For those that are just starting in bless online on the japanese version Some things might be confusing, because the bad translations each race starts off in a different area and will have a series of quests to complete and Now at the end they will receive a quest that is several thousand meters, away? You need to speak up to a person who will give you a ride When you speak with, that person a map will pop up Locate the blue quest marker and there should be another blue marker, near it for most races You, need to click on that to travel there Unfortunately for some races in my, case the mask you Finding the fast travel marker Was not so easy as you see in the video the marker is in a grey color that you can Only see if you zoom in or zoom out completely on The quest empire the gentiles for the high run, elf i was stuck at this part we’re talking tooten era Did nothing and i thought i was supposed to stand in this light for some time? This is probably a bug To, fix this get out of the area or fast travel until you see a prompt to ask you if you, want to start over Click, ok, and you’ll be brought back to the start talk to the guy, and this time, make sure to follow Him rather than run ahead Since you hold a guy During the revealed conspiracy quest as a Hieron **Lupus** you may have auto pathed, and went to the wrong West point open, your magnum and you should see another quest point run to that one instead Another quest will tell you to listen to the description of the equipment worn you simply need to go into your inventory And equip the armor if You, can’t find the next fast trouble point zoom out completely or zoom in near the quest point if you are stuck on a quest Exit the area to restart i’m not sure if abandoning the quest is a good way to restart at This point if you auto path to the quest point and the person there doesn’t give you the next objective Open, your map and check if there are any other blue quest points if the quest has to do with equipment or clothing check your inventory if You’re, stuck or maybe you jumped in a river And don’t want to swim back out use the unstuck feature you can, also use this to get somewhere faster but it only works sometimes Make, sure to keep your rookie blessing activated at all times because you get free perks that.

You don’t want to miss Remember to use your skill points, also make sure to drag the skills down to these boxes to activate Them especially the passive skills At some point you should get a free mount in your inventory i think you need to open the gift boxes it’s Also really easy to catch one simply click on an animal and if it has a Wheel decided self bar it’s a mountain right click on your torturer scroll or taming scroll and play the mini game press y to access your mount and drag them down to one of these boxes Use the shortcut keys or click on a box to mount or dismount By the way press f to pay respect if there’s a butterfly beside the animals health bar then it’s a pet which you can, also catch and Finally an obvious feature i felt like mentioning is the auto path Press the shoe in the top right corner of your plus to activate it you can Also set a point in the map and press b to start walking also, this is your stamina bar and your character is current level i Hope that video helped if you liked, it give it a Thumbs up share and subscribe for more content i’ll see you, when i see you

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