Blader Skills And Build

+ Best avoid in the game, practically untouchable in PvE
+ Beautiful skills with AoE slapped onto almost all of them
+ Strong and easy to grow

– No major advantage with PvP like massive defense and long range. Player skill is more required on this aspect.
– Said to have the lowest HP of all classes.

Pros: High Attack, High Defense Rate, Fast Skills, Good Defense
Cons: Hardly any range skills, High cooldown skills

Pros: Great Group Killing Skills, High Defense Rating, Lots of Knockdown/Knockback skills, Basically the solo class in the game
Cons: None

Misconceptions: Blades are NOT slower than katanas. Blades and katanas only differ in attack, magic attack, hit rate, and appearance.


AoE = Area of Effect (skill can hit more then one mob)

PvP = player versus player

PvE = player versus environment

PK = player kill

Clearing up misconceptions about Bladers
First things first! Lets get rid of some misconceptions about bladers
There seems to be a lot of misinformation concerning Bladers and their performance in PvP combat. Here are some apparent problems bladers have.

1. Bladers have weak defensive capabilities in PvP

This isn’t true. The logic used to argue this point, is that because combos assure 100% (or very near to it) chance to hit other players, defense rate is useless. Since you only combo in PvP, and since Bladers naturally stack tons of defense rate and little defense to absorb physical damage that gets through, they are weak defensively.

This logic is terribly flawed. If you watch two people that are fighting in PvP, and they combo each other to death, you are watching two terrible players play. No decent player will allow you to combo them in PvP. Fade Step disengages a players targeting. If you are in the process of comboing them you will immediately lose the target and lose your combo. Forcing you to stand immobile for a second. Additionally, dash and stuns can and should be regularly used to control the distance between yourself and your opponent to be advantageous to you. Skilled players will Fade Step, Dash to close distance, stun, attack, and Fade Step back out. Dealing damage without getting hit, and without risking being hit with a combo.

A simple Fade Step will prevent you from being hit with a combo in PvP, forcing your opponent to contend with your high defense rate, which will cause many misses by regular skills. Misses mean no knockback, knockdown, or stun effects. These are much, much more harmful then damage, since a downed opponent can be hit with a combo, and a opponent knockbacked can be kited by ranged attackers.

In skilled PvP, defense rate is better than defense, because it prevents knockdowns and other negative statuses, as well as damage, while defense only mitigates raw damage. If you play "kiters" defense rate is your best friend, as they don’t combo and rely on attack rate to hit you.
Our class skill at Completer called "Intuition" gives bladers basic "Immortality" to attack rate PvP’ers and Monsters for the duration of the buff

I will explain what to do later for PvP against each class.

2. Bladers have no high damage single target attacks

This is true for low skill rank Bladers, and even to higher ranked Bladers to some degree. But it is largely irrelevant. Those arguing against Blader viability in PvP count this as a large mark against them, but in truth it isn’t. Because what Bladers do have is quick attacks. A Blader has a variety of fast hitting and relatively hard hitting attacks to make use of. They also have some of the quickest attacks that cause knockdown and stuns. A blader is going to win a fight by staying untargeted. Closing distance, getting a few quick hits until a knockdown is achieved, then finishing off the opponent with a combo.

It’s true that a lot of a Blader’s abilities are geared towards AoE PvE, but they have other moves that are good for PvP. Lots of people assume that you can PvE and PvP with the same skill, but this isn’t the case for the Blader class, which leads many to falsely believe that we don’t have any good PvP moves.

Attribute Distrubution and Attribute Effects

As you can see STR and DEX are exactly the same for blader.
Don’t worry about whether Blades or Katanas are stronger, it really doesn’t matter.
Once you are high enough level and skill level you can wear both with no problem.
Its just a preference once you get to the higher levels.

Types of Bladers
There are two types of Bladers:

[*] The Armor "Heavy" Blader who takes advantage of the Osium Armor Set the warrior wears. This enables high defense.
[*] The Martial "Regular" Blader who takes advantage of the Martial Armor Set to enable him/her to dodge attacks with high defense rate.

