-GB Hello guys, short video showing you how you can feed your workers and get them back off their lazy arses in Black Desert. So your workers in game are very much like humans in real life, in that they only actually need beer to survive, and in exchange for their services, all they ask for in life in that maybe, you sometimes get them a pint. Because the worker system is so integral to the economy in Black Desert it’s important you know how to feed them and to keep them going. So other from a few odd pints of beer that you get as quest rewards, it is only attainable through player cooking. Either yourself or bought from someone else on the marketplace, though I would strongly advise learning how to do it yourself very early on in the game.

To start with you need to collect a few items that you’ll need to make the beer, first off you’ll need 5 of your main ingredient, and you’re given the choice between Barley, Corn, Potatoes and Wheat, which can all be gathered by your workers or by yourself. In the video I’m going to be using potatoes, because they’re really easy to find from Velia, which is the first placec you’ll really start using workers. So if you need to buy an old hoe from the Material Vendor and then if you just travel south a bit from Velia, then you can find fields that will have loads of potatoes in, you just gotta look around, I couldn’t really identify the potatoes out of the rest of foliage there but pretty easy to find and then just gather it, it’ll take 1 energy and 20 seconds and you’ll get somewhere between 1 and 3 potatoes each time you gather.

Unlike me in the video, make sure you always keep your old hoe on your person, otherwise it only takes 3 seconds, it takes up an energy and you only really get weeds and that is not what we’re after at all. So now I’m gathering a potato and just wait for the timer to get to maximum and there we are, a potato. And this is just where I am in the world, in between Velia and Barteli Farm.

And then of course you can always send your workers to gather it. I’m sending them off to Finto Farm here, it’l ltake 2 contribution to unlock the node and then the potato node. I’ll just send this guy off, it’ll take 20 minutes and he’ll bring back a few potatoes. I’d advise having someone running to and from these farms to constantly be collecting potatoes because you’re going to need to keep feeding your workers. So once you’ve done all that go to the Chef NPC you can buy the rest of the ingredients from him. You’re going to need 1 sugar, and you’re going to need 2 leavening agent, and then you need 6 mineral water as well, in addition to the 5 potatoes that you collected already. And what you’re also going to need is the cooking utensil, which you can buy from this guy the Chef for 1000 silver, pretty cheap, don’t buy it from the marketplace people might try to bamboozle ya.

I’ve got a residence just upstairs here, you’re going to need a residence as well to place the cooking utensil in. They’re pretty much, well they are in every town, they cost 1 contribution each, just grab one, somewhere preferably that doesn’t give any good alternatives and then interact with it, place the ingredients into the cauldron. Or the pot, we’re not making anything magical here it’s just beer. And then just press cook, wait for it to do its thing and there we go. That’ll use an energy, you’ll get a cat on your shoulder and you will get your beer as well. Then to feed your workers open up the world map, click on the town that has the workers you want to feed in it and then in the bottom right hand corner of the screen you’ll see this workers list, open it up and then all the workers in that town will come up and you can see this guy has no energy so if you press recover and then click on the beers you can see now that he has energy and I can send him off the work again.

And that’s all there is to it. So hopefully you found this of some use if you did, let me know via a like comment or subscribe. As always, thanks for watching guys, and take care..

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