Here is my guide about farming and everything you need to know about it.

  1. How to Start a farm
  2. What should i plant on my farm?
  3. Loot you get from farming.
  4. What does Temperature, Humidity, and Groundwater mean?
  5. Do i need scarecrows, waterways, fertilizer?
  6. Should i use workers to take care of my farm?
  7. Do i get any benefits from a higher profession level?

1.How to start a farm.

To start a farm you need a fence there are 4 types of fences:
Small Fence for 3CP with 4 slots. (Obtainable from Enzo, Difry Hussey, Mael Costa)
Plain Fence for 6CP with 7 slots. (Obtainable from Mercianne Moretti, Paola Toscani, Goolie Gianin, Norma Leight
Strong Fence for 10CP with 10slots. (Obtainable from Flaviano, Geranoa, Lashir)
Old Moon Fence (master 1 or higher) for 10CP with 10 slots BUT with the size of a 4 slot fence!!!

You may have noticed that the smaller fences have a better slot to CP ratio, however you can only have a maximum of 10 fences.

1.1 Where to set up a fence.
Plants need water so plant your fence at a place with a high groundwater/a rainy area, everywhere around Heidel, Velia and most regions around Calpheon are perfect.
(Click on picture for full size)


2.What should i plant on my farm?

The most people plant crops for their own use (alchemy, cooking), so plan on what you can use it.
If you are only interested in quick profit, special strawberry is what you want, they are used to upgrade alchemy stones of life (since they give the most exp) and also for several things in cooking and therefore sell very well.
High-quality sunflower (for cooking) and some mushrooms, for example hump mushroom/ purple mushroom (breeding only for fruit + t9 mats) are also popular.

3. Loot you get from farming.

From Harvesting
You get 60-80 (70 average) normal crops, 40-60 (50 average) high quality and 20-40 (30 average) special quality crops from harvesting a plant that takes 1 slot, (this is doubled for crops that need 2 slots).
You also have a chance for extra loot that gives you an additional 1-5 crops.
Mysterious Seed*

From Breeding:
1-3 (1.6 average) seeds of the same quality or higher. (mostly 1 or 2 seeds getting 3 is rather rare)(even if your plant has rotted it still gives you 1-3 seeds).
Magical Seed* (artisan 1 or higher)
Mysterious Seed**
Fruits, here a list of which fruits you get from which plants:
[​IMG] Fruit of Crimson Flame: Garlic, Hot Pepper, Pepper, Olives, Pumpkin
[​IMG] Fruit of Abundance: Sunflower, Strawberry, Garlic, Onion
[​IMG] Fruit of Nature: Carrot, Barley, Sweet Potatoe, Potatoe, Acacia, Dalvenia Alrea, Fig, Freekeh, Leccinum, Nolia, Nutmeg, Pie Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Penestraria, Star Anise, Teff
[​IMG] Fruit of the Sun: Corn, Wheat, Tomato, Paprika,
[​IMG] Fruit of Magic Power: Emperor Mushroom, Fortuneteller Mushroom, Hump Mushroom, Tiger Mushroom
[​IMG] Fruit of Enchantment: (All herbs) Dry Mane Grass, Fire Flake Flower, Silk Honey Grass, Silver Azaleah, Sunrise Herb
[​IMG] Fruit of Perfection: Arrow Mushroom, Bluffer Mushroom, Cloud Mushroom, Fog Mushroom
[​IMG] Fruit of Destruction: Amanita Mushroom, Ancient Mushroom, Ghost Mushroom, Dwarf Mushroom, Sky Mushroom

From Removing Pests:
Caterpillar, Spirit’s Leaf, Female Kermes, Mysterious Seed*, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Sharp Black Crystal Shard

From Pruning:
1-10 Weeds, Twig, Monk’s Branch, Mysterious Seed*, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Sharp Black Crystal Shard

*Magical Seed (artisan 1 or higher): Obtainable from breeding special seeds/magical seeds, takes up 5 slots and gives 5 times the harvest (good for lazy people!)

**Mysterious Seed: Shake (process) the mysterious seed with any special seed to receive the respective mysterious seed of x.
This seed takes 5 slots but yields 7 times as much as a normal plant if you harvest it. However if you breed it you will NOT get any seeds, but you will get a few fruits of x instead.


4. What does Temperature, Humidity, and Groundwater mean?

Temperature=gives the % amount by how much your plant grows in 5 minutes.
The growth greatly varies if the temperature isn’t optimal, so make sure that your plants have it nice and cozy.
(example special strawberry)
Good Temperature = 5h 12m 30sec
Cold Temperature = 16h 40m
Warm Temperature = 10h 25m

Humidity = gives the % chance of your plants getting blighted by insects/pests every 5 minutes.
(example special dry mane grass)

Groundwater = is very important for your plants without water your moisture level will sink and if it reaches 0 your plants rot and will yield 50% less.
So always be sure to set up your fences at a place with enough water!

5. Do i need scarecrows, waterways, fertilizer?

Scarecrows keep birds away, but the damage the birds do is really insignificant, so you rather use that slot for another plant.
Waterways reduce the Water/Moisture consumption by 50% which is good in dry regions, however if you have enough groundwater you won’t need them.
Fertilizer increase the growing speed of all nearby plants by 20% for a maximum of 1 hour.

6.Should i use workers to take care of my farm?

No, you should not, workers can’t gather Hard/Sharp Shards, they pretty much always give you weeds and consume a huge amount of beer, i don’t recommend it.

7. Do i get any benefits from a higher profession level?

You will consume less energy and the time required for pruning/removing petsts/harvesting/breeding seeds will be reduced.
You won’t get more hard/sharp shards.

If you have any questions, concerns or complains let me know.

Cheers, Not_Alice


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