This is how to grind hystria rotation at average AP sorc.
I have been here for long time after patch for testing and found this is best route so far…
Average AP – 1350-1400 Trash Drop no elixirs. Only alch stone, villa, and food.

I have just gotten compass… It took me almost a year to get all of the pieces mostly elten.

It is now much easier to abuse blade of darkness on sorc allowing you to grind night time without any grim elixir. You throw one after you pull and wait till they aggro onto the blade of darkness completely to throw another one to get full timing on blade of darkness. This is difficult if your DP is low because your block break faster. You don’t need to throw 2 if your DP is high enough (Your block does not break as fast) or if you have enough ap to clear. Generally if your AP is high, your dp will be enough because of the renoun score, so you don’t need to throw the initial blade of darkness. All is preference… even some spots you can throw 2 others throw one etc…. You can left click A/D in Awakening to abuse the avoidance of attack… but it is not as reliable anymore I won’t do often as before where I would hold it forever.

Time the attacks of the mobs is key of not getting hit and not dying. Many noobs die because they don’t understand the importance of timing of the attacks of the mobs. If you need to reset then do so. The last time I died in hystria in the past over half of year grinding here is from either setting up my tent accidentally or greifing a player. If you see any player that is not a Ranger or Sorc, you can go ahead and greif them regardless of your AP. They will not outhit you unless they have a 15-20 AP difference. The amount of low efficiency players grinding here becomes annoying from the hype of streamers, and also it is becoming difficult to take a free spot like before. Once they have killed you from flagging is when you are able to send them to jail and grind peacefully. While you wait for the flag, know that sorc is the second fastest grind in hystria. When the noob extends their rotation for no reason, wait for the chance to take the main camps as shown in the video. This will make them very mad and you will profit if you are still on channel swap, also you are profiting more than them. And then when those camps are complete gone, that is when you steal their mobs and grind over them. In hystria, the key for greifing is not showing any emotion until you completely take their spot whether if they swap a channel or if you have taken him into jail or have stopped grinding to watch you, that is when you can start your BM. Against ranger, it is best to just declare war on their guild. It is easy to make them die to mobs due to how garbage ranger evasive utility is against sorc. If the ranger is undeclarable, just swich channel. In cases you see a sorc, it is best just to be good manner and leave because she is your sister.

If you wonder why you are not getting as much drop as me or as much even if your higher AP than average gears? It is because gear/level, buffs, backattack, how fast pulling is. Most noob grind sorc I have seen have such low efficiency when they don’t abuse backattack fully. There may be a mob that is facing you which decreasing your efficiency by a lot. There also is no chance of dying if pulling correctly even with 240 AP setting because of how strong blade of darkness is. Night time grinding is easy. This is also the best time to secure a spot because many noob grinders become scared at this time and go AFK. Night time as sorc you may need to iframe more if your DP is lower since your block break significantly faster. Once you are experienced, you are able to grind without tension.

If you wonder why your mobs are not grouping proper it is because of several things. It may be because of how garbage your use of blade of darkness is. Like said you need to wait for the mob to aggro it. The most common issue is when players are pre-pulling is done incorrectly. I do not do it perfectly, but when you mess up, you need to make sure the pre-pulling is corrected before you group them up. Understand the movement of the mobs can be abused much for faster pulling, if you move left far but the mob has not even started walking to you, and then you move elsewhere, the mob will follow the old shadow of you. The mob will not directly come straight at you. This is most important for corner pulling. Making sure the mobs are properly positioned before settling your spot to group. The hardest pull of getting right is vodkhan. If you are not pulling against wall corner for abusing, you want to make sure when you use blade of darkness, you want the vodkhan to aggro the blade first. This isn’t worried much once your rotation becomes perfect.

Best way to get blade of darkness aggro?
Many people have trouble with this the most. I have been doing multiple testing on this and I have concluded the best method as shown in the video. The biggest problem is having the mobs to aggro the blade. There are few things that I have found out when throwing the blade that are important: timing, position. If throwing at the right time, and having the blade properly placed will increase the success rates of the aggro. There are sweet spots. When throwing the blade, make sure the mobs are finished attacking.
For the two made method aggro, after trials, I have found that the left a/d take aggro off of you. This does not work 100% of the time, but it works as you see in the video worked almost every time. Throw the blade of darkness for pre set up, when they are almost all pulled together, start Left click A/D (spin at the wall). This will force the aggro off of the mobs from you to the blade due to A/D mechanic. Then at the right time when mobs do not attack is when you throw the blade.
It also seems that either position of your character/damage vs your blade also impacts whether or not the mobs will aggro towards the blade. It seems that throwing two blades, one as a set up is best in most scenarios pulls (At higher AP, you really only need to throw one pre set up, and your damage should be enough to kill it before the mobs are finished aggoring the blade).
Also, the best way as said above to pull vodkhan is to have the vodkhan aggro the blade of darkness on the first blade. For some reason the vodkhan will always melee when aggroed by the blade of darkness. I am sorry but I did not show in my video. This applies in my rotation specifically when I am over pulling (The first pull by the doors). Instead of what I have done in the video, leash the mobs -> pre throw one blade of darkness) -> walk away from the blade of darkness ( Go towards where you came from). Like said, let the vodkhan aggro the blade first, if the mob sees the blade (based on distance), it will go to it first even if you aggroed it. This is the best way for that pull to make it perfect as possible.