Which to use
PvP: You will want to take advantage of the Warriors Osium Armor set in order to have more defense(This will probably become obsolete if and when you choose to use mithril)
PvE: You will want to take advantage of the Martial set because of the extra boost of defense rating it gives enabling you to dodge monster attacks in high level dungeons.

Things you need to know:

[*] Once again once you hit the Completer/Completer skill rank, You will have enough stats to wear both, so it won’t matter. [*] Early in the game you will want to make STR your primary attribute cause if you level your skills enough you will gain 108 Str, 108 Int, 216 Dex.

Magic- Dex and Int
Sword – Str and Dex
Heres a table for you

In the end you get the following stat boost:

+108 STR, +216 DEX, +108 INT, +270 HP, +270 MP

So make STR your primary concern in the early levels!!


First Off, this guide is based on MY experience of Cabal(European Closed Beta, and GSP Closed Beta 1&2). As always, there will be certian strategies/ideas that may be argued. But this is based on my findings, and knowledge gained from friends. Obviously I wont be able to get extremely detailed, but i will try my best to sum it up in a way that will get you on your feet as a successful blader in Cabal Online.

[The Skills]
First Off here is a rundown of the skills and descriptions of how effective they are.

Sword Rank (Novice)

Flash Draw:
This is one of your very first skills. At first it is Very useful, it is a 180degree knockdown but deals small damage. I recommend using it before using a more powerful skill (eg, Flash Draw -> Impact stab) in unison, the mob will take 2 hits and not hit you, providing you knock it down, At low lvls, this will often do the trick. Keep this skill for a while (until you can replace it with Rising Shot, which is your next knockdown) Do not bother lvling this skill above lvl 9 (the fastest cooldown). Also DO NOT purchase this skill, you will get it for free from the instructor on your second quest.

Impact Stab:
You start off with this skill, its a "piercing" skill which means it will attack through a mob. In this case it has a range of 1-2 which means it will attack up to 2 mobs in front, it will sometimes attack the mobs beside if you are surrounded close enough. This skill does fairly low damage, but at first you dont have much choice. Take it no further than lvl 9 (fastest cooldown)

Stab Slash:
Replace "Impact Stab" with this. Its basically an improved version of impact stab, and works very
much the same way, however it it a 2 hit skill and deals more damage.

Fade Step:
Not an attack or buff skill, but can be quite useful when dueling with others.
This is one of your basic evasion skills, if used correctly, it can get you out of tight spots. I recommend getting this skill if you plan on PvP. It will break target approx 1/3 of the time, also, when used in PvE it can often give you that extra second you pot up if needed. This skill caps out at lvl 9. So it wont waste a whole lot of skill points. Max it out.

Sword Rank(Apprentice)

This skill is not needed, It merely increases your chance of hitting, and for the most part is not usefull enough to warrant wasting a Skill Slot. When you will have a high hit rate anyways.During the final stage (double-transcender-maxed) your skill points will be more than enough so learn it or not, it entirely depends on your choice.But still, i never even learn this skill as this skill cannot stack with Intuition and Resist intuition but either of them can stack with this skill after level 140 rank up quest.After level 170 rank up quest Intuition,Resist intuition and concentration can be stack together.


This is your Second evasion skill, much like Fade step, it can be used in pvp, to dash to an running opponent (or dash away) Also with a lvl 9 cap, max this one out too.

Double Slash:

This is your second, 2 hitter skill. I would skip this and wait til triple slash (at this time you should have leveled up you stab and slash. and should be doing ok)
Though it’s damage is absolutely not high, but a short casting time makes it a high "damage rate" skill !

Triple Slash:
Replace Stab Slash, with this skill, it is very similar yet again, however it hits 3 times, and more damage still.Take it at level 9.

Sword Rank(Regular)

Blade Force:

This skill is your first attack buff, it increases the damage of your swords.

