Aura Guide

To gain the level 20 aura, you must complete the quest given to you by your hometown instructor / officer.You will then be asked a series of misleading/confusing questions. Don’t worry about that too much because we will go over it in this guide.Also if you go ahead and select an option, you will get a conformation of what aura you will get and still have a chance to back out,however, after you confirmed your aura you can not change it.
Aura Types 
It all depends on personal taste of which visual effect you want to see because they all give the same power/stat based effect. here is a sample of how each aura looks like and you can use this to decide which one you want to see around your character.
Aura questions and Answers 
After you decided which Aura you wish to see, here are the answers to the questions and the type of Aura you will receive for the answer you choose.

Reminder All aura types give the same effect such as shown bellow, they will always be the same and no aura is different in stats then the other.

Credits go to Forcedot.