Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Nodes The entire world of Black Desert is divided into several zones, with a node for each zone. For each Node theres a Node Manager. If you want to invest in a node, you have to talk to him and spend some contribution points. Investing into nodes is very important, because it allows you to do several things. First of all, you can sell trade-items that dropped in the corresponding zone for a higher price. If the Node is not connected a trade manager will only give 30 % of items regular value. Once the Node is connected you will get 100% – or even more.

Second, if the node has a resource attached, you can invest into those, which in turn allows you to send your workers there. Your workers will gather the resources without you having to spend energy for gathering – so you can focus on crafting. Any node has to be connected to a capital city, so if you want to invest into a remote node you have to start at a capital city and invest in all nodes in-between the city and your target node. You can also invest into nodes using energy. This will increase the level of the node and the amount of items you will find in the zone. If you invest into a resource node your workers will gather more resources from that node. This will make their gathering process even more effective. If you have invested in a node, but you don‘t need it anymore, you can withdraw your contribution at any time.

You don‘t need to visit the node-Manager, just open your map, click on the node and then click on contribution withdrawal. But remember, this will also reset the current level of the node – and the energy you invested will be gone. Over the course of time your trade route will most likely change several times, depending on the resources you need most, your questing area, your grinding spots, or the trade-items you want to buy and sell. Try to be effective with your contribution points and withdraw them from old, unused nodes, so you can spend them on other stuff like storage.

I guess thats all I can tell you about Nodes, so grab some points and get started. For more Black Desert Guides check out my channel, thanks for watching!.

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