Black Desert Online Quest Guide “The hidden treasure of pirates” See you in Velia Look for Adrian Loggia (you have to talk to him about the day, the quest becomes available at level 14 to 16. Find Crio at the port. Find Abelin (still at the port) Find Mariano Return to Adrian Loggia Assemble the pieces of the card in your inventory Put card number 1 on the left of card number 2 (horizontally) At the bottom right of the first map click on the + (combine) Click on the new map in your inventory, then open the world map and mark the place on the map (right-click) Move along the coast, you will find a large cave (next to Andrei) At this point turn the camera on the right, you will find a hole in the rocks. Leave for Velia and look for Santo Manzi Return to Andrei Assemble the pieces of the map again, then click on the map to get the new position You will find a cave on your left If you encounter “nezrouge” kill him and pick up the card on his corpse.

Read the book on the table at the bottom Go back to Velia and talk to Adrian Loggia to get your poor rewards.

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