Blade force, Blade aura and Soul blade all fall into the evolution category skills, means they cannot be stacked even after level 140 and level 170 rank up quest.


1) Skip this skill and save the alz.


2) Get blade force but do not up to high levels as it will be replaced by ‘’Blade Aura’’ or ‘’Soul Blade’’ since they cannot be stack together.

You can get this skill as it cost you 74,250 alz only.However, i recommend you to skip this skill and save up more alz for higher sword/upgrade level skills as they are very expensive

Death Cross:

This skill is amazing, your first skill that will be doing OK damage, it is fairly slow, but has a knockdown effect, you can replace Flash Draw with this.
It has relatively long casting time, so it’s "damage rate" is quite low.
Take it to around lvl 9 again (fastest coll time)

Rising Shot:
Skip or get this skill, it is also a knockdown, only vs one mob, but does fairly nice damage too. Yet again, take it to lvl 9.
No AoE at all and does not do impressive damage.

Double Rising:

If you added "Rising Shot" replace it with this, its an improved version and thus does more damage, and in case the name diddnt give it away, it hits 3 times.Take it to level 9.

Stats – Crit Rate +10% – Crit Dmg +10% – Down +70% – Range 0~1 – Cast time 2.2 Sec – Combo time 1.3 Sec

Sword Rank(Expert)

Storm Grind:
Get this skill, its a great knockdown, vs 180degrees, it also has a nice crit dmg/rate. Take it to level 18 or MAX.If you leave it at lvl 9,you will also need to pump to lvl 18 or max it in late levels.Fast casting time,helps in combo.
Level 18 have a faster cooldown rate than level 20 (max)
I prefer level 18 for this skill for faster cooldown rate rather taking at level 20 7.2 sec cooldown rate !!

Storm Grind
Stats – Crit Rate +5% – Crit Dmg +20% – Down +75% – Range 0~1 – Cast time 3.0 Sec – Combo time 1.2 Sec

This skill is a dash to opponents skill, but very fast.Take it to level 12 for amp bonus.This skill it is quite useful in the early levels because people like to crowd around Mosycthers and WriggleLeaf.
Having high "damage rate", it is popular in PvPs, especially useful for pursuing Force Archers!
Maybe, it should take to level 18 or max it after level 75 as it will helps you in bossfights
( Hit and Run )
Why not level 9?
Although lvl 9 was the fastest, as you go to level 10, the amp bonus appears, but the cool down shot up again. Then as you pump in another 2 points to lvl 11 or another 2 point to lvl 12, the cooldown reduces again, though not as fast as compared to lvl9, but at least you have the amp bonus.After level 12 the cooldown increase again, that’s why is better to stop at level 12.
*Note cooldown for level 12 is faster than level 11.

Assault <- Assault Attack Amp appears on the skill from lv.10 +
Stats – Crit Rate +5% – Crit Dmg +20% – Range 0~4 – Cast time 1.1 Sec – Combo time 0.7 Sec

Hasing Dance:

Damage is not as good as any other attack skills from master above even with max level hasing dance.
Long casting time and cool down time is not worth to up it until level 20. Hence, take it at level 9, It does incredible damage, and hits 8 TIMES!!! not to mention it hits 200-280 degrees. Great AoE and might be one of your final skills.

Max = 8 sec ! cooldown
Level 18 = 6.4 sec cooldown

Pros – Lots of hits and knockdown
Cons – Long cast time
A very flashy skill, its good for PvE. I don’t recommend it for PvP as the long cast time
and the knockdown isn’t really useful for people in combo.

Force Kick:
This is VERY fast and with VERY long range of attack but the cooldown rate for this skill is too long so add to level 1 for PVPs and level 9 for war channel,pk.If you do not pvps,pk,warchannel i recommend you to skip this skill.

