Blader Guide

Update History:
030209 – The guide was posted
030309 – +7 equipments/weapons added (changed some of the pictures), added duration of buff skills
030409 – added explanation on how the range of BS & LS works, changed/added some pictures, credits section
030509 – added an accessory guide for bladers, converted post#4 as the 3rd page of this guide

The Stats:

*Str and Dex for bladers give the same attributes, period. Therefore, only 2 types exist, the str/dex type and the int type (if you are out of your mind).

*Just follow your growth stat requirement and just use int extract potions later.

*Summarizing this skill rank bonuses table, the total bonuses that a blader will receive at trans/trans are:

*The only category for bladers is whether they are heavy or light.
Heavy types- wears armor set
Light types- wears the martial set

*Why use armorset? The best reason I think is because of PVP. Armorset gives higher def which is benefitable in PVP.
*how about martial set? This is the best set for PVE, coupled with blader’s super high defrate, I think we are the best in terms of solo PVE because our survivability is relatively higher compared to other classes.

*Take note that bladers follow warrior’s stat requirement in terms of armorset. And also, the highest armorset set type that we can wear is up to osmium only because shineguard and mithrilset(WA) is obviously for warriors only.
*If you’re a good observant, you can see from these pictures that the armorset is only good for PVP when you aren’t lvl99 yet, why?

Osm armorsuit vs Osm martialsuit -> Osm armorsuit (higher def, lower defrate)
Mysticsuit(BL) vs Osm armorsuit -> Mysticsuit (higher def, higher defrate, but lesser slot/options/enchantments)

*so if you’ll be patient enough to just do PVE till you reach lvl99, you don’t have to settle to armorsuit and be a light type blader all the way (if you dont care in getting crafted/ force enchanted ones).

*are you AMAZED by these weapons? Yes, they are amazing including their price tags as well.

4 types of weapons (blade/katana) are used by bladers and each has its own pros and cons:
Titanium- has the best upgrades/options/crafts since it’s the lowest weapon among the four, meaning it has the lowest atk and atkrate.
Osmium- has good upgrades/options/crafts also and 2slotted types aren’t rare. It’s the most popular weapon, I think.
Redosmium- has higher atk and atkrate than osmium, but 2slotted/crafted/with option types is rare.
Mithril- the best ofcourse and the dream weapon of everyone. It has the highest atk and atkrate but the rarest (2 slotted types is super rare) and the hardest thing to upgrade (craft,options)

*the best advice that I can give is to settle for a good titanium or osmium until you have the alz for a good mithril type (don’t buy unupgraded/unslotted types just for the reason of experience; it’s a waste of money!)

*so what shall it be? Katana or Blade? This should be simple
Katana- atk rate (requires more dex)
Blade- atk (requires more str)
But since STR=DEX, stat shouldn’t be a problem.

*But the difference is so small; in fact, negligible in my opinion, so just go with what gives a better appearance. Many choose katana for its stylish, curved look.

*But some people makes this issue a little bit complicated, although I don’t want to share to you the recent myths about this 2 weapon, its better that you disprove or prove it to yourselves.
Blade- follow the cast time for a given blader skill
Katana- “decreases cast time of a skill by some amount” (quoted because it’s NOT PROVEN!)

*To summarize the stat requirements of the weapons and equipments:

+6 mithril blade (str-402 int-67 dex-268) atk-165 atkrate-649
+6 mithril katana (str-268 int-67 dex-402) atk-163 atkrate-652
+6 redosmium blade (str-334 int-56 dex-223) atk-126 atkrate-493
+6 redosmium katana (str-223 int-56 dex-334) atk-124 atkrate-496
+7 osmium blade (str-340 int-57 dex-227) atk-126 atkrate-493
+7 osmium katana (str-227 int-57 dex-340) atk-125 atkrate-496
+7 titanium blade (str-256 int-43 dex-171) atk-102 atkrate-398
+7 titanium katana (str-171 int-43 dex-256) atk-101 atkrate-400

+0 mithril suit(BL) (str-351 int-70 dex-351) def-94 defrate-183
+6 mystic suit(BL) (str-278 int-56 dex-278) def-95 defrate-170
+7 osmium martialsuit (str-283 int-57 dex-283) def-91 defrate-154
+6 osmium armorsuit (str-445 int-56 dex-111) def-91 defrate-102

*So in making a build for your blader, the best thing to do is to base it on stat requirements of the weapons and equipments that you will wear.

Example build would be (minimum stats):
str- 445(+6 osm armorsuit)
int- 70(+0 mithril suit BL)
dex- 402(+6 mithril katana)

*After the lord of war patch, skill grinding for dual transcender at low level isn’t possible anymore.
Certain character level/ class rank should be achieved before skill grinding can be continued which is provided by the table above. Also Change Force skill isn’t available anymore and magic/sword skills will both receive exp whether you use magic or sword skills.

