Hello there. Today’s topic is some simple mistakes that I see players make in Star Wars battlefront 2, but I just wanted to take a moment before we get into it to give a special thanks to Karma for helping a fellow player our last night on the stream with an issue they were having with their mic. We truly have an amazing community here, always willing to help. I also wanted to thank everyone who joined us on the stream last night We had well over 20 players in a galactic assault we had to have others on the other team just to get them in the game! While we couldn’t get everyone in the voice chat, it was a ton of fun to have so many people in the game together and just having a good time. If you want to join us, head over to the Star Wars Gaming .Net forums and in the General tab, you’ll find the Greenie Weenie Master list.

Post your user name and system and I’ll add you to the front post. You can find players on every system there, and we have a great community of players who are helpful and always a ton of fun to play with. Also the EA Play press conference, where all the news will come out, will happen at noon Central on youtube, so if you’re looking for some news on the upcoming games, be sure to check it out. If you’re looking for a summary on Battlefront V or Battlefront 2, you can check back right here that afternoon, or evening, depending on how long the kids nap and I’ll have a recap of what i’m sure will a few hours long presentation.

What a way to spend a birthday, watching youtube and making videos. If you notice something I missed, or just want to tell me how much you hate these intros, post a comment, I read them all. So let’s get into the simple things you can do in order to hopefully improve your score, or at least your fun in star wars battlefront 2. The first thing I see players doing wrong happens right when the match starts or you spawn in. This is for everyone besides to the heavy class, so if you only play heavy, first, i’m sorry to hear that, second, you can just zone out here for a few minutes. Ok now that the heavies aren’t listening, once the round starts or you spawn in for a death, hit that middle ability right away.

Assault and specialist, #specialist4life, you’ll get a speed boost, allowing you to get to the front a lot faster and get a jump start on those battle points from kills or playing the objective. I know some people frown on this, since it will place your abilities on cooldown and you’re concerned you may need to once the fighting starts. While yes, this can be a possibility, you have our friendly officers here for the save. Officers, no matter what command ability you use, you need to use them right at the start as well. Yes, I’m saying use your ability, even battle command, when the enemy isn’t nearby. This will give a good amount of battle points right at the start depending how many players you hit.

The most i’ve gotten was around 450 right at the start of the game. Since we know a lot of you officers love your recharge battle command for those sweet sweet battle points, it won’t only give you nice battle points to start, but will help your assault and specialists regain their middle ability quicker. And once you’re able to join them at the battle, you’ll be able to hit them again as well, giving you even more points and your team even more grenades to spam. This is a win, win, win for everyone involved. Sorry Heavies. Along these same lines, if you are a specialist or assault, you may have noticed that your vanguard and infiltration won’t let you fire once you start getting near the end of the timer.

I tend to see players let it run all the way down, and during that time, you’re unable to engage the enemy and a lot of times will die in the process. Instead, once you have less than 1/4th of the timer left, it’s best to manual cancel the ability by using it a second time. When you manual cancel vanguard or infiltration your primary weapon comes up faster and you are able to continue the fight more smoothly than waiting for the system to do it for you.

Now that you’ve activated your abilities and are scroug mcducking in battle points, make sure you spend them! I know, everyone wants to play that hero, and by all means save for them. Remember though that the most expensive hero is 8 thousand battle points. Once you get above 8 thousand, you need to be very honest with yourself. Are you the player who can rack up so many battle points you’re able to get 3-4 heros a match, or are you the kind of player that has trouble getting 6 to 8 thousand points? Guess what, it doesn’t matter.

Take a look at the reinforcements available and just make sure to keep your 8 thousand in the bank, everything above that, spend. Get an enforcers, get a rocket trooper, rock that tank or at-st. It’s a lot of fun to play reinforcements and while they don’t get as many points as normal troopers, they greatly help your team when they’re on the field and to be honest, enforcers are generally stronger than most heroes, and rockets troopers can be a good challenge at times, especially if you’re on the dark side. If you are playing for the Empire or First Order, don’t even wait till you have 8 thousand in the bank, get that AT-ST, you’ll be so flush with battle points you wont need to worry about the rest of the match, that is if you don’t get too aggressive and die right away. The last one is for when you play cowards, i mean kylo ren. Kylo’s freeze ability is amazing, it can lock a target down and grant basically a free kill or kills, depending on how many people you catch in it.

However, if you catch a hero and freeze them. For the love of Yoda, don’t attack the frozen hero. When you attack a frozen target, they become unfrozen. This allows heroes to escape and flee and then return, and usually in greater numbers. Instead, if you freeze a hero, hit your emote button and watch your friendly troopers gun them down. When a friendly does damage to a frozen target, they won’t release from the freeze. Instead they are a stationary target, that won’t be able to attack, and 9/10 times die before the freeze duration expires. I see so many people, myself included, get so excited they go in just to have a hero escape, when playing it smart would be much more rewarding. If you enjoyed this video or just want to show your support, give that like button a click and then subscribe if you haven’t already. I’m all about community, since you’re what makes this game fun and can’t wait to see you all Tuesday for another stream. I hope you have an amazing day, and i’ll see you in game!

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