Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Cooking. In Black Desert you can craft a lot of food. There are many recipes for many different purposes, so having a high cooking level is quite useful. There is food that strengthens your character, food that increases your exp, pet food and food that regenerates a workers stamina. Cooking is not free though, each successful cooking attempt will lower your energy by one.

Coking recipes need several different types of ingredients. Within those categories, ingredients are interchangeable. For example, whenever something requires Corn you could also use any other type of grain, like Wheat, Barley, Potato or Sweet Potato. There are also some ingredients you can buy from a Chef at a very low price. When you start cooking you wont know any recipe. you can discover recipes simply by trial and error, but there are also quests that tell you which ingredients you should use. Once a cooking attempt succeeds, the recipe will be saved in a Cooking history, so you can look up the required ingredients at any Cooking Utensil.

Just find the recipe in the list and click on it. To craft something, put the ingredients for one batch into the cooking window. If you want to craft more than once, click on Continuous Production and type in the number of crafting cycles. Click the Button to start cooking until all cooking cycles are over or you run out of energy. With a higher cooking skill your chance on getting more than one item from one cycle increases.

Theres also a chance for some byproducts, which you can turn in for Beer, Milk, Silver, Cooking EXP or Contribution Point EXP. Since most of them need to be turned in in Heidel, I would recommend using Heidel as your cooking-base. More difficult recipes require you to have a higher cooking skill in order to succeed, and you also might need other cooked items for it. For Example Milk Tea, a buff food that increases your experiance gain, needs Tea with Fine Scent, which you have to prepare in advance.

I guess thats all I can tell you about Cooking, so gather some ingredients and get started. For more Black Desert Guides check out my channel, thanks for watching!.

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