Still, these three are the best in skill grinding when using sword skills.

And any 3 of these for skill grinding using magic.

The Skills

*these are the skills that are common to all classes in cabal. I’m not 100% sure about CT and the CD. Did you notice that the AMP for the skills is higher from what is stated before you buy them from the NPCs? It’s because of the AMP bonus

*Whenever you raise a skill level to the next tier, an extra 0.05 AMP will be added to the skill.
Tier 1 – Lv 1 – 9
Tier 2 – Lv 10 – 12
Tier 3 – Lv 13 – 15
Tier 4 – Lv 16 – 18
Tier 5 – Lv 19
Tier 6 – Lv 20
Hence, at Level 20, the spell has 0.25 AMP more than when it is Lv 9.

*these are the sword skills of the blader. This table doesn’t mean that you get all of them and level them all to 20 because first, at transcender we can only have 21 slots for skills and second, our skillpts are not enough to make them all level20.

Blade Scud and Lightning Slash

What does the orange-colored text in the BL skills Blade Scud and Lightning Slash mean?
Many people are confused over this 1-7 or 1-3 range, thinking that it grants them the ability to cast their skill on a monster from that range.
– Not true.
To get range, there has to be at least 1 additional target between you and the selected target.
Gets? Here are some situations…

Situation 1
– Let’s say I want to hit an enemy that is 7 cells away from me. If there is/are no other enemy/ies between me and my target, my BL will walk up to the target at minimum range (being 1) before my skill is casted.

Situation 2
– From the previous situation, if I place an enemy/ies between me and the target enemy at range 7, my character will cast the skill immediately, taking a moment to travel the distance (“walking in the air” effect) and hitting anything along the way till it hits the enemy at range 7.

Any dis/advantage from the 2 situations?
In Situation 1, when you cast Blade Scud at that range, you get 6 hits on it, a full output of damage on the same target.
In Situation 2, when you cast Blade Scud, you get 1 hit per range. By the time you get to the target itself, you only deal 1 hit on it.

In choosing skills, these factors are important to consider:
Down – A secondary effect that makes a target fall onto the ground.
Knockback – A secondary effect that knocks the target back and also fall onto the ground.
Stun – A secondary effect that stuns the monster. It’s ineffective against certain monsters. Duration is reduced against players.
HP down – A secondary effect that reduces the monster’s HP. It can be resisted by higher-level monsters.
*CT/CD, ability to be spammed or put into combo.
*damage it deals to the receiver.
*limit or area of effect of the skill (4 has the largest aoe).

Buffs are categorized into 6 types and no 2 buffs of the same type can be used until a certain class rank is achieved.

strengthen equips……….aura barrier, natural hiding
strengthen weapon…….blade force*, blade aura*, soul blade*, intense blade
strengthen spirit………….concentration, intuition
strengthen body………….iron skin, regeneration*
strengthen gen atk………mirage step, instant immunity
strengthen atk…………….art of fierceness

*Note: These buffs are evolution skills. You cannot use two of the same kind even if you are already allowed to stack buffs.

*Duration at different levels and rank up quest of:
-Blade Force/Blade Aura/Soul Blade
-Iron Skin
-Mirage Step
-Aura Barrier

*Class Rank Up
Level 10: Combo possible

Level 20: Aura Mode possible

Level 30: Battle Mode 1 possible

Level 40: Buff Time 50% UP
Battle Mode 1 + Aura Mode Possible

Level 50: Board Chain Attack Skill Level 1
Battle Mode 2 Possible

Level 60: Battle Mode 2 + Aura Mode Possible
Board Chain Attack Skill Level 2

Level 70: HP Boost, Max HP UP (Values may vary depending on the Battle Style)
Board Chain Attack Skill Level 3

Level 80: Buff Time 100% UP
Board Chain Attack Skill Level 4

Level 90: Combo accessible in Aura Mode
Training Dummy Restriction Removed
Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 1

Level 100: Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 2
Second storage inventory unlocked

- Promotional Quests for Lv. 110 or higher can be played only those who completed the “War Clouds” Quest group.