Force kick is useful in breaking combo/ knocking down.
For PVPs even level 1 or 9 is the same, cos usually you will only be able use one time in each PVPs due to its long cooldown.Level 9 cooldown 40 sec if im not wrong usually PVPs will end before 40 sec.So, just leave at level 1 for PvPs.

But if you going for war or pk channel level 9 would be a better choice as the fights can drag up to half an hour.
During combo-ing, the casting time is like 0.5sec, it is so fast that your combo will fail if you don’t react fast enough and chain another attack immediately!!
PVP= Level 1
War channel,PK= Level 9

Iron Skin:
Get this buff and MAX it. It will give good HP and Defense.It can stack with Aura barrier

Sword Rank (A. Expert)

Mirage Step:
This skill is a great defense buff. Get it, and lvl it up to the max, you will see a lot of misses in PvE.

Round Cut:
This is a generic blade skill, and as such is not very useful, it hits 360degrees, but you have blader skills that will do that also, and much more damage. Dont waste skill slot on this.

Blade Aura:

This is your 2nd attack buff it is a stronger version of Blade Force. Increase your attack by even more!

Blade force, Blade aura and Soul blade all fall into the evolution category skills, means they cannot be stacked even after level 140 and level 170 rank up quest.


1) Skip this skill as and save the alz.


2) Get blade aura but do not up to high levels as it will be replaced by ‘’Soul Blade’’ since they cannot be stack together.

However, I strongly recommend you to skip this skill otherwise you’re going to dig yourself into a deep debt hole on purchasing higher rank upgrades/sword skills.

Congratulations, If you have skipped blade force and blade aura.

Mirage Grind:
Although it may not be fast normally, it is quite fast during combo-ing. Thus it is a high "damage rate" when used in combos and has been popular among those PvP-ers.It has 360-degree AoE so it is quite useful.
Get this skill and take it to the level 18 or max.Spend all your spare points on this. You will now have 2 of your final blade skills.
Level 18 have a faster cooldown rate than level 20 (max).
I prefer level 18 for this skill for faster cooldown rate rather taking it at level 20 9.1 sec cooldown rate !!!

Mirage Grind
Stats – Crit Rate +5% – Crit Dmg +20% – Range 1~1 – Cast time 3.8 Sec – Combo time 2.3 Sec

Sword Rank (Master)

Twin Moon Slash:
A long range attack with range 7 units.
Useful when taking on bosses in DT-cards and Mission-rooms.
This skill is very useful for boss kills, If you havent already leveled up your magic, i recommend picking this skill up, you aid in killing bosses (ranged) it does nice piercing damage also.It cross your blades in front of you, charge up, and shoot dual moons about the same distance as a dash would take you. This skill pierces, so it hits everything in a line in front of you. Take it to lvl 9 for fast cool time, and then leave it alone.

Twin Moon Slash
Stats – Crit Rate +5% – Crit Dmg +20% – Down +70% – Range 1~7 – Cast time 2.3 Sec – Combo time 1.9 Sec

Aura Barrier:

A more powerful version of Iron Skin.
This adds more DEF than Iron Skin, but the HP boost will be the same.
Take this to the max, it is your final Defence buff (Along with mirage step and iron skin)

Vital Interfere:

This could quite possibly be one skill that gives bladers an edge vs the warrior class. Vital interfere is a great stun. If used in combo, use it FIRST so as to have a higher chance to stun in pvp. In PvE, this skill will actually stun up to 6 mobs (if all close together) despite the misleading description. Do not waste skill points on this until you have leveled up your other final skills. This isnt a damage dealing skill, and should be considered ONLY a stun, but very usefull at higher lvls vs STRONG mobs, to give you 3 seconds to pot up or get a nice attack in.
Its success in PvP is approx 1/3.Take it to level 9 or 12. Level 9 have faster cooldown rate than level 12.Many bladers take it at level 12 for their combos.

