Costume Guide

This guide is dedicated to all those threads out there complaining about never having the chance to see the costumes before someone buys them. Well have no fear I have googled them all for you and put together a Guide or List of all costumes for Cabal Online.

The Costumes you see listed with stats will fill up your Cape/Epaullet Slot. Don’t say you weren’t warned! The ones I’ve parenthesized with "costume" will not take up your cape slot. They will stay sitting in your inventory. Right click to wear.

If you have any questions regarding actual capes or bikes, please look at my other guide here: Click

For the sake of people with slow ISP’s or just horrid PC’s that take forever to load things sometimes… I’ve put the pics in thumbnails. Please click to view full picture.

Nation Costumes


Procyon (costume)


Capella (costume)

NPC Outfits


Yuan (LvL 82, HP+200, Atk+20, Atk Rate+50, S.Amp+5%)



Freed (LvL 82, HP+200, Mag+20, Atk Rate+50, M.Amp+5%)


Mystic Blade (LvL 82Crit Rate+3%, Max Crit Rate+3%, Min Dmg+3%, Add Dmg+30)



Rin (costume)


Skalid (costume)


Arionell (aka Sage Tower Aprentice – costume?)

Holiday Outfits


Epaullet of Vampire (LvL 82, HP/MP+400, HP/MP Auto Heal+10)


Halloween (costume)


Pumpkin Head (costume) - pic: worn with +7 helm, which is why it’s glossed


Santa Hood (costume)


Cutie Santa Hood (costume)

Santa (LvL 1, 3 DAY, HP+600, Def+200, Flee Rate+7%) – Event Drop – Character cannot log out or item will dissapear


Cutie Santa (costume)


Winter Fever (costume)


Love Dad (costume?)

Cake Hat – Happy Birthday Cake (costume)


Nightwalker Outfits

All have same stats: LvL 50, HP+75, Def+7, Def Rate+15, Flee 1%  






Country Traditional Outfits


Korea (costume)


China (costume)


Japan (costume)


Other Outfits


Gorgeous Servant (costume)

Raging Fist (costume)

Stream of Water (costume – aka Ayothaya Legend Dress)


Wealthy Party (costume)


Black Suit (costume)


Legend of Yellow (costume)


Panda (costume)


Hip Hop (costume)

High School (costume)


Goguryeo (costume)


Goguyeo Bandana (costume)

Korean Gala Headband (costume)

Lovely Sweet (costume)


Weapon Avatars

These Weapon Avatars are just that, avatars. They give you no stats. They are simply costumes for your weapons. There are different set of skins per weapon type so read the item description carefully!


Funny Halloween (pic:orb)

Snow Star/Ice



Songkran Water

Lolipop-(Blade/GreatSword)+Candy Cane-(Daikatana/Katana)+Funny Halloween (Crystal)

Complete set of updated wands:
(snow/ice star, funny halloween, songkran, and…. i have no idea what that last one is)

Where to get costumes!?!?!?  CASH SHOP or Auction House or Other players can buy from cash shop in Gift Box form, and you can do some sort of trade. 
Thanks to google and all those people who posted them up for google to link me to. :D Special thanks to those who posted here in the OGP forums of the new costumes Korea has yet to send our way.  Lastly extra special thanks to the OGP community for their support.
I may have missed a few costumes/weapon avatars. I tried my best not too. cry Please notify me if Korea decides to come up with any more new ones or if I am missing anything or got something wrong. I’ll fix this list all up asap. :S

Credits go to ArshesNei5.