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World Boss Guide & Knowledge

This guide or presentation is basically what I know so far about the world bosses

General Info

Currently there are three Bosses (names may vary):

  • Cua Tran
  • Val Arcadia
  • Clay Melroa

Each Boss Battle is in an instanced area where PvP is possible.
The portals for the instanced areas can be found here:


Malgalgi Meadow:

Wyvern Valley:

The portals are marked with the red icons and you can’t really miss them when they appear on the map.
Even if the instanced area is in your own factions territory PvP will be enabled so be prepared.
Portal camping may or may not occur.
The faction with the last attack on the boss will get the kill counted.
The time frame is rough 40 minutes to kill the boss. If the timer goes to zero the boss simply disappears and the instanced area will be released resulting in every player being dropped to the normal field.
The raid is limited to 200 players and everyone can participate since low level characters will be boosted to lvl 45.
Schedule for the raid locations:

DayLocation, Time= 8 p.m. KST
TuesdayMalgalgi Meadow
ThursdayMalgalgi Meadow
FridayWyvern Valley
SaturdayWyvern Valley
SundaySpezia & Malgalgi Meadows

The bosses will appear in a weekly rotation which is changed every Friday:

  • Cua Tran -> Val Arcadia -> Clay Melroa
  • The Cycle started with Cua Tran, the following Boss will be Val Arcadia (12th to 19th February ’16)

Rewards Distribution system:

All rewards are received via Ingame Mail.

Raid Successful
= Boss Kill
Raid Failed
= no Boss Kill
Number of Materials
for lv 45 jewelry
Number Materials
for lv 45 jewelry
Contribution Class 163
Contribution Class 232
Contribution Class 321

Bonus Rewards:If the raid successfully kills the Boss in the time frame two contributors will be selected randomly – regardless of the contribution class – and get a bonus price, Mounts with a flying ability:

  • Brown Wyvern will be distributed in Malgalgi Meadows and Spezia Raid Instances
  • Sky Terror Wing (?) will be distributed in Wyvern Valley Raid Instances
  • Aerial Mounts are time limited to 7 days use after obtaining them (it’s the only really sense making translation but I can be wrong)

Sky Terror Wing:

Brown Wyvern:

World Boss Guides will be added later when we have more details about them.

Steparus Impression on Cua Tran:


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