Vital Intefere
Stats – Stun +70% (5 secs) – Range 1~3 – Cast time 1.0 Sec – Combo time 0.7 Sec

Sword Rank(A. Master)

Blade Cry:
With this skill, you stick your swords together, pointing straight up, spin around about 4-5 times, then swing out your blades to deal a full circle AoE that strikes very high damage to everything in a very large area.
Although it’s damage(only a half of) the Grand-Master skill Blade Scud and having a not-so-high "damage rate", but they are still very common in PvP. Blade Crys are used as the last attack during PvP combos and, to me, is frequently used in PvE.
This is your 3rd final sword skill, Level 9 for speed and Level 20 for knockdown, and animation block.
it hits 360 degrees, and can hit some very nice crits.

Blade Cry
Stats – Crit Rate +5% – Crit Dmg +20% – Down +80% – Range 1~2 – Cast time 4.3 Sec – Combo time 3.8 Sec

Natural Hiding:
Do not waste slot on this skill as cannot stack with aura barrier and the effects is not as good as Instant immunity.

Sword Rank (G. Master)

Blade Scud:

This skill is a 6-7 hit succession that features an insane animation, if you land all 6-7 hits, it can instantly kill a mob.
As with any G. Master skill this does a lot of damage, Just like Blade Cry, take it to lvl 9 for speed and knockdown, or 20(max) for power (bearing in mind the cooldown will be approx 25 secs at max lvl)Although it has the longest casting time, but the damage done is horrible (about twice a Blade Cry).During PvE, I strongly recommend Lv.9 for convenience.

Blade Scud
Stats – Crit Rate +10% – Crit Dmg +10% – Down +90% – Range 1~7 – Cast time 4.7 Sec – Combo time 3.7 Sec

Soul Blade:
Take it to MAX.This skill is the final evolved version of Blade Force and Blade Aura, can increase your attack by 74 when maxed ! Cannot stacks with Blade force, Blade aura, intense blade. If you added blade force or blade aura delete it away and add this skill to max.

Instant immunity:
Take it to MAX.Instant immunity would be better than natural hiding, as it gives you total protection of 100% against knockdown,knockback,stun,Unmovable,Down Resistance, while natural hiding only provides you with 25% resistance to Unmovable Resistance when maxed, and both skills have the same duration time.But it cannot stack with mirage step.After level 140 rank up quest mirage step and instant immunity can be stack together so max both mirage step and instant immunity.This skill is useful in PVPs too.

Sword Rank (Completer)

Lighting Slash:
Number-wise, it has THE SAME sword-skill-amplification and extra-ATK as Blade Scud, but in practical it does a little more damage than Blade Scud.
Note that this one has only 3.0s casting time, so it’s "damage rate" is higher than Blade Scud !!
Take it to level 9 as it’s a skill that need to spam and it is the best damage skill for bladers. This skill is used in lots of PVPs and PVEs Combos.

Lighting Slash
Stats – Crit Rate +10% – Crit Dmg +10% – Range 1~3 – Cast time 3.0 Sec – Combo time 2.5 Sec

Art of Fierceness:

1) AoF adds damage to every skill except Lightning Slash and Blade Scud.
2) AoF adds damage to your normal attack as well. (except on dummies, strangely~)
3) AoF’s additional damage is fixed and not multiplied by critical.
4) AoF’s additional damage ignores defense.
5) AoF adds only about 1/4 of the stated damage against players.

Since we have a lot of spare points, we should take this skill to Max, although it is not a good buff but can stack with all your buff skills and Battle Mode 2.

Take it to MAX.This skill will gives you 90% dodge rate when maxed.It will helps you a lot in your PVEs and PVPs.With our high defense rate together with this skill maxed, we rarely get a hit.But for PVPs if your opponent have a high critical rate we cannot avoid their attacks because critical is a guaranteed hit.
So if you are facing an opponent having high critical-rate, your actual dodging rate will be MUCH lower than 90%..
But, this skill will be VERY useful when leveling in the high-level maps or challenging Forgotten Ruin’s bosses!!
Awesome skill, i always use this skill when PvPs as well as dungeon quests.

