-GB Hello guys, real short video showing you how you can acquire Usable Scantling in Black Desert Online. To create Usable Scantling, you must first gather Logs, and must then process them by hand into the final product. Simply equip an axe and head out into any forested area and get chopping. I’ve not got an suggestions as to where to go, because there are so many spots that are inexhaustible that you can walk anywhere in the world, and within a minute you’ll probably be at one. It also doesn’t matter what tree you’re chopping from, and the logs are the most common item that you’ll be acquiring from all of them. Now, Usable Scantling cannot be created by your NPC workers.

It’s one of those weird items that is only gatherable and craftable by the players, so I think this is where a few people might be a little bit tripped up on where to acquire it from. To start, press L to access your processing menu, select chop to process any wood material and then simply right click the logs to place them into the recipe, and begin the process. It’ll take 10 logs and 1 energy per attempt and you’ll acquire 1 or 2 Usable Scantling each time, pretty likely that you’re going to end up with on average so if you need 10 Usable Scantling for a boat, you’ll probably need 150 logs, but obviously aim for a little bit more and then sell the extra if you have any excess. And that is Usable Scantling.

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