Hey guys my name is VoidTrance and welcome back to another Black Ops 3 Video! Spawntrapping is considered to be one of the best tactics in the game to get high kill gameplays. So I am going to show you guys how you can spawntrap on any map in black ops 3 with ease. I will be going over my best tips and tricks for Spawntrapping in Black Ops 3 Multiplayer and keep watching till the end of the video for a really good tip that not many of you guys will know about that can really help you spawntrap. Be sure to leave a like on the video and leave any of your ideas and tips down below in the comments section! Let’s get straight into the tips! To start off with you guys definitely want to use the H.A.T.R.

The H.A.T.R is a very powerful streak when used correctly. The H.A.T.R as many of you who have watched my videos before will know that it gives you a real-time location of where enemies are. This streak makes Spawntrapping very easy as you know when to stop pushing the spawns and your whole team can settle into nice Spawntrapping locations. For the H.A.T.R also be sure to coordinate with your teammates when and how to use them. If you spam all of your H.A.T.R s at once it is just a waste. So as an added tip coordinate with your teammates how and when to use H.A.T.R streaks as you can get them to last for absolutely ages.

Next you guys have to use Trap Locations. So Trap locations are basically locations on the map that are not too far in the enemy spawn but allow you to see the enemy spawns so you can kill people as they spawn. To show what I mean I will use Nuketown as an example, but pretty much all maps in Black Ops 3 have these Trap Locations so if you find any leave them down below. Back to Nuketown though and if we work from left to right there are a lot of good trap spots. The first is inside the left building garage, this has a direct look into the A Domination Spawn and the actual garage will protect you from spawning enemies. The second good spot is in the right building on the first floor next to the front door.

This spot has been used way back since Black Ops 1 and to this day is still a really good spot. It has a direct view into C Domination spawn and this spot is famous for getting people easy ultra-killer medals and kill chains. The final good spot for this map is on the right side building around the garage. If you move to this garage and float around the entrance you can pick off enemies who are trying to escape the spawntrap and you can stay mobile enough that it will be very difficult for the enemies to kill you. So guys use Trap Locations and I can assure you that Spawntrapping will become a lot easier. The next tip is your weapon. The weapon is super important because if you use something like an RK5 it will be lot more difficult to spawntrap instead of using a weapon like the Dingo because these weapons will have lower times to kill.

So keep it to the overpowered guns in black ops 3 and make sure your outfit your guns correctly with good attachments so that you guys can spawntrap well, and kill people who may rush you from spawn in the shortest amount of time possible. Don’t flip spawns. Honestly guys if you are in a team with friends and you all out rush the spawns when your team has a good trap going it is the worst thing in the world because the spawn will flip to the other side of the map and the enemies can rush you and turn the tables on your spawntrap very quickly so don’t be that guy that rushes the spawn when you don’t need to as it can completely mess up a really good spawntrap And the final tip that not many people I have watched use is to get everyone on your team to use the Vision Pulse. The Vision Pulse detects enemies through walls and highlights them much like the oracle from Ghosts. This is the perfect ability to have and running them with 6 different people can cause absolute chaos for the other team.

Be sure when using Vision Pulse to communicate with your team where the enemies are so that they can be taken out and everyone stays on their streak. So as the final tip use Vision Pulse and I promise you guys you can do work and go ham on enemy spawns I hope you guys enjoyed the video, if you did be sure to leave a like and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my future Black Ops 3 Videos.

For now though my name has been VoidTrance, and I’ll see you guys on the next video!.

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