Fast Dual Trans

1. Always aimming for 1 and only 1 EXP per hit and no more. If you getting more than 2 EXP, then you fail the topic :P Well, this seems nearly impossible to do, so try your best anyway.

2. Do not reach Lv20 if you solo skilling! Try to achieve dual trans before Lv20. Because after Lv20, there are no monsters in the 3 beginer maps that can give 1 EXP!

3. If you do reach Lv20 before dual trans then try to party up with someone or even better if you have a 2nd computer so you will get less exp or 1 exp in the party.

4. Be a superman! Yes you can do it by never go AFK! Always be available 24/7. Sleep is not in your dictionary! O_O

5. Sorry, I couldn’t resist to talk about #4 ^_^ If you can’t achieve #4, at least have a good computer and good connection. Anytime you d/c or log off, your rest point bar will increase hence resulting double exp. This may not be an issue if #4 is possible for you. But you are no superman I know :D

6. Always keep logging in so your rest point bar will not move an inch. However there are always unexpected D/C’s or server maintainences. So try as hard as you can to achieve #4 once a while if you so insist to achieve the topic.

7. Do not spent any stat points except the one required for adept set. THe more STR/INT/DEX you put the more damage you will do hence more EXP. Also try to get +0 adept set +3 or +4 so you can skilling easier at eariest level possible.

8. Accept a dungeon quest, instead of complete it try to fail it so you will lose exp. Repeat until you’ve lost all the exp for that level then skilling from the begining.

9. To help you preventing from building up the boredom in a long run. Turn on the auto attack option and always use punch. Be sure to turn up the in game volume so you can hear the punching sound. Then go watch TV, movies on computer or read a book. Come back and click another monster when the punch stopped. O, try to find a + monster so you can punch longer. The longest I’ve achieved was 18 minutes on Highzard+.

Note: I did this out of boredom. Before I get hammered by people saying I was wasting my time, I want say that 90% time I spent was actually watching TV(Complete Season 1 of Heroes and Season 3 of Prison Break). As of right now , the total time I spent on reaching the skill rank shown in the picture below was 33 days and still going. I have a job during the weekdays so average 5 hours play time per day. On weekend I spent time with my GF and friends so no play time. Multiply 33 days to 5 hours we get total 165 hours of skilling so far.

Unfortuantely I wasn’t aimming for dual trans the first place when I started my little FA. So I found out some of the tips along the way. About #2, I was suddently getting 4~6 EXP per hit on Highzard+ when I turned Lv20 as oppose to 1 EXP per hit before Lv19. Also I’m no superman, I got about 4-5 times of D/C and when I came back from work the rest point bar increased a notch. Here’s some picture of my low level high skill rank FA, expect to reach Dual Trans by next Thursday.

Credits go to kenzhj77.