Sword Rank (Transcencer)

Field of Fear:
Max it. This is the only DeBuff skill for blader, it will -150 DEF and -500 DEF_rate to your opponent when maxed
It has some AoE (i.e. affects other creatures nearby)
This is quite useful in killing bosses.
Time of effect = 30s (fixed)

Intense Blade:
Take it to MAX, If maxed it will gives you 25% skill amp, which means the better your attack, the more power it gets ! Intense blade cannot stack with blade force,blade aura and soul blade.After level 140 rank up quest soul blade and intense blade can be stack together so max both of them
If your ATK = 800
then 800 x 25% = 200
that means a +200 ATK boost
*Note: Intense Blade is not a evolution skill so it can stacks with either soul blade,blade aura or blade force after level 140 rank up quest.

Originally Posted by shermiee

this is to prove intense blade+soul blade can be stacked after 140 rank up.

For magic skills we only need to get 2 buff skills Regeneration and Resist Intension.
The spare point/slot for magic is too much so i recommend both Regeneration and Resist Intension to be MAX, although both of them cannot stack with some skills.

Max it, It is a evolution skill and does not stack with iron skin.+22HP per 2s, when maxed.This skill will help you to save some pots expense at low levels until you get Iron skin at Expert Rank.
Strengthen Body ( Iron Skin , Regeneration * )
( * = Evolution skills u cant stack tow of the same category )
Regeneration and Iron skin do not have the same category so they can be stack together after level 140 rank up quest and it is also recommend to max it by cabaleu players

Magic Rank(Master)

Resist intension:
Just leave this skill alone first until you have extra alz because upgrade skills/sword skills at Master/G.Master rank is very expensive.Max it, it is one of the "long-lasting" buffs that gives you a 10% Down, Knockback and Stun Resistance UP.But honestly that 10% is not significant at all and it cannot stack with Intuition and concentration.

For other magic(Cannon,Lance,Arrow,Blast) is not recommended, however you can still add those skills since we have too much magic spare point/slot and it can do high combos. (155 Combo with magic skills)

[Final Skills]


MAX out all these skills they will last longer, and will be much more effective (lvl 20)

Iron Skin:

Aura Barrier:

Mirage Step:


Soul Aura:

Intense Blade:

Art of Fierceness:


Field of Fear:


Instant immunity:



Resist intension:


These skills (Hasing Dance,Mirage Grind,Blade Cry and Blade Scud) you should Level to the max (20) for power or level 9 for speed(fastest cool times).However if you plan on having skills only level 9, i would recommend at LEAST leveling Mirage Grind to level 18,19,20 as you will struggle without having some power skills.

Hasing Dance or Double Rising or Natural Hiding

Natural Hiding can be consider after level 140 rank up quest when it can stack with aura barrier because the duration of instant immunity 15s/23s/30s/38s/45s (depends on your Job-level) and the cooldown is 300sec.You can cast natural hiding after instant immunity duration while waiting for the cooldown of instant immunity.
The damage of Hasing dance is not as good as any other attack skills from master above even with max level.
Hence, i recommend you to choose double rising or natural hiding between the 3 skills above.

Mirage Grind:

Blade Cry:

Blade Scud:


Twin Moon Slash:

Assault: Hit and Run (Bossfight)

Storm Grind:

Force Kick

Vital Interfere:

Lighting Slash:


MAX all these skills

Fade Step:



Total of 21 sword skills(Match the Maximum Sword slots at Transcencer)and 2 magic skills

Blader skills slots

WOW… thats a lot of skill point…

Blader buffs : Categories

– Strengthen weapon (Soul Blade* , Blade aura *, Blade Force * , Intense Blade )
– Strengthen attack skill ( Art of Fiercness )
– Strengthen Body ( Iron Skin , Regeneration * )
– Strengthen Equipments ( Aura Barrier , Resist Barier )
– Strengthen General Attack (Mirage Step , Instant Immunity )
– Strengthen Spirit ( Intuition , Resist Intension , Concentration )

