Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on your Black Spirit. In Black Desert, you don‘t have to go out on your adventure alone. You always have a companion with you called the Black Spirit. Over the course of the game your Black Spirit will grow bigger and bigger, unlocking more and more of his features. The most important one is Quests. Every once in a while your Black Spirit will call for you to summon him, because he has a quest to offer. You should always accept and complete those. Most of the time it‘s part of a longer quest chain that will reward you with a piece of armor and an inventory slot.

The last step in each chain is always a summoned boss, who might be hard if you try to fight it on your own. But with two players each boss should die easily. At level 24 he will offer you a quest for a Basteer Weapon. You should carefully follow all steps up until level 50 and keep the Basteer Weapon. If you equip it at level fifty it will start a 10 part quest chain rewarding you with 14 Black Stones (Weapon).

Your Black Spirit can also enhance your items with Black Stones and improve their stats. Check out my two minute guide on Black Stones to learn more details. He can also add crystals to your items to give them additional stats, check out my two minute guide on Transfusion to learn more. The most important feature of the Black Spirit is the Guide. Black Desert has so much to offer, that every once in a while your questlog is full and you need to forfeit some quests. This can lead to you unknowingly forfeiting a quest that might be very important later on. If youre ever in a situation where you cant find new quests or only have a few quests at a time, talk to your black spirit.

He will send you to all available questgivers and mark them on your map. This way you can catch up on anything you skipped and make sure you didnt miss anything. Once you hit level 30 you Black Spirit will also gather rage when you kill enemies, which you can spend on ultimate attacks. Most ultimate skill will unlock at level 37. All in all the Black Spirit, especially his Guide feature, is the most important tool in your levelling process. I guess thats all I can tell you about the Black Sirit, so ask him for advice and get started.

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