Welcome to what it’s worth today we’re gonna be taking a look at hex sanctuary in its average silver per hour so you can decide if this is going to be good for you to farm or not in the whole series we’re gonna be taking a look at various different areas that are not commonly farmed for silver and we’re going to be doing this without node connection and without node investment so this is gonna be just as if you ran here and farmed it yourself now there’s only a couple notable items here the witch earring which can sell anywhere from four and a half mil to 12 mil depending on a event or not in ancient relic crystals which are used to get memory frags of course so for our tests we spent a total of 10 hours here.

In that ten hours we got four which earrings in 56 ancient relic crystal shards it is also important to know that if you get a bears earring that’s actually a role for a witch hearing so if you’re getting a lot of bears earrings you may need to either raise your node level or get a higher rank on the mobs that you’re farming in here in the total amount of time that we spent farming here we made a hundred and twenty seven million silver after taxes or twelve point seven million silver an hour with that being said I’d rank Hexe sanctuary an F for high-level farming.

Now if you are a lower level player or don’t have very good gear this might be an acceptable spot for you to farm there’s not much competition out of the whole ten hours I saw one person run through kill them real quick he switched channels and he was awful not great competition but also not great money so take that into account if you’re gonna come farm here anyhow guys I want to thank you all for watching I’ll be able wonderful day and stay tuned for the next episode where we test Helms and you’re gonna be surprised by the numbers anyhow guys thanks for watching you can always watch us live on Twitch I’ll leave a link down below where we test various different farming methods money making methods all throughout the day anyhow guys have a wonderful day peace out

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