As with most MMOs, there are a few options each player has after they’ve reached 0 HP. BLESS is no exception. The main question is: Which cost do you prefer?

Regardless of whether you were ganked or decided to take on a mob 10 levels higher than you, here’s how the four options in the Resurrection system work in BLESS.

Option 1: Use Gems, Resurrect in Place
(Cost = Gems)

1. Now that you are a ghost, you can resurrect right where you died (dungeon or open world) if you choose to spend Gems (cash shop currency) to do so.

2. Clicking “Resurrect in Place” with the fancy gem icon on it will res you right where you are. It will also confirm that you want to spend gems to actually res there.

3. You’ll have a few seconds to catch your breath, so make sure you move a bit away from whatever killed you and then choose to rez.

  • NOTE: Gems can only resurrect you in place once every 30 minutes.
  • If you wind up moving too far away from your body, you can click the “Return to Body” icon to make sure you’re in range to resurrect.

Option 2: Run Back in Ghost Form
(Cost = Time)

1. If you choose to just run back and save yourself some gems, you’ll find you can remain in ghost form all the way back to your corpse, which makes it easy to avoid whatever killed you in the first place.

2. Choose the right option: “Four Resurrection”.

3. This returns you to the closest Soul Capturer.

4. Start running!

  • Your corpse is clearly marked on your mini map and you just need to get to about 20 yards from your corpse to get the confirmation message.

5. Find your body!

  • The red circle shows the nearest Soul Capturer. That’s where you appeared in ghost form.
  • Run to your tombstone icon/corpse, marked in the green circle.
  • NOTE: If you happen to run the wrong way or get lost, you can click the “Captive Souls Return” icon which takes you back to the Soul Capturer and you can do the run over.

5. Once you are close enough to your body, you’ll receive a prompt asking if want to resurrect now.

  • You will rez exactly where your ghost is standing, not where your corpse is on the ground.
  • Be sure you are far enough away from mobs or enemy players so you can safely resurrect.

Option 3 – Take Resurrection Sickness
(Cost = Res Sickness)

1. The third option allows you to save on gems, and time, and just resurrect right at the Soul Capturer.

2. Choose the right option: “Four Resurrection”.

3. This returns you to the closest Soul Capturer.

  • Right-click on him and accept the Res Sickness (red skull icon) which gives you a 10-minute random debuff.

4. The possible debuffs are listed below.

Option 4 – Wait For Good Samaritan
(Cost = Time)

1. Finally, the last option is simply to wait for a Paladin to come along and cast their Resurrection on you. Good luck!


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