-GB Hello guys, first video since Black Desert Online’s Head Start began, and I’ve pretty much just been fishing for most of it, I built myself a ferry, and just taking my sweet time making some silver from fishing. Since fishing is my favourite non-combat activity in Black Desert so far, I thought I’d make a short video just showing the basics, as well as how you can use it to make a pretty good amount of silver very early on in the game. So, fishing technically is available as soon as you break free from the short tutorial section and are in the same world as other players.

I think this is about the point where you start having to hit the dummies with your skills. So to start fishing, make your way to the Velia docks and there’ll be an odd furry creature here called Crio. You’ll become very well acquainted with Crio for the early portions of your fishing career. He’ll sell you your first bog standard fishing rod for 500 silver a piece, which is a really tiny amount of money in comparison to how much you’ll be able to make off of that. Be aware that this fishing rod, and most others in the game have a limited amount of durability and cannot be repaired so you have to remake or rebuy your rods every time they run out of durability. So to use your fishing rod right click it in your inventory and then you equip it instead if your main weapon.

Once you’ve got it on you’re ready to do the fishing mini-game, so you can’t jump any more because space is used to initiate and reel in. To start fishing go towards water, find a little spot away from other people and just press space to start fishing. It takes about 40 seconds to a minute to hook a fish so I’ll just skip ahead to that. When you’ve caught a fish your character will start to sort of crouch a little bit, looking like you’re about to brace yourself for some hard tugging and you’ll get a speech bubble above your head with a fish squirming around in it and that means you’re ready to reel it in. So, press space to begin reeling it in and then you’ll be put into a mini-game which has 2 parts. The first part requires you to hit space when the moving bar is in the blue section of the other bar, if you press space when it’s in the red you will fail, and you will lose the fish.

If you hit the blue then you’ll move onto the next stage, unless you get it right at the end of the bar which is a perfect and you will instantly reel in the fish and you can skip the second stage. The second stage requires you to quickly input a certain number of keys, either W A S or D, they vary in length depending on how rare or how valuable the fish is. Again, if you fuck up here and put in the wrong key at the wrong time, then you will lose the fish and you’ll have to start from scratch.

Whilst casting there’s the option to use energy to increase the chances of rarer fish. Instead of just tapping space, hold it down and it’ll charge up a certain amount of energy and when you release it it’ll use up the energy, although there is a bug at the minute where if you use anything less that 10, then it doesn’t actually take it away from your energy, but I really wouldn’t rely on potential bugs. I also wouldn’t really recommend using your energy for it, the increase in rarity to me seems fairly minimal and there’s loads of other stuff you could be spending your energy on. Now, at the top of the screen in the middle, you’ll see there’s a box that says fishing resources and next to it it’ll have a condition, in this case exhausted. There are 4 tiers of resources, the lowest being exhausted, then not enough, then average and then the highest is abundant.

The condition is determined by the number of people that are fishing there and how long they’ve been there as well. Basically, just think of it as though there’s a limited number of fish, and the more people there, the longer they are there, the less fish there’s guna be. As soon as possible you really wanna get away from spots that are exhausted, there’s loads of islands out in the sea that are mostly abundant, so I’d probably go looking out there once you have a boat, even if you have a raft, just go an explore and find an island to sit on.Question I see pop up quite a lot in chat is how can you do AFK fishing, and really it is so ridiculously simple. All you need to do is start fishing like you normally would and then just leave it. AFK. Done. Basically when you hook a fish you have 3 minutes to start the mini-game and to catch the fish quickly or at the end of the 3 minutes the fish will be caught automatically, and then your character will automatically resume fishing.

Obviously this is really really great if you’re AFK because it means you can make some progress with your fishing and make some money but it is 3 or 4 times slower that just doing it manually, so if you are there at the keyboard, say you’re watching a bit of Netflix, just keep an eye on it and manually reel it in when you see it’s hooked. So once you’ve got some fish, what do you do with them to convert them into money. You don’t sell fish to normal NPC shops. Instead you have to take them to Trade Managers which are located in every town and some of the important node managers also will trade with you.

It’s a really simply process, simply talk to the Trade Manager, trade and then you can just sell all. But there’s a few things to consider before you sell which’ll help you get a better price. The first is to make sure you have the nodes from your fishing spot to where you plan to trade in connected. This is completely mandatory if you wanna make any significant amount of money. If the nodes aren’t connected you’ll only receive a fraction of the amount you’re supposed to get. The next is the freshness of the fish. Once you catch a fish it’ll be put on a 24 hour timer, at the end of which the fish will be worth the least amount possible. It remains at 100% for about 2 hours so ideally you want to be selling the fish within 2 hours of gathering it.

The next 2 determinants of price are pretty closely linked together. The first is a distance bonus, basically the further the fish has to travel from its gathering location, the higher percentage bonus is granted. The distance is calculated by the number of nodes btween that node and the one you’re trading in at. The next determinant is how rare that fish is to that trader. SO for a Mackerel that I fished up in Velia, if I try to sell it to the Trade Manager in Velia, there’s a good chance he’s seen a lot of Mackerel from other people as well, because of this he values it less, and will pay at a minimum 80% of the actual fee.

Now if I take the Mackerel to Heidel, where people are less likely to have traded it in, mostly because of the distance, then I’ll receive a much higher price, up to 130%, in this case, not far off. The final way you can push the price up a little, and this is why I’d recommend saving some energy is to bargain with the trader. It’s not a fine art, basically press bargain, it’ll cost you 5 energy each time to try, and these scales will appear. What you have to do is balance them out, you can be gentle to move it a little bit, and you can be rough with the trader and that’ll tip the scales a lot more.

It may take you a few goes to actually get it right but it’s well worth doing. So that’s the basics of fishing, I’m guna be making a few more videos in the next few days looking more in depth at it, but for now I hope you found this video a little bit useful, if you did let me know via like comment or subscribe, as always, thanks for watching guys and happy fishing..

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