How to choose correct rotation? This is the best rotation on sorc tested to this date. Because of the pulls distance and wall abuse. You now wonder is how to choose rotation. Many player start of looking at video and doing whole rotation. The key is to modify a higher AP rotation to your own. The bigger the rotation you have, over time the lower the efficiency is due to the mobs being pulled. It is best to make a smallest rotation possible with your clear speed. It also helps you not mess up pulls. An Example is in this video, if you are 240 AP, you can subtract the pull in the circle area I have done. Why subtract this specific pull? You can tell it is a garbage pull compared to the others of how many tukar there are. Use the database for many information on why the pulls is more garbage:

You can maybe find higher AP sorc video on hystria and add in there… It is also important to know rotations and pulling has been changing constantly recently… because of the efficiency. But it is generally the same. Here is a video I have taken of rotation with higher AP:

PvE buffs:
For PvE buffs, the main ones are:
Midnight stinger – AP
Absolute Darkness – Crit + Accuracy
Violation – HP Heal + Casting speed

Heres the explanation of why I choose these skill addons. Absolute darkness is obvious, you are able to get ~70% crit at all times. The accuracy is more on absolute darkness is more than skill addon for violation if you use accuracy addon for it. Having heal on violation makes it so you don’t need grim elixir. On NA server, grim is becoming costly. It is enough sustain from violation + other heal skills to sustain in hystria if done correctly. Also I don’t see any difference having grim anymore with the new higher damage in hystria for sorc because you need to pay attention because of the new damage buff the mob has gotten. Before you were able to be sloppy and not pay attention if you ran grim elixir.

There are other things that can be run such as giant elixirs, back attack elixir, etc… but I am too lazy to make or test any of the values.. maybe if I use a loot scroll increase I would use items. It is most important to use food buffs (I am using serendia, kamasive, valencia, hamburg), Villa buff, and alch stone. To have these 3 things is enough from my experience.

Main skills I think you need to keep up is start with Q buff, keep crowflare+beatkick on mobs debuffs, midnight stinger AP buff, and aboslute darkness debuff. It also seems that awakening skills does alot of damage, it is good to use. If your violation is on cooldown, you can try using no shard, single violation on the mobs. It is more damage and easier but it is more stamina. But make sure to always hit the mobs if you are using violation shard and always make sure the direction of the violation hits the back of the mobs for max damage.

How much am I making? I can pull many different numbers some may belive me, some may not. But I have been grinding here over a year to tell you that these numbers are fairly true based on trash drop I am getting. Here is current statics of grinding here the past 2 weeks with my getting these new rotations down. This is around 80+ hours of grinding

At 1350-1400 trash drop all S rank, Kamasive blessing, +7% knowledge
On Average 8-10 scrolls an hour, 1 yellow piece or 2 red/2 black shard every 5 hours. Crystals.. I don’t count, it is even more random than yellow accessories…
With old data before the buffs and knowledge buffs/etc I was getting 1 yellow peice every 7 hours at 700+ trash drop. It is obviously RNG though however since the AP patch and hystria buff, I have been getting many times 2 yellow drops every 5-7 hours, so I belive I am getting around 1-2 yellow drop per 5-7 hour (it is safe to say based off of how much I got from my old data). Like said it is obviously RNG but this is my average. If you seen my last post, I even gotten 3.5 yellow from 4-5 hour of grind. Sometimes many, sometimes average, sometimes none.

With the money total including the rng yellow drop, I usually make 50+ mil an hour at average AP no loot scroll if grind here the whole day. If not counting yellow rng drop it is safe to say it is min of 30 mil an hour, this is at the very min… If it is a normal day with good drop on crystal, I easily make 40+ mil an hour.. usually up to 45 mil. If not so good rng, I make 34+ mil an hour. This is usually calculated with 1.5-1.6 mil for each scroll and 3.6 mil for each crystal. Likewise with yellows, it would be around 60+mil an hour including yellow on average days.
I calculate this by how much I should make per hour in trash when grinding efficiently of1350-1400 per hour… not by actual hour of grinding since sometimes I don’t grind efficiently because I am doing other things…

If you have any questions you can ask on my video comments. I wrote this because I got bored of grinding here for so long. It is fun but not when you grind constantly. This is what was on my mind, if I think of anything more I will edit it below.

219 ap sorc btw:

Some ask:
So for sorc it is better too go to hystria?
What AP/DP do i need?

As long as you get 900-1k trash drop in hystria, it is worth to grind here. Maybe 220-230 AP with perfect pulling on sorc.
“You will make roughly same money at hystria then temple with 900-1k trash drop per hour. Then you include yellow accessories, then hystria becomes too much better. And then you compare getting a group, elixers, class, gear of other players, etc for temple… then you realize how much garbage temple money is compared to hystria if your making 900+ trash at hystria. Classes that are garbage at hystria are most likely garbage at temple. So if you are the same AP, most likely at a sorc you are doing most dps in the group except rangers. It is better to abuse the solo grind than to carry temple groups”.
The main difference is at temple, you can have players with easier skills to carry you or gear carry. In hystria it can sometimes get frustrating with fail pulls and want to go to temple because of low efficiency. The higher AP you are, the lower you will feel this. Having higher AP on sorc will make the grind significantly much easier because you will not have to worry about many things since the mobs will be cleared instantly. However that does not mean you are grinding efficient as possible and your efficiency will drop significantly compared to someone who have many experience grinding here. I say this a lot but it is not as difficult to grind here, it is only difficult to learn. Once you have it down it will feel easy.


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