What’s good. It’s Fevir. Today we’re going to take a look at the Fame system found in Black Desert. Pretty neat system that helps reward you for time spent building up alt characters. In essence- you are going to get a daily payout in silver- delivered by mail- based on a score given to you using your combined character levels- life skill levels and knowledge and contribution. Each score has different thresholds which increase the daily payout. By opening the character pane you can see a header above your health and MP that shows your current fame values.. and hovering over them will show you not only the score required for each tier- but also the silver you’ll receive if you make it there. Let’s break these categories down a bit. For combat fame- it takes the level of all your characters and adds them together. If your character is at least level 56.. his levels count as twice as many. If the character is at least level 60.. then they count as 5 times as many. So a character at level 50 is worth 50 combat fame..

A character at level 56 is worth 112 combat fame.. and a character at level 60 is worth 300. Pretty easy counting that helps give more value to people who grind out those higher levels. Life Skill fame is a little less intuitive. It only counts skills at professional and above.. and not even at a 1 to 1 rate. The formula is all professional, artisan and master levels- divided by 2.. plus total guru levels.. plus one. That is your life fame score. And lastly.. special fame. This is the combination of contribution points and 10% of total knowledge- not to be mixed up with energy. You can easily see how much knowledge you have by opening up the knowledge window and checking the bottom right. So.. spending more time looking at the daily payouts and tiers we can see that the max daily payout you can gain is million silver a day. Something that is great about the system is unlike guild salaries- this is automatic and doesn’t even require you logging in. It’s totally passive. Another fun quirk is if you haven’t played since it was implemented- this fame bonus has been applied retroactively..

So many returning players are returning to large sums of silver.. we’re talking 50 million silver or more.. and if you decide to take a break.. when you return.. there is a nice catchup sum of money that should be waiting for you. On top of this silver bonus- the combat fame tier also give a daily combat experience buff. Found in the reward pane where you redeem your loyalty daily.. this will grant, 20/40/60/80 or 100% combat experience for an hour for any character under level 56. The different tiers of experience are tied to the difference tiers of combat fame. Now… let me be pretty blunt at the end here. I have seen people looking to grind out or farm fame. If you are doing this for the novelty of making that number higher or for fun. Knock yourself out.. level all your alts to level 56 and rotate your AFK fishers. BUT- if your intention is silver related- and you want that higher daily payout.. it is almost never worth it to go out of your way to spend time raising these fame levels as it will take a ridiculous amount of time to make up what you could of been doing..

In the sense of gaining silver. I guess with a statement like that I should give an example. So.. even for a returning player or average geared player.. it is incredibly reasonably to make about 5 million silver an hour. Whether that is grinding manes or elrics.. party leeching at sausans.. or hell.. even farming Hexe or actively fishing. With more knowledge you can push that much higher into the 10-15 million an hour..

But 5 million silver is an incredibly modest and reasonable return on an hour of active playtime. Now let’s take combat fame- as the tiers of combat fame give the highest silver increase at 150 000 per increased tier. If you were to spend 1 hour leveling a character.. the lost silver doing something else would take over 30 days to break even on.. but it’s not going to only take you one hour to raise to the next tier. So each hour you spend actively trying to gain combat fame.. is adding 30 days to that. It adds up very, very quickly.. and granted that doesn’t take into account both the cost of gearing the alts or the value of what they earn while farming..

But you’re not going to see a return on that time for a while. When it comes to life skill it’s even worse because not only do you have the same type of comparison to what you could be doing.. but the increased silver per tier is half AND gathering is tied to energy.. and most of them just require even more time than leveling does. But let me repeat.. if you are doing it for other reasons.. like making a boss alt or wanting to try other classes out. That is cool. Let the fame accumulate gradually and passively in the background..

but don’t look at increasing that daily payout as a good way to make silver.. even over the long run.. it is probably the least effective way to make silver. So that’s going to do it for me. Until next time.. this is Fevir. Peace..

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