Hello everyone,

I tried looking around the forums to see if anyone has mentioned this “secret” area but couldnt find any so i figured i would share in case many havent heard it or seen it. Basically its a secret room they you find by interacting with an object that randomly spawns around the world and only 1 person may enter it before it disappears. Its basically a Turban with a bunch of gold all over it.

Like i said before once you/someone interacts with it they are teleported to the special area and the object disappears. When you get in you are welcome with some comical “game show” music and 2 kitten characters wearing said turban and hopping about, Le Lotto and Sat Thor (according to the english patch). Le Lotto is the one who will start the event when you select the top option (“I would like prying the collected water” on englush patch) and Sat Thor is the one you talk to to teleport out when the event is done for Le Lotto despawns when its complete. Sat Thor’s teleport option will always be local “home save” locations depending on where you found the turban in the world.

Once you start the event, the 3 rooms within the little cave will spawn (from my rough counting first time i was in there) about 50-60 nodes all tightly packed in each room. From what i’ve gathered each room is themed with the east room being all mining nodes for weapon/heavy armor/jewelry mats, south being all plants for robe/light/medium armor crafting mats, and west being plants with all cooking/potion crafting mats (South and West are a guess on my part atm for i mainly just go to the mining nodes since i am a paladin).

Now the kicker to this is the nodes only spawn after you start the event and disappear when its over but you only have 3min to mine as much as you can before that happens. As you can see from the pictures above in the top left corner is the timer. You arent allowed to mount in this cave so my personal suggestion is the pick a room and stay there for the full duration. Running and just taking the 3 pictures of the rooms cost 30sec, so time is pretty tight. I have been able to mine on average about 35 nodes before time runs out. If anyone else has run into this and can confirm or deny my guesses on the south/west room’s node types please let me know and i can correct the info on this post. I’ve personally found this place 3 times, but i dont know if its because its not as rare as i feel it should be, or just the lack of knowledge and people dont know to look for this. Hope this helps you all and best of luck in your adventures =).


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