( * = Evolution skills u cant stack tow of the same category )

All buff skills can be stack except evolution skills after level 140 and 170 rank up quests

Level 140: 2 Identical series of Buff can be used and overlapped
Buff Quantity Limit to 8

Level 170: 3 Identical series of Buff can be used and overlapped

Increase in ALL Buff Skills duration at level 40,80,120,150 rank up quest

Level 40: Buff Time 50% UP

Level 80: Buff Time 100% UP

Level 120: Buff Time 150% UP

Level 150: Buff Time 200% UP

Buffs can stack more than 5 at level 120,130,140,150,160 rank up quest !!!

ix. Level 120: Buff Quantity Limit to 6

x. Level 130: Buff Quantity Limit to 7

xi. Level 140: Buff Quantity Limit to 8

xii. Level 150: Buff Quantity Limit to 9

xiii. Level 160: Buff Quantity Limit to 10

Evoluted Skills List
Evoluted skills is a skill that cannot be stack with each other….. even after level 140 and 170 rank up quest

  • Blade Force
  • Blade Aura
  • Soul Blade
  • Regeneration

Sword Skills Cool Down Time

Cool down time for:

Level 10 – 12 follows level 5 – 7 respectively.
Level 13 – 15 follows level 3 – 5 respectively.
Level 16 – 18 follows level 1 – 3 respectively.
level 19 cd time = level 9 cd time x 2
level 20 cd time = level 5 cd time + level 9 cd time
the resultant value has error of plus/minus 0.1 depends on which skills. However, most sword skills do not have the error i.e the value is accurate.

***Note: Cooldown time for ”Blade Scud” and ”Lighting Slash” cannot be calculated using the formulas above***

Why sword skills is added to level 9,12,15,18 ?

As you can see sword skills were added to level 9 for the fastest cooldown rate.

Did you notice after level 9 every 3 subsequent level (lvl 12,15,18)the cooldown drop again. Yes, this is the reason why sword skills is at level 9,12,15,18.
Also, some sword skills that are recommended to level 18 than max for a faster cooldown rate.

I recommend to train both magic and sword skills?Why?

Every sword or magic rank up, we can get bonus status.

Punching is a good way to rank up both magic/sword and get bonus status from it.

What is the advantage of fast magic rank up?

The bonus status is given for every magic rank up make good use of it use the INT from the magic bonus status and get the INT requirements for level 10,20,30,40,50,60.
Additional HP,MP,DEX will be given for every magic rank up too.

For slower magic rank up

They need to add more INT to their status in order to get the INT requirements for level 10,20,30,40,50,60 and that amount of int plus all the magic rank up bonus status INT resulting too much INT.

Overall INT from Magic Bonus status = 40+14×4=96 INT (Novice to Transcender)

The INT you get from magic bonus status is more than enough.

Conclusion : Faster Magic Rank Up from level 1-60 = Use lesser INT extract potions

Mithril Katana

Attack Strength:109
Magic ATtack Strength:106
Blader Requirements: 240 STR / 60 INT / 360 DEX / Lv.115
Force Blader Requirements: 240 STR / 180 INT / 240 DEX / Lv.115

We only need about 60-65 INT

Extra Information Tables


BL- Blader
WA- Warrior
FA – Force Archer
FS – Force Shieder
WI – Wizard
FB – Force Blader

Upgrade Skills
Upgrade skills are passive skills that add to your abilities without even using them.

Vitality Mastery/Novice+ – A must have for any char – adds a lot of HP

Mana Mastery/Novice+ – Optional-

Pros and Cons

1)From master rank onward our skills takes a lot of mana, and so pots will go fast. If your mana pool is small, then your pots may not keep up with the mana usage.

2)If you wearing Vampiric gear and Mana gears you hardly even need to rely on mana pots and this skill.

3)Mana pots are cheap and auto-refilling.

