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Gems that look like rubies are the cash shop currency in BLESS and can purchase two specific types of things: cash shop items, and prompts or UI specific items.

Cash Shop Items

  • It’s very limited right now. There are tabs in the character inventory screen that show where you could put outfits and costumes, but we haven’t seen any of those in game. More than likely, the cash ship will be expanded greatly at launch so there’s more for folks to spend their money on.
  • There are only 8 items in the cash shop to purchase with gems.

Fatigue Replenishment

1. You can use gems to directly replenish Fatigue.

  • Click the [+] icon next to your fatigue number.

  • Click OK to spend gems to buy more Fatigue.

  • You can replenish Fatigue up to 20x per day, but it costs more gems each subsequent refresh.
  • Max number of gems spent per day on Fatigue is 1,200 which will have replenished 1,200 total Fatigue.
  • I stopped spending gems when I had 898/240 Fatigue. Very likely you can just buy all 1,200 Fatigue when you log in for the first time that day if you really wanted.
  • NOTE: It does not appear you regenerate Fatigue until you are BELOW the 240 Fatigue cap.

Resurrections Where You Died

You can use gems to resurrect in place. There is a cooldown on that ability though. That can be used in open world and dungeons.

Inventory Expansion

1. Open your inventory. Any slots you do not have access to are locked and grayed out.

2. Click the lock to open inventory expansion UI.

3. Select between 7-day, 30-day, and permanent unlocks for inventory slots.

4. The more unlocks you complete, the more expensive the next row becomes.

  • NOTE: Unlocked inventory slots are unlocked for all characters on that server.

Conversion Fee to Exchange Various Currencies

  • There are three primary currencies used to craft: Found, Risk, and Honor.
  • The Conversion Switching UI allows you to exchange one of the three for either of the other two at a 95% swap rate.
  • It did not actually charge me gems, but I assume they will be required (since it says so) at launch.


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