Level 110: Battle Mode 1 (Combo accessible), Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 3
* Defeat 200 Bloody Orcs in LakeSide and 30 Blaze Hounds in Volcanic Citadel

Level 120: Buff Time 150% UP, Buff Quantity Limit to 6, Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 4
*Defeat 100 Bloody Ogres in LakeSide and 50 Dark Phalanxs in Volcanic Citadel

Level 130: Battle Mode 1 + Aura Mode (Combo accessible), Buff Quantity Limit to 7
* Defeat 70 Flame Zombie Warriors in Tower Of Dead (B2F) and 150 Ectoleafs in Mutant Forest

Level 140: 2 Identical series of Buff can be used and overlapped, Buff Quantity Limit to 8
* Defeat 80 Durahans in Tower Of Dead (B2F) and 100 Viants in Mutant Forest

Level 150: Buff Time 200% UP, Buff Quantity Limit to 9
* Defeat 80 Death Knights in Tower Of Dead (B2F) and 150 Armaps in Mutant Forest

Level 160: Buff Quantity Limit to 10
* Defeat 40 Vice Felichras in Forgotten Temple (B1f) and 50 Lobatums in Mutant Forest

Level 170: 3 Identical series of Buff can be used and overlapped
* Defeat 30 Groga in Forgotten Temple (B1f) and 50 UMD-02 Cornus in Pontus Ferrum
Congratulations, you are finally Class Rank 18

*Upgrade Skills
Vitality Mastery – Adds MaxHP
Mana Mastery – Adds MaxMP
Sharp eyes – Adds ATK rate
Reflex – Adds Def rate
Defensive Sense – Adds Def
Offensive Sense – Adds ATK
Force Control – Adds MATK
Eyes of Mind – Adds ATK rate
Sixth Sense – Adds Def rate
Damage Absorb – Adds Def
Impact Control – Adds ATK
Ruling Force – Adds MATK


*The accessories in Cabal have a very big role on what kind of life a player will have. Is he/she going to deal huge amount of damage? Will he/she survive better against his/her opponents? Will he/she be rich in no time?
*For us bladers, we want to give the highest damage as possible to our foes. From our skills, we are known as natural crit dealers, and adding the DB weapons and helms that we can get, IMO I think we should focus on the critical rate especially for the rings and just choose what’s better for the other accessories (So a perfect DB crit dmg increase weapon/helm is what we need). Here’s a list of accessories that I recommend for bladers (I didn’t include “of Seven Coins” set anymore):

Battle Aura

*After you complete your level 20 test, you will obtain Battle Aura. Battle Aura has 6 aura codes, ranging from Water, Ice, Fire, Lightning, Earth and Wind. There is no known stat bonus difference between the Aura Codes, so just choose the graphical appearance you prefer.
*Battle Aura can be stacked onto Battle Mode 1 and Battle Mode 2 and can be used in combo after certain class rank is achieved.


*After you complete your level 30 test, you will obtain Illusionist. The Illusionist mode is basically an even more powerful version of battle aura. It will give a huge boost on your critical rate and damage.


*The Grappler mode turns you into a butt kicking duelist that is a master in the art of 1 on 1 combat. Your swords transform into shiny 3 bladed blue claws. When you activate grappler, most of your skills will be unusable during that time, with the exception of Assault, Double Rising and Blade Scud. During this battle mode, you can attack a single monster with god-like attack speeds, like around 3-5 hits in less than a second.

Crushing Blow

*Grappler mode also comes with a skill Crushing Blow. When you activate this skill, you leap high into the air, and dive down onto your target. If you deal a critical hit, it is instant death for monsters and people alike. (The victim in the picture is a Reddish Cauda and the blader dealt a damage of Thirteen Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven!).
*Grappler is thus awesome for PVP, and it’s very effective at taking down hard monsters that have lots of HP. If a full blown Crushing Blow doesn’t instantly kill, it has the potential of dealing 10k damage or more.

Skill Build and Skill Combo

*At transcender, we have a total of 21 slots for our sword skills.

GENERAL BUFFS- obviously, their levels should be maxed
#1 Aura Barrier
#2 Soul Blade
#3 Concentration
#4 Iron Skin
#5 Mirage Step

PVP ORIENTED BUFFS- the reason why I said that they’re inclined to PVP more is because of their short duration. Also, all of them except art of fierceness can’t be stacked to the general buffs until lvl 140 quest is finished. Anyways, I’m not prohibiting you to use it in PVE also if you want. Obviously, they should be maxed.
#6 Intense Blade
#7 Intuition
#8 Instant Immunity
#9 Art of Fierceness

DEBUFF- Field of Fear, our only offensive buff.

#10 Field of Fear

SWORD SKILLS- the levels here are the ones that I prefer. Anyways, its level will still depend on the user as usual.
#11 Assault- 18
#12 Vital Interfere- 12
#13 Double Rising- 20
#14 Storm Grind- 20
#15 Twin Moon Slash- 18 (take note that this skill isn’t like assault, you cast it like a range magic skill)
#16 Mirage Grind-20 and/or Blade Cry- 18
#17 Lightning Slash- 9
#18 Blade Scud- 9
#19 Force Kick- 9 (some BLs replace this with assault for them to get both mirage grind and blade cry)
#20 Dash- 9
#21 Fade Step- 9

*I believe that there should be NO single standard combo for all our skills and also for other classes as well. A wise player will not rely on a specific combo all the time because this just gives a hint for the opponent on how to kill the blader.

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Credits go to rojett2.