Hello everybody, and welcome to my channel, from this page Nikatia. Today I will show you how to get two new emollies and a Cobelinus crystal. All this is available through the quest chain starting in Calpheon from a small Ruby NPC standing in front of the warehouse. You will get the quest “Pirates that threaten Calpheon” here. He will send you to the NPC Paso Anca who is in the Epheria Sentry Post. You must have done the quest “Trina Marine Quest” from him, after which you will receive “To Lema Island”, which tells you to go on a sea trip to NPC Bolhi. Bolhi will commission you the quest “Where are Marine Knights?”, For which you have to go to the other side of the island and talk to NPC Balac.

Balac will give you the Missing Merchant Ship quest. To do it, you must move to Kuit Island to meet the NPC Boca. He wants you to do the “Finding traces for Killi” mission, for which you have to run to the northwest and when you are at the shipwreck, look for a possible interaction. Then come back to Killi, who will give you the “Why Cox Pirates Became Stronger” quest. You will now have to kill Deck Combatanty to get 3 x Order. After that go to the south of the island where Shilly will be waiting for you. To talk to her you must enter a password that reads “Rises in the West, sets in the West”. Then you will receive the quest “Man who studied monsters”, which requires you to go to a marked place, checking the bookshelf to gain knowledge and to talk to Shilly again. She will give you the Cox Pirates Liar quest. Flood the water in the south to find NPCa Willi, who will commission you the quest “Monsters among the Pirates”.

The task is to kill 10 Captain Khuru and 5 Megimegi. After that from Villa you will get the last quest “Trophy Report”. You have to kill: Megimegi, Captain Khuru and One-eyed Outlaw to get the right number of trophy from them. To finish the quest, you must return to Lema Island and talk to NPC Balac. We can choose a crystal that interests us and enjoy new poses. I hope you liked the movie, thank you for the attention and see you next time, paa! ~~.

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