Force Archer Combos

The Best Combo To Choose?

In turns of skill chooses, there are many opinions for force archer.

There are no strongest combo only the "suitable" combo.

In different phases, you may have different combo sets.

To keep things simple, I divided it into two phase.

Regardless your level and gears, here’s you first phase.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is for people with little to no amp. Here is your best opinion.

Critical Shot(20), Shadow shot(20), Terra Lance, Stone Cannon, Fire Lance, Aqua Lance

(The order above is the order on your skill bar)

(The skill without the indication after it means you adjust the level depend on your habit)

For PvE, added Gravity Distortion to third or fourth skill. (level 9, or 12)


Phase 2

Phase 2 is for people who has normal or above average gears. (Usually above 30% amp)

Here are your opinions.

Set 1.

Critical Shot(20), Shadow Shot(20), Terra Lance(18), Fire Lance(18)

(These four skills can be repeated infinitely, added Shooting Star as finisher in PvP)

(This set uses less skill points)


Set 2.

Critical Shot(20), Shadow Shot(20), Terra Lance(20), Fire Lance(20), Aqua Lance(20)

(These five skills can be repeated infinitely, added Shooting Star as finisher in PvP)

There’s no need of Gravity Distortion in this phase since the knocked back effect is enough to handle all PvE situation.

In Nation War, I replace Terra Lance with Freezing Lance to optimize my range. (All >=8)

(This set uses most skill points. As for me, I end up don’t have enough of points for Sharpness)

The Set. 2 has slightly more DPS than Set. 1.

Every 20 skills, Set. 2 has about 63 more damage compare to Set. 1.


Note that…few thing you need to keep in mind!

The fastest skills are always the best skills.

For your skill it should be at level 9, 12, 18, or 20.

(level 9 is the shortest cool down time)

No matter how you arrange your combo, try to use Critical Shot as much as possible.


1. Shadow Shot is the best DPS skill.

2. Shooting star’s DPS on its description is for hitting 4 targets.

When hitting single target, its DPS is 2.5 times of the amount on its description

(In other word, hitting the single target, Shooting Star has the chance to beat Shadow Shot in limited situation)

3. The effect of lances is depended on your base magic attack and amp.

(The higher your magic attack and amp, the larger effect on your lances)

(As you improving your gear, the lances will beat cannons in turns of DPS)

4. There is a critical damage cap and it’s around 210%. (The precise number I don’t know)

Here’s the proof…

As you can see in the picture, Critical Shot did 10,008 damage on the guardian while Shadow Shot did 11,459.

The Shadow Shot did more damage than Critical Shot due to the fact I already reached the critical damage cap. (so the bonus Critical Shot gives me will not take effect)

(Note: I am not showing off my damage!I am not going to tell you both skills are only 1.3 sec casting time! 7.7k and 8.8k damage per second, it’s the power of FA!)

Force Archer is the most flexible class in cabal in my opinion.

The combo chooses I listed above are not the only opinions.

I hope my guide will help you choose the best combo that suits your needs.


Credits go to EterNity.