Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Black Stones On your adventures in Black Desert you will come across two main types of Black Stones – Black Stones (Weapon) and Black Stones (Armor). Some will be given to you as a quest reward, some drop from enemies. At first they might seem like a good source of income because they are pretty valuable, but you should definately keep them for yourself. Dont sell them – both types are used to improve your gear – by a lot. In contrast to other popular MMOs you can find a very good Weapon at a low level and use it for the rest of your adventure by improving it continuosly.

A weapon dropped by a monster at level 50 has the same base values as one dropped by a monster at level 1 – and both can be upgraded to the same maximum – using Black Stones. To improve an Item you have to summon your black spirit and click on Enhancement. Put in a weapon or armor from the inventory by right-clicking and add a Black Stone of the same type. After a short animation the level of your item will be increased. This will not work indefinetly though. For all items there is a maximum they can be upgraded to.

For weapons and armor its +20. Every Black Stone will increase the item level by one, but after +7 for a weapon and +5 for a piece of armor they have a chance to fail. So once you reach those safe values you might need more than one Black Stone to upgrade the item. Everytime an upgrade fails your chance of success on your next attempt will be increased. You can also use several black Stones at once to force the upgrade, but the number of black stones needed grows really fast. If you want to change your gear, you can get some of the Black Stones you invested into the old pieces back. Just go to a blacksmith, click on Extract and add the item. It will be destroyed, but you will get some of Black Stones back.

Up to the safe values you will recover all of the Black Stones, if the item was upgraded more often some Black Stones might get lost in the process. I guess thats all I can tell you about Black Stones, so grab some items and get started. For more Black Desert Guides check out my channel, thanks for watching!.

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