Force Shielder Guide

Anyone needing advice for their sFS feel free to ask me anything you need. I think its time for the major populus to stop trashing sFS and realize we are the dominate and true FS class. cool

Solo Temple B1F – For those wondering the odd circle was a tactic used to restore mortal bane and AoD to kill orca in the alloted time, and this was also before our HP update we recently got.

My personal stats~
3695 HP
1278 mana
1025 attack
1025 defense
amp 44% (2% amp in pet)
crit dmg with base + buff 158% (4% crit dmg in pet)
crit rate with base 44%

Osm Armorhelm of DB +7 with 36% crit dmg
Osm Armorsuit +7 with 7% sword amp and 50 hp
Shineguard Boots of Amp +7 with 7% sword amp
Shineguard Gauntlets of Amp +7 with 7% sword amp
Amulet of Pain +5
Ring of Fighter +10/10
Forcium Blade +7 10% crit dmg
Forcium Crystal +7 with 20% crit dmg
Epaulet of Fighter +8 (temp) Epaulet of Fighter +7 Perm
Vamp Earrings +6 2x/Force Regen Earrings +6 2x
Braclet of Fighter +6 2x
RW-3 +6



A few people have asked. When is the best time to use AOD or mortal bane.
Here are some instances you will be using them
AOD is a defensive skill, best used with provocation while killing a hard boss with a party. Provacation is not used for Soloing.
Mortal bane is a very powerful skill, but must be used correctly. If you are under L140 it is wise to use AoD and Mortal bane. ONLY together while in BM and aura. Otherwise your going to run into some problems dying alot. AoD is used before mortal bane as so you won’t get hit hard without your extra defense. If you are 140+ It is best to use shadow shield as well.
Cast Shadow Shield- AoD – Mortal bane next to the boss you are killing. In dungeons its best to not use mortal bane if you have a party, just hold aggro using your provocation skill on the boss and let yourself take the damage for the party and them damage. Through in a shield splinter or shield break while your waiting for the cooldown of provocation. (best not to combo for SP wasting).

Added content from LightSworn, sFS from Ascension
The upgrades are the ones that Divine has in his Q&A with sFS on the first page fourth picture down.
Str build w/+7Forci Blade/Cry
STR: 788
INT: 272
DEX: 204
Attk: 526
Mag: 255
Def: 470
Attk Rt: 918
Def Rt: 1237
Str build w+7 Forci Kat/Cry
Mag: 268
Def: 465
Attk Rt: 1009
Def Rt: 1292
Dex Build w+7 Forci Blade/Cry
Attk: 517
Mag: 344
Def: 439
Attk rt: 1521
Def Rt: 1295
Dex Build w+7 Forci Kat/Cry
Attk: 515
Mag: 358
Def: 434
Attk Rt: 1614
Def Rt: 1650
None of these builds are using Forcium Armour. These stats are based upon only Forcium Weaponry and a lower stat req armour set. These stats are also shown without the weapons on the Character.
(Credit to LightSworn from Ascension, sFS 15x)

Suggestions for PvE and PvP combos:

Now alot of people are asking for specific stunlock or PvE combos and also PvP combos.
For sFS a good PvE combo is as follows.
Blade of Judgement L9 – Shield Splinter L18, Shield Break L9 (repeat)

sFS have alot of different PvP combo situations. Here is a general PvP combo
Shield Splinter L18 – Shield Break L9, Shield Ray L20, Shield Explosion L20, use the 1 button combo from left to right to make sure you use splinter as much as possible.

As for DPS Combo for PvP, this is one example.
Splinter L18 – Shield Charge L20 – Force Kick L20 – Impact Stab L20 – Force Stab L20, Shield Break L9 (repeat) ~if target is far away such as an FB using assassinate or blader using scud, use shield ray as a filler and continue your combo.

Credits go to RandomJunk.