Reflex/Apprentice+ – Increase defense rate- For PVE (if you like PVE more than PVP)

Sharp Eyes/Apprentice+ – Increase hit rate – Do not waste slot on this, since we already have enough hit rate

Offensive Sense/Regular+ – Increase physical damage - A must

Defensive Sense/Regular+ – Increase defense – For PVP (if you like PVP more than PVE)

Force Control/Regular+ – Increase magical damage – Do not waste on this since we using sword attacks not magic attacks.

Change Force (Sword to Magic)/Expert – Sword skill exp becomes magic skill exp – Optional

Change Force (Magic to Sword/Expert – Magic skill exp becomes sword skill exp – Optional- If you are punching, Magic to sword is good, but it does take away some bonus stats from the magic rank up.

Impact Control/G.Master+ – Greatly increase physical damage - A must

Damage Absorb/G.Master+ – Greatly increase defense – For PVP (if you like PVP more than PVE)It stacks with Defensive sense

Eyes of Mind/G.Master+ – Greatly increase hit rate – Optional (If not enough hit rate)

Sixth Sense/G.Master+ – Greatly increase defense rate - For PVE (if you like PVE more than PVP)

Ruling Force/G.Master+ – Greatly increase magical damage. – Do not waste slot on this skill, since we using sword attacks not magic attacks.It stacks with Force Control

**The G.Master upgrade skills can be stacked with the other upgrade skills, so you can actually have 2 attack upgrade skills, 2 defense upgrade skills, etc.

Here your choice depends on the following- PVP or PVE build

PVP Upgrades: Vitality Mastery, Defensive sense, Offensive sense, Damage absorb, Impact control and Sixth sense.

PVE Upgrades: Vitality Mastery, Reflex, Offensive sense, Sixth sense, Damage absorb, Impact control

If you add Reflex/ Sixth sense you gain more Defense rate and is more suitable for Martialset Bladers.

If you add Defensive sense/Damage absorb you gain more Defense and is more suitable for Armorset Bladers.

Overall upgrade skills available for each rank

: Vitality Mastery, Mana Mastery
Apprentice: Reflex, Sharp Eyes
Regular: Offensive Sense, Defensive Sense, Force Control
Expert:Change Force (Sword to Magic),Change Force (Sword to Magic)
G.Master: Eyes of Mind, Six Sense, Impact Control, Ruling Force, Damage Absorb

The Effect for the same Upgrade skill STACKED ON


================================================== =========================
PVE/PVP Combos


PvE (stunlock): VI-LS-SG-VI-BS-repeat
You need to time BS to knockdown just as stun from the first VI ends. The second VI in that combo is just a filler for timing. Even if you can’t get the knockdown timing right, it is still a good stun combo. This has the best DPS to use in PvE IMO.


PvP: LS-BS-(continue with above stunlock combo)
The idea would be to spam LS as fast and as much as possible.


PvE (knockdown combo): SG-LS-BS-BC-repeat
Use this for bosses immune to stun. LS doesn’t knockdown, but because SG is cast so quickly in combo, you will have time to deal some damage while the mobs are still kissing the floor.

LS: Lightning Slash, level 9 (best damage skill for bladers)
BS: Blade Scud, level 9 (has knockdown, comparable damage with LS with longer cast)
VI: Vital Interfere, level 12 (has 5.0 sec stun)
SG: Storm Grind, level 20 (has knockdown, fast cast in combo)
BC: Blade Cry, level 20 (has knockdown, and animation block)

A blader stun combos

Bulid your character

Blader Guides by other server

A Pro Blader status
[Once you reach this kind of stats you can wear any blade or katana / Martial sets or Osium Armor means you no longer a heavy or regular blader]
Means, you can be both heavy and regular blader. xD


Blader Skill Build

Types of bladers/Skills cooldown rate

PVP/PVE Combos

Clearing up misconceptions about Bladers

Suggestions for skill build

Credits go to ColdRain20.