bless online taming

Here’s what we know thus far.

1. Mobs in the world can undergo “Obedience” which trains the monster to be a mount, pet, or minion.

  • Well, the SCROLLS are at every general merchant as well as in the cash shop. However, I have not seen an NPC, like the one listed in Pmang’s tutorial, that only sells obedience scrolls. PLUS, the icons in their screencaps aren’t in the game from what I can see (they look like lassos or ropes, but the in-game items are parchments/scrolls).

2. Taming scrolls can be purchased from every general merchant as well as from the cash ship.

  • Thus far, there are at least three quests that give you scrolls you can use for taming. One quest requires you to use the scrolls for the quest, and the other quests reward you with taming scrolls.
  • Thus far, I have not found a vendor that sells an item with the icon in the screencap. All of the taming scrolls look like pieces of parchment in various colors (6 in all). All of them, regardless of color, appear to work the same way and I have not seen an improvement in success or anything by using the more expensive parchments.
  • Finally, you can purchase 1 taming scroll for 5 gems in the cash shop.
  • Each taming attempt consumes a scroll, so be sure you have several handy just in case.

3. Find the target.

4. Use the taming scroll on the target.

5. The monster will fight you while you are attempt to make it become obedient.

  • NOTE: There are a couple tooltips in game that talk about improving the monster’s taming success rate if the monster has less than 20% HP.

6. If successful, the mob will vanish and appear in your Companion UI.

7. If the taming failed, and the mob is still alive, you can try again.

  • NOTE: all attempts consume scrolls, even if you fail in the taming.
  • You can also easily burn through 3-4 scrolls on a single mob taming, especially if they are champions or can interrupt your taming attempt.
  • If the mob was killed (e.g. you had a DOT on it or an NPC finished it off), it will cause your taming to fail. You’ll need to find another mob you want to tame and restart the process.

8. All taming attempts require spending 5 fatigue, regardless of whether you are successful in the attempt.

9. Thus far, it appears there is a 50% chance at taming the monster on the first attempt. More than half of the time, I had to use 2 scrolls per taming as the first failed.

  • The torn up scroll is “crude” quality and Google Translation basically calls the purple the easy taming. However, in using both, I’ve seen no specific advantage over paying more for the purple scrolls.
  • The big advantage of the purple scrolls is they can be purchased in the cash shop, which saves you gold in-game.
    • NOTE: As your character levels up, ALL taming scrolls become more expensive. The cost is directly related to your character level. At level 32, the cheapest scroll is over 8 silver where in this screencap, it was only 7s 63c.


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