So when grinding at Elric shrine, on the basis of my results, you can get around seven million silver an hour. Alright what is up guys. So today we are going to be grinding for one hour straight at Elric shrine to see what kind of results I can get in terms of silver acquisition. And of course this one hour time does include when my weight limit is reached and when I have to transport all my items to my carriage. Having said that the class that I will be grinding with is a warrior whose unawakened AP is 134, awakened weapon is 151 and my DP which is 183.

My weight limit is 535 pounds and my carriage weight limit is around 600. I also had a level 7 node investment and my luck is +4. So onto my loot, I’m going to separate it into two different sections. First I’m going to bring up how much I got from items that aren’t sellable on the marketplace and then I’ll talk about how much I got from items that are sellable on the marketplace. So for non sellable items on the marketplace I got around 179 thousand silver just from looting the enemies. I got around 41,000 silver from all the broken timber. And around 3,100,000 from cultist tokens. Equating to about 3,300,000 in silver gain. Now I’m going to be putting up a table on the screen just to show how I came up with those numbers and I didn’t just come up with them out of the blue. It’s also important to keep in mind that this is how much you should get at bare minimum. Only because what I got from selling my marketplace items hinges on if you sell everything.

It’s very random whether you will sell all the things that you gather. So now I’m gonna be talking about the marketplace items I acquired and how much you can get for them if you sell them at minimum price or at maximum price on the marketplace. So if you were to sell everything I got at minimum price you can expect to get approximately 3,400,000 silver and if you sell everything at maximum price you can expect approximately 4,000,000 silver. Of course this is the amount you get after you deduct a 30% Commission you have to pay when you sell on the marketplace. Now all things considered when you grind at Elric’s and you do manage to sell every single item you receive, from advanced calculus you can calculate that you can get around 6,700,000 to 7,400,000 silver. So with that said, that’s my conclusion. But before I end off the video I just want to put it out there that there are many variables that affect how much silver you can acquire.

For example the amount of luck you have, your node investment, the time it takes you to loot, how fast you clear mobs, and of course RNG being the most important factor. Even more so, this experiment -if you can call it that- is just based on a one-time run so I can’t say for certain that you are going to get what I got. Sometimes you may earn more and other times you may earn less. So with that said, I hope you guys enjoyed the video and let me know what you guys think in the comments section below..

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