Welcome back to another Black Desert video. In this video I’ll show you how to buy your own personal tent and then how show you how to set it up and then now we will look around the thing that I want to buy is that Naphart Campsite Lucky that we got the 10% discount At first I have struggle to figure out. How to set this tent up. So I open my inventory and look around and then right click left click anything doesn’t work and then I saw the little box the yellow box called the camping tool and you’re the right clip and you register it. You right click on that camping icon and then you’re something and stall then you install it oh the Installer you just got something like a chair just are that you just like no much sit down on the chair wow this is the point where you’re the item that come with our camping tool so now you had to install all those items Oh you know that Buff oh I could pick up my tent anywhere I go About let build my tent here.

I feel safe here and now I want to test if you be able to build in the city and then it showed up that it can not build on the city oh I know what this thing (Tent) good for It good when you go grimy in them I think their campsite only be able to install on chaos zone or on the unsafe zone so you cannot install your campsite on the safe zone and then I installed my campsite then i use the items that come with campsite to make that campsite look finish Wow can somebody fight me in the tent or kill me in here I can feel that they can kill you in here.

After you install all the items come with campsite. You press R and you’ll be able to find all like repair button, the storage button oh wow… so useful I know I not regret buy this **** then now I gotta check out the storage room where you’re gonna put your item let’s see. If we can put our items inside I like the part that that campsite is like very easy to move and you can set on anywhere that you want to go. So for example, I’m going to get out of this place I just uninstall this campsite just like just like that and then I done uninstall dam so I can do this anywhere yes you can do that anywhere but only on and install unsaved zone or the chaos zone where you can grip monsters and then you will still be able to repair your items you don’t even have to come to the city you can pull your hu when you over weight you can put your items in the storage room or you can buy all this buffs that can help you kill monsters better Thank you for watching this channel for more videos like this.

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