aggressive opponents, so anyone running a CR2, TL50, blurrg, or A280cfe, since they are more likly to give chase. If you are taking the flanking route, its best to make them think your still there, and this works best if there’s a quick loop you can do so they don’t catch on that you left and more away. In this method, fire off a few rounds so they think your there to fight.

ONce they take some cover, its time to retreat and start getting behind them. This is my favorite method since it’s usually the safest way to go. Usually it will work best in maps like death star, where the rooms are small, and all the halls loop back on each other. When it comes to picking your fight, you want to make sure you have an upper hand, or are confident that you’ll be able to take out the target rather quickly. You do not need to shoot at every target that runs by or that you see. If you are approaching a popular path and 1 target runs by, give it a second to see if he has friends coming behind him.

You want to take out the rear target first if you are in behind the enemy or they run by you, so that way you dont give away your position to quickly and everyone doesn’t turn on you. When it comes to picking your target, your first priority should always be the softest one. What I mean by that is the one with either the lowest health, or the easiest one to hit. If theres 2 targets in front of you, and ones behind a little cover, and the other is in the open, kill the one in the open first, if they’re both in the open, kill the one closest to you. If you manage to sneak up on a group of enemies all looking the same way, try and take out any officers first, since they are the strongest vs infantry, followed by heavies, they can pop a shield which is a pain to deal with at times, and then assaults. Specialist, even though they have the least amount of health, also have the least amount of ability to fight effectively at close range unless they’re use the a280-cfe with burst or infiltration is active.

Don’t put to much stock into this or use that order as the end all be all, since again soft targets first. If you are engaged with a heavy, and they do end up popping their shield, make sure you aim at the feet if you are on the same level ground or below them, or head if you are above them. The shield doesn’t cover the whole body, and the feet are exposed, so finish them off by taking out that big toe.

Now for can I get up there, this was on tatooine, and I was trying to see what debris I could climb over. By now most people know this first piece, but if your not afraid to go out of bounds, you can actually get on the buildings just outside the map area and flank all the way back to parrell with the junk yard. By using this you are able to get a huge flank on enemy troopers in Galactic assault. I hope this helps you, and if it did, let me know by hitting the like and leaving a comment. Then be sure to subscribe and hit notifications so you don’t miss a new video. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in game!.

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